Products made in the country of W.T.F. (21 Photos)

  • Derp




      • izismile

        They are all over at stealing content

        • Barf

          Please have some camel balls and GTFO. Thank you.

    • Elyse

      Lol frist

    • trollip

      When claiming first, please take the time to spell it correctly to avoid extra scorn for being an illiterate douche.

  • 'Merica

    Dsl win #7

    • James

      oohhhhh, herow

  • BostonRugger

    #11 Wait are these real because I want them.

    • 'Merica

      They would certainly compliment your Rugby soggy cracker parties!

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Thought the same thing… I love Yankee Candle. They can do no wrong #nohomo

      • BostonRugger

        Luckily they are inanimate objects so you don't need the no homo but be careful of object sexuality tho

        • Ned_Plimpton

          I hear ya… I just said that because I sometimes get made fun of by my friends for my condo always smelling of delicious scents.

          Yankee could make a candle called 'cock infused testicles' and I'd probably consider buying it.

          • BostonRugger

            That sounds like a great reason to make fun of you.

            I mean I make fun of my friends for having hot girlfriends, great jobs and higher IQs. Has nothing to do with jealousy.

            • Ned_Plimpton

              No need for the smart ass… A bachelor who collects candles is kinda gay is what my friends were implying.

              Nice man boobs, btw…

              • wdh

                Plimton ain't easy..

                • Ned_Plimpton

                  Love it… KCCO, homie

                  • WelfareDept

                    Ned for the WIN! Lol …man Boobs…

              • BostonRugger

                Haha yeah my pads give me pretty good support too.

    • Jason Cain

      I have the 2×4 candle. It smells awesome.

    • NDChiver

      If only there was a scratch n sniff button on my computer…

      • Sundown2410

        I have the 2×4 and leather car fresheners… truly fantastic…

    • The Yoga Pants Judge

      yes, yes they are! andddddd they make your man cave/truck smell like it should!

    • anon

      didnt think these were legit, but they are. ill be damned

    • bones

      what about bacon scented candles???

    • jjj
      search for
      first down
      riding mower

    • fits

      All 3 smell like sweat.

    • Kaitlyn

      yes.. it is yankee candles way to get men to buy candles from them

  • J.D


    I would buy it

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #2 so do i! what a coincidence

    • Jack o' lantern

      Just…. keep telling yourself that you little cocksucker.

  • That guy

    Your stupid ads are getting in the way of these awesome photos!!

    • derp

      adblock dipshit

  • Mcfaggy

    Bear grills just came over # 3

    • NoSpace!


      • Whew

        Thanks! I've always wondered how the hell you did that!!

        • NoSpace!

          Glad I could help!

  • eino

    #7 I call shennanigins……..there is no way one size fits all.

  • SolidusSnake420

    What the fuck is #7? Is it supposed to make her look like a chimp?

    • DoWant

      I think it's a product to help a woman exercise her face muscles to remove fat.

      • insanely great

        oh so that's what they call it these days..exercise..:)

    • Jay T.

      and here, I just thought it helped the whole "watch the teeth" practice.

    • Ken

      This is brilliant! No more teeth!!

      • La Paipa

        No more "I don't know how to" excuse!! :-O

    • gert

      I read somewhere its suposed to be something like a face muscle trainer, to reduce the effect of aging on your skin,
      Weird japanese people

  • SUPer4Life

    #2 Me too!!

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #17 My favorite book

    • Dman

      quick read?

  • izismile

    • st33

      give it a rest. we get it. we all went to and now we are back where we belong. no fucks are given

      • ColaChiver

        people that come to a site and go through the trouble just to comment and bitch about something need to play ultimate frisbee in a mine field.

        • Bill Murray

          you mean like how you bitch about their comments?

        • Harry Longbahls Jr

          people that come to a site and go through the trouble just to comment and bitch about someone who is bitching about something need to play ultimate frisbee in a mine field.

    • decielito

      funny you're here, again and again


        its easy, why would i stop pointing it out?

        • ronbot

          because you're being a douche.


            doesn't mean i'm not telling the truth.

            • JAFitC

              A truthful douche is still a douche.

    • brandon

      izismile, have you read the "about us" section of the site? it says outright that they search the web for cool shit and bring it to their site. they aren't hiding it.

  • Unscrew3d

    You laugh #15 was at my school 😦

    • dcal4282

      i didn't know you went to Penn State

    • Habsy

      Penn State?

      • Shiguy


    • morebeer

      I'm guessing catholic boys school

    • Highseas Drifter

      Also the same ones they used in boot camp.

    • PHARIS88

      I had this at my high school too 😦 and then 5 years later they built a $60 Million dollar football stadium haha

    • hotron

      This is the only shower I ever saw in schools

    • Rett

      That's Sandusky on the left.

    • anon

      thats hot

    • Underhill

      Group showers of one kind or another used to be pretty common. We had them in high school, college and the military. That might have been when men were more sure they were men.

  • Shiguy

    Need some of the #11 candles. Better than the ones that the wife buys…..damn bath and body works!

  • Andre Soto

    #19 and #20 are actually good ideas. Weird, but good.

    • Tyler Michael O'Quinn

      i actually love the finger forks, but i have no idea what the pig thing is. almost looks like a surge protector except that i can't think of any prongs that would fit in there.

      • sean

        it's a surge protector – just happens to be designed for the plugs that some euro trash country uses.

        • nemesis


          • Penis Jokes


  • Haha

    If it ain't about sex, girls, or the blatantly obvious thought everyone has. Zero thumbs

  • Guest

    #8 I would use it

    • sean

      if I had this when I was going through puberty I'd have never gotten outta the shower in time to catch the school bus

    • Missoula

      … Until you get soap in your dickhole.

      • Soapindick

        Learned my lesson the first time 😦

    • Dan

      You guys would actually fit in that little thing?

    • biggles

      Tad small don't you think?

  • Truth hurts

    Girl crazy virgins

    • Go fuck a goat

      Dickless wonder.

      • Ron Swanson

        chive cock-sucker.

  • johnnystyle

    #9 Fetishism has gotten a little out of hand.

    • ColaChiver

      the fuck does this have to do with a fetish? It's tea that makes you shit. There's not some guy cranking it in the corner looking over his shoulder at a girl taking a shit.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      at first I thought:

      "What's the big deal with Decaffienated Tea? It's just some girl in a coffeeshop reading a newspaper on a Swivel-Chair….looks like they misspelled 'Decaffienated'……wait "

  • Guest

    #21 – I did not know there was candy in the Middle East

    • KyleGamgee

      There is… but its Camel Balls. 😦

    • trollip

      Candy was invented in the middle east around 4000 years ago. Ignorant Plankton

      • lols

        your internet search is showing

  • Matt

    #11, these are real, I've seen me before

    • Jack o' lantern

      Good to hear you've seen you before

  • kcco

    #15 Sandusky approves the message

    • sean

      too soon?

      • ColaChiver

        General rule of thumb – If SouthPark has already made fun of it, it's not too soon.

  • st33

    Everything about #21 = lmao

    • ljjjjjjjj

      semen filled

  • PubicJones


    • Guest

      Are you using dial up?

      • ColaChiver

        yeahhhhh you barely made the first page on a slow commenting thread….go look down the barrel of a howitzer.

  • svp

    #10 blowing game blows!

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