Glamour shots make everything radical to the max (28 Photos)

Have this playing in the background to make this gallery even more rad.

  • Prince Albert

    #9 has he been shot yet?

    • 88 cents

      Camera should've shot itself for taking this picture…

      • Barf

        I see what you did there:D ^

    • you are...


      • Sauk Fox

        No you are racist

    • Aoi

      Seeing this post and hearing everybody dance now makes me realize why advaced civilizations from outer space don't even try to comunicate with us.

    • Diggers

      At the very least he should have been bludgeoned on multiple occasions for trying to Spongebob " gangsta "

    • yoselahonda

      Got capped shortly after because the photo studio is located in a rival gang's territory where the colors are Rugrats sweats. They don't put up with that Spongebob shit up in there.

    • James Dobry

      Yeah… he not allowed back in the hood anymore. Someone tell him

  • Andyrew711

    #9 is straight up gangster

    • GernBlansten

      You mean gayster

      • Andyrew711

        touché, my friend. touché.

    • MooseKnuckle

      Thugbob Swagpants

    • Cecil

      Sponge B O double B

    • Ziplab

      Sponge Bob SqAreDIT foo

    • Scodeling

      he goes to work…stackn crabby pattys…

    • Jort

      #24 skrillex

    • Mike

      Straight outta the mean streets of bikini bottom…

    • Dingo

      "Whoooooo lives in a pineapple down in the hood!"

    • Julian

      Sponge Bob Gayster pants!!

  • Andyrew711

    and #28 makes me incredibly uncomfortable

    • borisborov

      It's the Ace of Spades.

      • Wantomas

        Who would win a fight between Lemmy and God?

        • Dave

          trick question, Lemmy IS Gos

          • 43098

            trick question, Lemmy IS Goatse

    • Baird

      Motorhead look it up.

      • Lil John

        Oh man… soft-focus Lemmy.

    • thrillho

      If you like to gamble, I'm your man. You win some, you lose some, it's all the same to me

    • Colio

      You have nothing to worry about unless he runs out of speed and whiskey

    • Knuckles Grymm

      I'm actually seeing Motorhead tomorrow at the Mayhem Fest!

    • yoselahonda

      Nip slip?

  • SpacemanSpiff

    hey DJ Tanner, she was a hot big sister back in the day


    • B-RAD-Y

      Candace Cameron Bure, if you thought she was hot then, go check her out now!

      • Idk

        Yup she was definitely hotter back then

    • Birdhaus32

      Hot big sister back in the day. Total bomb shell MILF now

    • Major(Blood)Loss

      Hot then, hot now. But total religious nut job, which ruins the whole damn thing.

  • Needlegun13

    #7 Apparently the "collar hold" is unisex at the Glamor Shots…

    • mullet

      "Well hello there. I think you know my mother #14. Why yes this is her coat. We would love to join you for a PBR and Wrestle Mania 6 however i fear we have prior engagements at the truck pulls. Well Ta-ta then." And end scene bow and exit stage left

      • Needlegun13

        *slow clap!!!*

  • Stefan

    #21 has got to be a crossdresser!

    • yodaddy

      Dane Cooks alter ego Dawn

      • Epitomizer

        Channing Tatum?

    • Angela Nelson

      I think they got the spelling wrong should be "Don"

    • Travis

      Oh no! A crossdresser?!? Stay away, it's probably contagious! Wouldn't want you to get any crossdresser cooties on you…. smh…

    • jimstarswagg

      "duu, he looka like a man" –Ms. Swan MADtv.

    • Boner

      #22 as well… Hottt!

    • yoselahonda

      Think I saw him outside the UCSF medical center a few years back sporting a hot pink skirt suit with a matching handbag and five-o-clock shadow.

  • Guest

    I think #5 constitutes child abuse!

    • MonkeyMadness

      wtf is wrong with you?

      • Paul

        Would you want your daughter dressing up as a stripper for a glamor shot at the mall?

        • A BiPolar Guy

          I this what you think stripper's dress like, you are going to the wrong places.

        • MonkeyMadness

          That's what I hardly call a stripper outfit.

    • DaddyD

      In comparison to the others, she actually isn't too bad.

      Note I said "in comparison to the others."

      Same for #18

    • northerner

      She is obviously a beautiful young girl. TOO young to be dressed and made up as a much older woman. The sad state of our society. Anyone remember Jon Benet Ramsey? And the firestorm of protests that exposed beauty pageants for girls as young as 6 or less that they were pushed into by their dysfunctional moms. Sad. Very sad. Let her be a kid. And others like her. Let them be kids and grow up at their own pace. Quit forcing them into adulthood. Geez people.

  • Knave

    #9 can someone please explain this?

    • Nice

      Black guy wearing spongebob attire.

    • Knave

      Oh… i see it now… thanks

    • Pwnapotamus


      • cleojones


  • Force Kin

    #28 …. Nice nip shot but where's his warts gone??

    • Barf

      I seen a nip so i think it counts but I don't want it to… :-/

    • Holmespump

      I thought that might have been part of the joke — Glamour Shots' airbrushing.

    • Ward0922

      The Ace of Spades!!!

    • jimeade

      i can barely see his warts man, there they are

    • baconfortress

      They photoshoped out the biggest mole in rock n' roll

  • Anthony_Tyler


    'Ding-Dang! That's the Black & Decker Pecker Wrecker right thar, y'all!!!"

    • Brian

      You couldn't of sound more hick

      • Ouch

        Pretty sure you just did

  • BryanT

    playing that youtube vid in the background does indeed add more level of radness to this gallery.. However, using your scroll wheel to the beat adds an INTENSE level of rad to this gallery

    • trchrist322

      100% agreed

      • kushwizard420

        Pretty much made this perfect!

  • Jay21

    #1 Is that the Birdman, Koko B Ware? Classis!

    • Gtamazing

      yeah and Owen Hart R.I.P

    • Ang

      and Owen Hart. Classic yes…. even though it pretty much was a fashion disaster. :p

    • joob

      high energy

  • Sampson

    The 'Everybody Dance Now' link seriously made this post a million times cooler.

  • adonisallan

    #17 it's not looking at the camera

    • Knockout_Ned

      Camera man: Smile…. AAAHHHHH!!!! Don't smile.

    • Dirte


      • Zion

        lmao my thoughts exactly

    • Dude Imbibes

      is not looking at anything really

    • Loewe

      Looking so far in the future with those lenses I think she see us.

    • VedHead77

      Looking directly into your soul.

    • tom

      She can't even see the camera

    • Wally 21

      So werewolves do exist.

  • Todd

    #20 looks like Patrick Stump from Fallout Boy

    • BritBerrier

      somehow i doubt this guy got hot though.

    • mullet

      irish bedazzeled hats and coats – putting the "Gay" in Gaelic since 1982

    • Stephanie


    • Heather

      I thought the same thing!

  • r00s7a

    #17 Joe Dirt's sister… or brother, not sure.

  • @theterryburke

    you're right… the music really made this post more rad

  • boobman

    #28 Last name dewher

    • White line fever


  • Pwnapotamus

    #23 Slightly interested in what's under there… #28 Wish I could un-see what was under there…

    • Byron_Black

      #23 is hot!

      • northerner


  • adonisallan

    #21 #24

    He? She? It?

    • Stephen

      #24 totally grew up to be Ann Hathaway

      • sithney

        i think she grew up to be stephen merchant

    • Byron_Black


  • Adam Shealy

    I have not laughed this hard a gallery in a while, the music totally made it that much more awesome. I about lost it when I got to #13

  • Csquared303

    #7 Girl or guy?

    • cheeseSammich

      It's pat!

    • Guest

      A young Rachel Maddow.

    • Ken

      Its a guy I went to college with him… His mom posted this on his Facebook a few months ago

    • Rye


    • negative nancy

      young paul blart.

  • Bodingle Bear

    All future Chive posts now need their own soundtrack. Seriously, that shit was hilarious.

    • Buck Naked

      I second this motion.

  • Knockout_Ned

    #17 #24 MOOOAAARRR

    Am I doing this right?

    • bugaboo

      i think they are both adorable, in that awkward 80s kind of way. it's always the awkward ones that end up being really hot when they get older too

    • Wishful Thinking

      I hope they grew into Chivettes!

  • Justin Cider

    #24 look left boy look right girl

    • usmc_chiver

      Is that the precursor to the mullet – business in the front, party in the back? We'll call this one the FUGlet.

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