Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • babyfartmagizax

    #5 MOAR of every woman in this picture! WOW!

    • B=====D--------BFM

      and here i thought you'd gotten the hint. Guess not, so….FUCK OFF.

    • babyfuckoff

      moar chairs? sluts? skanks? men in polos looking disinterested? really?

      • Anon

        Yes because a woman wears slightly revealing clothing she is a slut.. yah…

        • FUanon

          you DO see KK in the pic, correct?? your powers of observation are astounding.

        • babyfuckoff

          don't forget to log back in bfm

      • myself

        I'm curious as to what your basis is for classifying Selena Gomez or the model as a skank or a slut?

    • babyfuckoff

      editing posts now bfm??

      Original lame-ass comment: "MOAR of everything in this picture."

      • babyfartmagizax

        wow you're stupid, I never edited it. I think you're a little obsessed.

      • Trav1121

        Hmmm… Always posting first as soon as a gallery is up? Editting AFTER people have commented? Having huge thumbs-up numbers? Strange he can do that so consistantly… Starting to think ol' Mr. Fart is a troll with admin skills, which would explain a lot. He truly is a wizard of the worst order. Also odd someone with that power would constantly have such poor quality comments…

        • theDayner

          You're an idiot. Thumb down.

        • Darth Vader

          I find your lack of faith that the chivers will vote up ANY retarded comment concerning tits disturbing.

    • melindu

      Seriously! Why does everyone hate you???

      • Derp

        Yeah I wonder the same thing! I like babyfarts comments.

        • babyphuck

          he is a fuckstick. his generic keyboard diarrhea just takes space. and yes, he frequently edits his lame, repetitive and stupid comments.

          MOAR people telling babyfart to fuck off!

          • theDayner

            Takes up* space. Thumb down.

            • babyphuck

              go stick your finger up* babyfuks ass.

            • theDayner-DIE

              People who correct spelling or grammar are fucking pretentious ass holes. Did i do that correctly?

              • theDayner

                Sure did! You deserve a gold star mister.

        • Ned_Plimpton

          You're an idiot then.

          Babyqueef is a moron with the most unoriginal, uninteresting comments. "MOAR!!" "I like her!" "I wanna try that!" "WHOA!" are not good comments.

    • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.coverdale.3 Shannon Coverdale

      Natalia Siwiec

      • sfb101

        THANK YOU!

    • Dan

      I think those two in front are turned on. Lesbian time!

    • melindu

      there seems to be a lot of very unchivelike hatred here. plus who can really call someone else's comments stupid? most comments consist of FIRST! or MOAR! or FIND HER! so whats the problem?

      • Diddly

        the problem is that all those comments are weapons-grade stupid.

      • babyphuck

        who can really call someone else's comments stupid? uhhh, anyone and everyone who has access to the internet. whoever posts something anywhere on the internet should be aware that is what's coming. why do you think there is the option to thumbs down?

    • Bud

      there's nothing new here,,,etcrr 131p and babyfartmagizax are roommates living in the basement of Stan's mother house..They take turns on the PC trying to be first on every posts..

      • StickyWickets

        My guess is they are the same person

    • Please stop

      This comment got blown the fuck up. You should just stop posting here pal. It seems to be causing conflict amongst the awesome chive community. Paula- wherever you are- that goes for you too.

  • Prince Albert

    #18 Damn you're fine!!

    • Anon

      That kid will have to deal with his friends trying to get with his mom in a few years…

      • iRu

        lol, i didn't even notice the kid until you mentioned him.

        • Milfhunter

          I would be in his mom's panty draw and wash basket smelling her soiled panties all day!!

          • https://www.facebook.com/scotty.mcdowell.9 Scotty McDowell




    • https://www.facebook.com/jgibbins James Gibbins

      She's Polish, of course she is.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670415236 Maciej Hein

      She is soooo damn hot 🙂

    • I Can't See..

      Polska Kielbasa…is what you're giving me 🙂

  • TokyoFace

    #26 … legit

    • 0331

      Terre Haute Indiana has three pimped out undercover Escalades with spinners. Donated by the local drug dealers.

    • passwordistaco

      Norfolk, VA used to have a BMW they left almost untouched. System thumpin', tinted windows, then lights in the grill – OH Shit! – badass undercover car

    • Brian

      Saginaw also has a new Mustang GT that was "donated" lol

      • Morley Dotes

        I worked on the Nova "Who Profits From Drugs" and heard the story of a kingpin who flew to prison on his private plane that had been converted for prison transport after seizure. And FWIW, I was born and raised in Saginaw and couldn't get out soon enough.

    • Notknowing

      Way to go, not spending public money on new cruisers. Do they get to keep the money and dope too?

  • Lower

    My thoughts exactly…..its hump day.

    • Billy

      30 photos 20 from izismile……………………

      • Scumbag Chivers

        at least 5 of the other 10 are probably from Reddit……

  • hater

    #17. I hope this guy's sterile.

    • herp de derp

      i don't think it's gonna matter, no way he's getting laid

    • Flash Poll

      Best Miley talent?

    • Anon

      Looks like Zombie Miley Cyrus… never seen a good face tattoo ever.

