Get used to disappointment, kid (7 Photos)

  • What an open goal

    At least it's in color.

    • PHappy

      I bet the games are cheap

    • Mr.Do

  • frank

    #5 He should be happy. That Game Boy last forever.

    • Slavo

      There are kids in Canada that would die for this

      • Bobestradamus

        Remind me again how much money America has?

    • osirisoflight

      the Gameboy Color is the the Nokia of Gameboys

      • sean

        No. Original gameboy that was the size of a brick is the Nokia of Gameboys. I found one the other day and it still works and the graphics are very similar.

    • LOL

      I still have mine lying around…it works damn thing is going to bury me.

  • Norbert Zalog

    When I was a kid… eh nevermind.

    • LuvsHorror

      Me too.

  • Slugg

    Laughing at the disappointment of a child? Stay classy chive.

    • MrSusan20

      looks like someone done gone and missed the point entirely.. uh-oh, spaghetti-o.

      • Child Please

        If he looks up quick enough he'll actually see the joke going over his head.

    • DoC

      You know what I had growing up? Legos and outside. That spoiled kid can cry me a friggen river.

      • MylesofStyles

        I had a rusty axe and an empty paint can.

      • Matt

        Well said! I too had (like 10) legos and "go play in the woods"

      • Adam

        I had a drum set….made of cardboard boxes and the rods you use to open blinds. Which also doubled as a wicked sword! Kids these days have ZERO imagination.

        • Dwide Schrude

          I only had a used fridge box but it doubled as an army fort, a spaceship, a tank, a racecar, a treehouse and a secret lab. It was pretty versatile.

        • ...

          Man the welts those things left were awful. That reminds me why I hated being the youngest during what my brother called the piñata game…

        • mrkerrdontplay

          so true. i never see kids riding bikes or playing sports anymore. kids today just play video games and have sex with their teachers.

          • Jarrod

            Kids today are awesome!

      • mrguitfiddler

        Ahhhh the memories of legos and bicycles. Do kids even go outside anymore? Also for birthdays I pretty much expected clothes and underwear.

        • Si1entStatic

          also birthday cards with cash in them. Those were like winning the lotto for little kids.

        • Charlie Murphy

          About as much as their parents do when they aren't checking out websites like chive and redtube

    • Anomanom


    • Nolan

      Gotta laugh at it. Kids better get used to not getting what they want. Better laughing at this then years from now when he just gets out of college and doesn't get the job he really wanted.

    • Boo-f-in-hoo

      Awe was this your birthday party? Sorry dood but get over yourself. Because I bet you're one of those people in the Darwin pictures in the other post.

    • rider22x

      I agree – this isn't cool.

  • LOL

    kinda makes makes me want to take my old gameboy and play zelda.

    • LOL

      oops.. typo

  • Huh

    Shit post

    • Child Please

      Shitty person.

  • Jonathan

    I remember being so happy when I received one in 1999…

  • @TheRealGroome

    If they didn't give him a DS after that, then that was just a dick move.

    • DoC

      If they didn't give him a smack in the ass for being so unappreciative and send him outside, then that was a bad parenting move.

      • CoD

        hmmmm, not hitting your kid a bad parenting move … you just won a free vasectomy …

        • Soren Gonzo

          yeah and raising a fairy is great parenting!keep it up, world needs more entitled hipster brats.

        • Adam

          WOW! When did spanking become bad parenting??

          • chiver_92

            The kid did deserve a spanking but i gotta admit that was a pretty dick move to put it into a DS box like that if they were gonna give him the gameboy just put it in a shoebox or a gameboy packaging dont raise his hopes up and smash them like an asshole #2

            • passwordistaco

              I'm pretty sure you can't purchase an empty box, keep calm that kid got a DS

              • Yroc

                This happens on ebay. Parents probably got ripped off and didn't even know there was a gameboy in there

            • zighawk73

              As a father of three I'll say spanking your kid for reacting to some shitty thing you did to them is bad parenting. How did you expect him to react?

              • Ricky Runyon

                As a father of three myself, this kid is spoiled. I grew up poor, and I would have loved my parents for such a present. I also would have known this was a joke, and not act like a spoiled brat. I've done this to my kids and they laughed their asses off. (Not a DS, though) Of course, we don't have money to spend on such things, so my kids are used to enjoying what little I can give them. I make my children understand that we can't afford to live and give them ever $200-$300 device that comes out ever three months. Parents need to teach kids responsibility, to earn what they get and not to be spoiled. I got a N64 for Christmas. My parents couldn't afford it, but I worked my ass off at school and doing chores to show that I deserved it.

