You are stuck (23 Photos)

  • Fyre13

    # 3 ~~ I'd pull her out a little, then push her in, then pull her out, in, out, in, out. ~~~~~~~
    Am I the only one who noticed that she's stuck in the kitty (hint,hint) litter ??

  • yucko

    #3 her feet are really dirty

  • shewentwhoa

    #6 is my favorite.

  • BigHeadedHelmet

    #3 you're doing it right

  • keef


  • Notme

    #2 #13v#18 give me the willies

  • @JDougE09

    #3 and #22 FTW

  • epomerance

    it's funny to me that people whip out their cameras and THEN help… or maybe not help. who knows really.

  • Kevin

    #3 dear diary…jackpot

  • Unanimous

    I'd help my self…;)

  • iceman

    #13 happiness is a tight pussy.

  • BonerBeater

    #3, who cares how dirty her feet are, its her Ass Im Lookin at! "Hold still Baby, This is gonna feel alot nicer for you than it will for me!" LOL LOL LOL

  • Michelle Saucedo


  • John


    WTF is up with this cat's eye.. Oh shit.. its getting angry! He's going green!!!

  • Pezski

    #9 The horse gives zero fucks

  • Mike

    #3 Dear Diary- Best. Day. Ever.

  • HopeMarie8998

    #23 Becoming kind of happy that I don't know what song this is about.

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