Men’s fashion week in Paris is an anvil to the nuts of guys everywhere (26 Photos)

  • Elliott

    # 14. DAY MAN!!!!

    • Charlie

      Champion of the Sun.

      • Dan

        Master of karate, and friendship for everyone!

    • Woody

      i think Bob has the ghey, his posts have too many dudes in them.

    • SDsparky

      Well ya I don't see any nightman around

  • thedocument

    "Fashion" is stupid

    • that is all.

      America Men's fashion show: T-shirt, Jeans, Beer.

      • Barney Stinson

        wow. that sounds so interesting and progressive. just throw some farts in, and you get the whole picture. chirst, you fucks are boring.

        • Paul from the gump

          says the guy who watches himym

    • @andwordscomeout

      Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean that it's stupid. It's called tolerance. I read the Chive AND enjoy fashion…including some of the things pictured above. See? It's not that difficult to either A. expand your horizons or B. get that just because you don't understand it does not automatically make it irrelevant. Have a nice day.

      • Epitomizer

        Just because I tolerate someone/something doesn't mean my opinion cannot be to think that it is fucking ridiculous waste of human time and ability.

      • Paul from the gump

        As someone who enjoys fashion, could you please break down what the heck is going on with these outfits above?

    • 940944

      you guys are morons. the fashions presented aren't supposed to be worn literally. they're about throwing out ideas beyond "hurp t-shirt, khaki shorts, and flip flops derp".

  • Mikey

    I've always wondered about these fashion shows. I see these absurd outfits there, and ONLY there! What's the point? They show absurd costumes, and then what? Steve Jobs would show off the new product, then it was released for sale. Even if they did offer this crap for sale, who would ever buy it??? I'm so confused Chive 😦

    • Joel

      I was just thinking the same. It's fashion shows suppose to be about selling a product and name. The only possible function for them that I can think of is a place for the people of the industry to network with one another.

    • Your Father

      Most of these stupid outfits are not for sale, and they are displayed for their "creative minds" and the designers were paid for the showcases. But again, are they creative? I think it's just a waste of everybody's time. Just look at the faces of those models who were wearing these crappy stuff.

      • mike

        actually the costume is just for show and they are showing off a shirt, or pair of shoes. how you are supposed to know what to look at is beyond me.

        • McBoogerballs

          That kinda makes the most sense. I was looking at some of those thinking, "ok I could see someone wearing those pants/shoes/whatever but the rest of that outfit needs to be burned, model included."

          • Urethra Franklin

            #13 Exactly! Like I could see wearing a Lobster, but those shorts are hideous

    • Static

      think of it like a car prototype… they build these wild cars that will never be on sale, to show you what they can do. A lot of prototypes are too expensive, unsafe, unrealistic, etc… so they dont build them for the consumer. Although, i have to add… i have never once seen a male model wearing something from a fashion show and thought.. "that lobster necklace is awesome! where can i get it!!??" – but i have said MANY times… that prototype car is amazing!! lol

    • Derby

      These are not clothes to wear.
      This is Art School..grown up.. with an infusion of gay money. It's a show. It's for the hell of it, by got nothin' to do. live in the grey city, bored with life people. A gathering of a certain kind of person trying desperately to get noticed by others of the same ilk.

      • rlly now?

        they're not going to sink millions of dollars into a fashion show, because they have nothing to do. obviously it's been shown time and time again that investing in these shows pays off.

    • kitty_karloso

      I'm with you Mikey. I just don't get it.

    • Red

      here's to relive your confusion: these outfits are presented to give one ideas or inspiration. not meant to be copied or mass consumption. maybe take notice of bits and pieces of the ensemble and adapt them into your own way of dressing. many of the articles are modified once they hit the retail market.

    • Nighteye2

      It should be called art instead of fashion.

    • Littoface

      That's what I used to think too, and then I went to NYU.

  • Tony

    sadly I will see people wearing this in America soon 😥

    • CareyH316

      No the hell you won't!

      • Pirate


        • Insnsprtn

          Fuck Yeah

    • Usa retard nation

      pretty soon? Have you ever made a "trip" in a Walmart??

  • Fletch

    I dont want to live on this planet anymore

    • Dude Imbibes

      Likewise and if I am just let me be drunk the entire time.

  • cookeez


    this is what happened when Igor started taking steriods

    • Pirate

      is what happened months after igor stopped.

    • B-to-the-H

      Looks like Janet Reno's offspring.

  • RealZoo

    Absolutely ridiculous. Nothing "fashionable" about any of it!!!

    • blue_bronco

      Can't wait for these to hit Wal-mart

  • squosh

    Some of this stuff would be fun to wear. For one day, just to scare.

    • Charlie Campany

      Yeah, on October 31st.

  • ibs2pid

    #8 #12 and #15

    Jacobim Mugatu did it first

    • Boner

      Gas fight out back

    • Zoolander

      He can derelick his own balls, thank you very much.

    • Chazz_B

      i prefer the keyboard tie

    • a-nom

      Hansel…He's so hot right now….

    • sfb101

      STFU and go back to fuckin' your sister.

  • ChangeTheFuture

    This is what men will be expected to wear if we keep electing liberals.

    • Bruce

      It's tough when you have to pick between a douche a turd sandwich.