                • Lowrent75

                  Ricky, the kid is 7 for Christ's sake. Telling your kids to work hard and appreciate what they get is one thing but hurting them and humiliating them is another story. My kids understand that we can't afford everything either but I would never do this. Toughen them up in other ways? FOR SURE. Make them understand where things come from and give them a good work ethic? ABSOLUTELY. Crushing a kids dream of having the game that his peers have with a joke box. NO FUCKING WAY. Sorry but you were at least one of the few on here that has kids apparently.

                • who cares

                  How is he spoiled? I'd still do that if someone bought me something I really wanted only to find a brick inside. It's a shitty thing to do to someone.

                • Thror

                  I got one kid. One. And I don't lie to him.

                  He doesn't get everything he wants, or even everything I could afford to give him. I even prank him a bit sometimes, perhaps to teach him a little skepticism.

                  But from his perspective this would look like a total and complete lie, and I would lose all the moral high ground when it comes to raising or disciplining him later. Why the hell would he ever believe me again? Or listen to me? All I'd teach him is what a hypocrite is.

    • Dyon

      Spoiled child?? Dealing with the wants of todays kids is one thing. Setting kid up for disappointment is a total d-bag parenting move.

  • beserker

    hahahahahahahaha… i was happy to have anything that i could play with… but then again… here..have some humble pie!

  • Giovanni Sanchez

    God damn kids now a days are so unappreative, he will play games that the original gameboy had on a 3ds. ZELDA AND POKEMON made a huge mark on the handheld console genre. SMH kid needs a backhand to reality.

    • none

      this happened a lot to you as a kid, didn't it

    • Giovanni sucks goats

      No, his bastard parents need to be backhanded. What they did was fucking cruel. But a cocksucker like you won't get it because you're, well, busy with a cock in your mouth

      • DoC

        You must have been busy with a silver spoon in your mouth (the cock was in your ass). You were that kid that demanded everything and probably got your way because your dad left you as a child and your step dad put his cock in your ass so your mom would do whatever and give you whatever you wanted so you think that not getting everything you want in life is cruel. Grow up.

        • edslerson

          Woah now kids, don't let a few pictures get you so worked up.

          • DoC

            Spoiled pricks aren't limited to pictures. And don't confuse putting someone in their place with "getting worked up", I do that without a second thought. <img src=""&gt;

            • who cares

              Yeah you sure showed him! Now he knows his place don't he! Yeah brah, high five!

            • asdf

              I think if they guy got ass raped as a kid by his step father you could be less of a prick. As for the post they obviously gave him one afterwards. Who could blame a little kid for getting upset when basically telling him he can have what he wants then taking it away.

    • Truth

      well in your time, they gave you a gameboy, so its kinda stupid to say that he doesnt apreciate a decade old console, when you got the best in your days

      • Lowrent75

        You win. Dick move to the kid. He got a system that is older than him and I am sure most of his friends have something newer. Seems most on here forget that shit.

        • Beev

          If someone gave me an Atari, Dreamcast or Super Nintendo I would be happy, There are always fun games on every console. That kid could play all the original pokemon on that GBC. He's definitely ungrateful.

          • Lowrent75

            You missed the point. I am not saying that you should give kids everything they want because it is illogical and irresponsible. But I assume that you are not a parent because it is your job to have your kids grow up to be appreciative of what they get and how hard work will get you what you want. But it is not in the job description to make them hurt or humiliated. If you think that is okay to do to your kid,, that is your right I guess. But it still makes you a fucking douche.

          • who cares

            Let's put it this way, let's say you really wanted an iphone4s and you didn't have money to buy one, but say your girlfriend or wife bought you one for your birthday, or christmas, or anniversary. You see the box and you are blown away that she would do that for you, what a fantastic gift! It's exactly what you wanted. You open the box and inside is a Nokia 3330 instead of an iphone. Would you still be grateful?

    • Spelling Police

      *unappreciative – stay in school.

    • tic

      Imagine when all your friends were getting GameBoy Colors, you received a Game & Watch of Pong

      • who cares

        or a Tiger Toy handheld game.

    • Really?

      Hmm… let's see here…

      Was this supposed to be a lesson about being spoiled? Maybe the parents could have loaned the kid the family push-mower and told him to earn all or part of the money for what he wanted? There's no point in crushing a kid's fragile emotions to teach him a lesson… unless maybe he's some kind of notorious prankster who plays mean jokes on other kids.

