Hot Right Now: Congrats on making it to Hump Day, here is your reward! (35 Photos)

Men’s fashion week in Paris is an anvil to the nuts of guys everywhere (26 Photos)

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  • discowheels

    I did not need to see any of that!

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #2 #9 #17 #19 when you wake up you're supposed to get rid of the stuff your buddies piled on you while you were passsed out.

  • Concerned Citizen

    oh, Hunger Games. What have you done?

  • OnceSawNowBlind

    Clearly the very highest of fashion. After seeing this I might need a seeing eye dog, though.

  • Anonymous

    #13 is handsome as fuck.. just .. a lobster?!

  • Anonymous

    #13 is handsome as fuck.. but.. a lobster?!

  • TonyM

    #13 LOBSTER VEST! Want but don't need.

  • Don Terry

    #6 #20
    "I love my job, I love my job,. I love my job…"

  • ShannyBNanny

    Challenge to Chivers to create their OWN versions of these! Results would be Hi-larious;)

  • AmericoPolk

    Can't wait to buy new clothes!

  • chiver69er

    These aren't models. These are homeless people who live outside Lady Gaga's house. #3 & #18 look like a dryer hose.

  • Johnniringo

    This is a perfect example of why women should stick to cooking and designing their own clothing.

  • chiverookie

    idiots! idiots everywheeerrreeeeeeee
    this is pure garbage coming from so called famous designer [of course gay]

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