    • jkmcdermott

      Im a liberal and his is bullshit and faggotry of the highest magnitude. We can disagree on politics, but don't blame us for this.

      • G.W.

        Yea i agree. I'm conservative and ChangeTheFuture, you are a raging ass hole and making the rest of the republican party look like morons.

        • ConservativeFuture

          I'm a conservative democrat but it's not the democrat that makes me this wrong, it's the conservative part. There is nothing about these outfits that is conservative. Damn liberals.

    • Twk

      Umm don't we come to the chive to escape the political bull shit. Come on where on here to have a laugh and not worry about the Regime or Romney.

  • Charlene 'Danger' Gracia


    • mishai


      • Charlene 'Danger' Gracia

        Actually I'm a lesbian and I get more pussy than you

        • Boobs4theWIN

          You win!

    • Mike l.

      If that black circle was lower it could be a gloryhole, then Id wear it.

    • Barf

      Tom Cruise??? Lol

    • Dr_StrangePants

      What is this Dr. Seuss Inspired bullshit?

  • spucifer

    I live in Lubbock TX, if anyone sees me in any of this shoot me where I stand

    • flibble

      yeah. 'cos Lubbock's main claim to fame is being the most open minded place in the world. >.<

      • Raiders

        Texas Tech.

      • spucifer

        actually our claim to fame is drunk driving into houses.

    • LooWho?

      In Lubbock, no one will need to be TOLD to shoot you.. just put on #6 and it will happen. Trust me. One minute you'll be walking out of the mall and the next you will be dumped on the side of the road near Littlefield.

  • john travolta

    FASHION is do damn high!!!

    • dasDaName

      I don't think Even people getting high on meth don't see this bullsht.

  • jj ellis

    They said men's fashion here is the check list for men's fashion
    1: shirt
    2: pants/shorts
    3: don't look like a tool
    that's it

    • Barf

      Lol were those things even men???

    • 90438

      yeah. if you want to look like the average, boring everyday guy.

  • iintermeccanica

    THIS IS FASHION????????? i swear live in a different world, than the one i was born into.

    • jeff

      This type of fashion is expected to be taken as art. It is not meant to be a literal representation of whats to come in the consumer world. It is just like any other form of art, except people are the canvas.

      I didnt realize this untill my sis told me, she owns her own fashion company she has collections that look stupid and other collections that sold at retail that look pretty hot.

  • mazdak

    Does anybody wear any of those except in Japan of course.

    Oh by the way #24 WTF? How many packs you said? Not photoshoped?

    • RobTalk

      Gives a whole new meaning to a 12 pack in your belly.

    • Panayiotis Markou

      he has 5 layers of abs..WTF really!! Any1 that can say for sure if that is actually possible or painted over?!

      • HumpDan

        That is definitely not possible. Everyone has 6 ad muscles.

        He must be air brushed or photoshopped.

      • Pouet

        It's like is face, it's make up, exactly the same make they put on is face in fact.

    • KWB

      Even the most fit fitness model cannot physically have that many abs. Some can look they have 8 pack abs, but any more than that means it is either airbrushed on (most likely) or photoshopped.

  • MattKL

    Is beating up models before they hit the catwalk a thing now? #8 #12 #15

    • Darwin

      They are so ashamed they kicked their own asses…

    • ImOnTheList

      I was thinking the same thing, almost. I was seriously wondering if there was some sort of gay cat-fight backstage.

      • Random Sandle

        "I look the most fabulous!"

        "no, I do!!"

        "Oh, it is ON betch!!!"

    • Civil

      #15 was not beat up. If you look closely, it's Kurt Cobain's zombie.

    • Piaras


    • Yoselahonda

      Modeling's just a side job. They spend the rest of their time getting slapped around by Johns for $50 a pop.

  • Ruben

    #13 The Crab People have fooled us all! "Crab people, crab people, taste like crab, dress like lobster!"

    • Buzzin_Neon

      i think the designer was listening to the b52s… 😉

    • map

      would be better if it was hanging off the nips…

    • JBB

      Dude. It's a Lobster.

    • JTer

      Finally lobster is becoming fashionable again…

  • Jackie Treehorn

    #15 is from Mugatu's Derelict campaign.

    • Hansel

      You can "derelict" my balls

    • FoolOfATook

      I was thinking the same thing.

      • SPZander

        no no no… we bring you 'Occupy'!

  • Heh

    Somehow I don't think straight guys are their target audience…

    • davo

      I reckon even homos think this stuff is too gay

    • Anomanom

      Gays wouldn't be caught dead in stuff like that.

  • MohawkJon

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • dasDaName

    #24 is wearing Lipstick, the whole face makeup almost all models wear and drew imaginergy 12 packs on his is going on with "fashion"!?

    • dchiburg

      wtf is going on with your grammar?

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    all the models look like they had their souls painfully removed before going on the catwalk. poor guys

    • mishai

      one cant simply wear this….and also one cnt simply force anyone to wear this…before this fashion was long preparation during witch was all models brainwasched:)

    • NotMe

      Former catholic alter boys – prerequisite for being a male fashion model.

  • hann

    district 19 is calling

  • Un-impressionable

    Seriously, You have to be fucking kidding me

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