    • TokyoFace

      his grandmother in the background is like, dafuq is this shit!?

    • Hostile 17

      If she winds up dead and her corpse gets raped we wont have to look far for a suspect.

      • PAUL C.


    • passwordistaco

      It looks like an apostrophe after Cyrus. Miley has her own creepy slave boy!

    • AggieRob

      I don't know who this guy is…but he owes me for breaking my internets.

    • Samhedi

      I hope her security team keep very close tabs on this guy.

    • Notknowing

      He'll regret it as soon as he sobers up and finds another celebrity to stalk.

    • Bud

      Look closely into his eyes on the first pic keep looking at him for about 30sec, you'll see that he should be, heavily medicated and/or at the very least under close surveillance…..

    • Dr_Batman

      Lock this guy up. Immediately.

  • whosyopapi

    Happy Hump Day, Chive. Also, Moar #18 Please

    • Marcin

      Natalia Siwiec from Poland 😀 yeah Polsa górą

      • Kyle

        Looks like she was in the polish and Brazilian playboy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rangerayala Armando Ayala

    #30 love that booger sugar!

  • jeff donuts

    Wtf is wrong with this dumbass

    • iRu

      people do the funniest things when they're in love.. this guy will be reminded of his fail for the rest of his life

    • hehaha

      he is dumb

    • Dan

      No Regerts!

  • Cutta

    #27 Awesome, I'd love to try it!

    • Ned_Ryerson

      even more fun if you hook a tow rope up and do it from higher up and jump in the water.

    • sixdeadelves

      looks safe


    Ha ha ha I love the Chive

  • JJJ

    #5 I agree with Selena — MOAR!!

    • Dan

      I just want a porno starring these 3.

      • Yeah

        Who's going to piss on Kim this time?

        • Hahah

          I'll take one for the team

  • spucifer

    #28 awesome

    • Chicago Sean

      Until Bruce Campbell arrives hungry

    • Logan

      Ok… I said the words…

    • Ash

      Klatu … verata … necktie

      • Tomas

        Aww honey, that's just pillow talk.

    • cliqueded


  • Aussie Bob

    Do you want more of that dude’s Miley as well?

  • Dantegeek34

    Klaatu barada Motzarello!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.treaster.1 Mike Treaster


    Shut up and take my money.

    • Inigo Montoya

      Indeed. Where does he get such wonderful toys?

  • HonoluluChiver

    #9 "And for those of you that didn't, the line forms here."

    • want fries?

      applications for next door available

    • SockMoney17

      Atleast the speller doesn't have to walk too far to get to his next job. I see the arches

    • RocksOff

      I wonder how many ppl here thought the first word was spelled right?

    • jjj

      I'm hoping they spelled it with the word "grad" in it INTENTIONALLY. 😀

  • pingpong

    #17 didn't want to live on this planet anymore either…. until #18

    • Ispeakchive

      His gene puddle should be filled with rocks

  • Chicago Sean

    #8 I want my two dollars!!

    • Dipsomaniac

      Hahahahahaha!!!! Love that movie!

      • Notknowing

        I want his Camaro…and french girlfriend.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rromero17 Ricardo Romero Moreno

    #5 confirmed, Selena Gomez is a lesbian

    • https://www.facebook.com/taothoma Tao Thoma

      That was confirmed a long time ago, when she started dating Justin Bieber.

      • http://www.facebook.com/rromero17 Ricardo Romero Moreno

        She could be dating her for her money though, Selena's face in this picture is an irrefutable prove that she is not a gold-digger lol

        • http://www.facebook.com/rromero17 Ricardo Romero Moreno


        • Dr_StrangePants

          How do you figure that?

    • https://www.facebook.com/luck.powers.1 Luck Powers

      …and the guy is gay.

      • Dan

        What guy?

      • Dr. Evil

        gays are the best at detecting other gays. true story.

    • Moyo

      I was going to say that we always knew she liked women, but i guess this is the same

    • Poke4Life

      The exact moment of confirmation…

    • Dr_Batman

      She's thinking "I wish Justin's boobs were like that :/".

  • Dazed

    I don't think I could sit that still if she played my flute

    • map

      I will play you the song of my people…

    • filthyslob

      yeah i would stuff and mount her too

    • PoooBaaah

      Luna Lovegood?

  • Anonymous


  • Rafiki

    #14 I remember my first beer

    • Rafiki

      well. . . . . . shot

  • 3MC

    #22 what if she hadn't yet started to play her flute as she approached the deer, but when she did, it freaked out and kicked her in the face. that would be something else.

    • iRu

      you have a weird taste in porn. wanna hang out?

    • Dan

      Yes, but it would still be on the Chive.

  • BPong

    #23 Autobots! ROLLL OUT!

    • Lah

      It's in Malaysia so it must be real, cos Malaysia boleh!

  • Patrick

    #21 Must. Resist. Urge. To Cuddle!

    • M.C.

      Fuck you chive! I need to go lift weights now.

    • Kodos

      awww….. dammit

    • alejandra

      There´s a live cam of those puppies. wasted my last friday there. Cuteness!

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