      Seems like the parents in this case have some growing up to do, if their idea of "fun" is tormenting their kid. He should send this to the local DHS and find some adults to raise him. This is a kid… a child. He's the victim of a mean-spirited prank at the hands of the people who SHOULD love him. Probably not gonna need therapy or end up shooting up a shopping mall full of people or anything. No worries.

    • Lowrent75

      You need the fucking 'Hand of Righteousness' to the back of the head. Obviously you have not reproduced or you would understand that the prank played was a dick move by shitty parents. Their job is to help him grow and understand and teach him to work hard for the stuff you want. Not to get him all excited about a present he really wanted and replace it with a second hand crappy game.

  • Mike

    I loved my GBC…wonder if he even knew what it was

  • cookit

    This is standard bathroom inventory, together with Tetris it is the best place in the house

    • Holden McGroin

      Nothing better than sitting on the can playing Tetris. I even take mine on vacations & business trips.

  • Kerry Nuncio

    To hell with that kid!

    • LuketheTerrible

      Hell is for children.

    • Lowrent75

      Why…He received a system older than him and he is an ass? Did you ever receive a toy that was out of date?

      • Beev

        do you like posting the same comments on multiple posts?

        • Lowrent75

          Do you like being a bitch?

      • irish tumbler

        yes. and?

        • Lowrent75

          I am sure you were pretty upset about it at the time and yet you probably wax over it and claim that you were fine with it and had tons of fun. Which it was in the end but your initial reaction was of disappointment and hurt.

  • Wyszukiwacz bzdur

    What a spoiled brat!

    • Juann Strauss

      Notice how the Gameboy was in 3DS packaging

  • Gallus

    I just don't give a f*ck about some spoiled twit's disappointment.

  • Matticus

    If he wants a DS so bad, he should get a job!

    • AAaronson

      haha!!! win

    • ...

      Haha! Child labor?

  • Dusty

    I still have my original Gameboy sans color. It's in the garage and it still works.

    • Adam

      After 20yrs, the only thing I am missing on mine is the back cover for the batteries. Still works great though. Remember all the times your parents would say "How do you even see that screen??"

    • mike

      Learn English you dumb fucking prick!! wtf is sans??? fuck you punk

      • notmike

        Sans means without learn some fucking culture before u post u dumb dick!

    • ...

      I'll give you 20 bucks for it

  • Shannon Coverdale

    Someone block this guy^^^^^^^^

    • Kristen

      Someone block this guy^^^^^^^^

  • Guest :)

    they have the box and manual, so I guess this is just a prank,
    would love to see the kid when he actually gets the 3DS.

  • Don

    Kids today have playstations, xboxes, cell phones, the internet….when I was a kid we had 1 toy…it was called outside! (and maybe one of those dot football games or a pacman watch if we were lucky)

    • Monty Python

      LUXURY!! All we had to play with was the butt of a smoked cigarette

    • Cody

      well by god when i was a kid all we had were stones and mammoths. and i went to school uphill both ways in the snow…on fire. and i fought the nazis. and i won damn it, and you know what? i was happy. then after that war and potty training and shit i got my first job… when i was 3 and i rode my mammoth to work everyday(kind of a hard ass), and i was fucking grateful. The spoiled rich kid in the mud hut next to ours was given a lantern one day. we stoned that bitch cause he was obviously a witch. LOL these crazy kids today. well gtg got another 48 hour shift at work coming up

      • Rose

        I think I love you.

  • James

    That bad boy might be worth some money; they're hard to come by!

    • Jimbo

      no. they're not.

    • Cody

      no they're everywhere. there just not for sale. In fact i've got one that still works and my original gameboy advance and my advance sp. but id fight to the death before id give them up.

      • lols

        atleast fight to keep your virginity

  • A.J.R

    Pokemon was the best game on that!

  • Dee

    I agree that it was definitely spoiled of him not to appreciate the present just because it isn't what he wanted, however I think it was a dick move of them to put it in the 3DS box if that isn't what he was getting, that just got his hopes up. Hoping they were just pranking him, seems that way.

    • Anotherwes

      Way to ride that fence…

      • Canadianmedic

        I lol'd at that

      • who cares

        This guys should go into politics.

    • Logical

      Im sure the kid is got the 3ds right after the GBC. Why would the parents have the box?

  • Viking

    All I had was a regular gameboy, and I loved it. