It’s Friday, IDGAF (25 Photos)

  • James Ramos

    #12 Virginity level 99.

    • lolatyou

      no… it's over 9,000…

      • Clint Bozic

        I like his glasses

        • Kristen

          You look retarded, Clint.

          • Clutch101

            Maybe… But at least Clint has the balls to make a post with his face, and FB profile exposed to everyone. You, Kristen, on the other hand comprise the majority of your comments as personal attacks towards people and their appearances. It's easy to be critical and judgmental of others when you are not exposing yourself to the same treatment in return. KCCO

    • Urethra Franklin

      BS bro. He's got a bunk bed. And a Tropical theme going.

    • Menjay

      Pretty sure he's on his second 3 liter as well.

    • Zirra

      I'm guessing Russian but don't recognize that soda label to be 100% certain.

    • dedonkey

      American,level,a fuckin gazillion……..

      • Kristen

        Cunt level, dedonkey.

        • Clutch101

          Coward level – J. Bruce Ismay

      • boll

        where did you learn to use commas?

  • chiver

    happy friday

  • Shenanigans

    We didn't see enough of #18 yesterday? Meh, you're probably too drunk to care!

    • Daniel McGrath

      It is a post of laziness, so this fits, in both ways.

    • plumpyplatypus

      somehow its fitting that on super lazy day they use the same picture as before

    • Brian

      There should be a fucking rule where Chive cant use the same pic within a year

  • Kevin


    • DieYouTool


  • bijou

    #14 I see my wife uses your bathroom too

    • yup

      must be a convention or someting…

    • Poopshipdestroyer

      She shits a lot?

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Yeah, your wife uses mine too….

      • Bijou

        i wouldn't be surprised if she did 😉

  • BossbaconS

    #7 "Ni%#a F*@k YO COUCH !!

    • thedude325

      I feel the need to post this…

    • caleb

      charlie murphy!!

  • savagecabbage

    #16 women drivers

    • MCMLX

      They are driving on the left,so could be UK,which means the small hole is on the drivers side!!

      • savagecabbage

        Oh its the UK alright, precisely my point

  • Meow

    doing it right

  • Happy American

    #12 Oh, I get it, it's because he has one of those old white computer monitors?

    • dfsdgasgafsd

      well, that… and he's a miserable fat fuck

      • Dr_Fap

        He looks pretty happy to me.

        • Clint Bozic

          Well, he got half of it right for sure. If you were in Vegas, those odds would make you pretty wealthy

          • Kristen

            Yeah…I haven't changed my mind…you still look like a tool.

            • Clutch101

              Yeah…. Me too… Your still a spineless coward. Put up a picture of yourself, or attach a profile if you want to keep tearing down how others look.

            • dub


  • BigHeadEd

    Wozz Whizz?

    • @Dishwater

      ye beat me to it.

  • Kitra

    #19 no fucks were given

    • jbear

      I see this all the time. I don't know what those little black birds are, but they're territorial/aggressive as hell. I think the hawks go after their nests and I always see them attacking the hawks mid-air. The hawks, on the other hand, just fly around in circles above the trees and diving every so often. If anything, the hawks certainly DGAF.

  • drtyjrz

    Can someone explain to me why the yellow light is on top of the red in #21?

    • Unfkngblvbl

      It's only that way here and on Road St., Avenue Blvd. and Lane Way.

      • drtyjrz

        Well played sir.

    • yup

      Those things have a yellow light? Never that before.

    • lily

      Because somebody had no fucks to give!!!!

    • dub

      It's probably a park, so the yellow light is always blinking. They might just use the red and green for when it's busy..

      that's my guess

  • Verbal_Kint

    #14 How much do you have to shit to go through that much toilet paper? Damn.

    • dkellyb

      5 dirty people, 3 weeks and no cleaning, because the one fool who would toss them away was on a vacation… Oh, memories. We had a slightly different bathroom, though.

    • Habsy

      One meal at Taco Bell will do it.

  • None

    #25 i want one of those.

    • tim

      That would still be too difficult for me…

    • Clutch101

      You can borrow mine when I get it finished.

      • @FLRescue

        Probably the only one I could figure out :/

  • Wet_tosti

    #6 did Harry potter missed the train again?

    • The James

      LOL. Is it a bad thing we recognize that?

  • Angela Nelson

    #6 not sure that's what they meant when they said just drop me off up front #19 awesome!

  • Turtle42

    If you wanted lazy you just had to show a picture of nearly any cat…

  • Big_Okie

    #19 Like a boss…

  • j g c

    #25 mind blower

  • etcrr

    I know you all want me back.

    • yup

      you're still a tool

    • AssHaterson

      Didn't realize you were gone.

    • Bill57

      he doesnt give a fuck cause its friday and on friday he doesnt give a fuck. lol. great post. thank you for your cervix.

    • hell-no

      aren't you babyfartingmagicass?

  • wkdfrog

    #10 Bright idea… 🙂

    • Firefighter23

      The fire marshal determined the cause of the fire as the home owner was "fucking lazy as fuck."

    • Unfkngblvbl

      …until the inevitable fire, even with those bulbs.

    • WhatTha

      Get out.

  • Ricardo

    I see a lot of #13 ….. don't get a dog people.

    • Groggy

      That pic genuinely annoys me. If you're so goddamn lazy that you'd rather putter along in your SUV while sticking your dog in the middle of the street than just freaking WALK, then the very act of breathing is clearly too much activity for you and you should just not do it anymore.

  • tv_paul

    #4 I just hope he doesn't use this as his catheter too!

    • heathclif

      which he will invariably need at some point in his life due to his lazy fat bastard lifestyle

  • SeeHarder

    #7 : The downward facing dog position expertly executed

  • B Dub

    #12 is disturbing as hell. Parents likely don't care. He probably yells at his mom when his pop tarts aren't ready. He's now 'Home Schooled' because he can't get up in the morning due to surfing porn all night. Fellow Chive parents, DON'T let you kids have a computer in their room until high school at least!

    • 29er

      If you give them a computer in their room in high school, that's usually when all of this starts. They sit at the computer talking to their friends instead of going out to see them. Wait till college so that you are no longer responsible for their decisions.

      • Unfkngblvbl

        give them a laptop that is only to be used in the living room or kitchen counter, table, etc.

    • JinGJ

      Mission complete. Cozy bed fort with endless supply of porn and fapping station all in one. Some people are meant to be lifetime virgins.

    • John

      MAAH, MEATLOAF!!!!!!!!

      • WhatTha

        Living the dream…

    • Vent187


    • partysauce

      don't get parenting advice from thechive

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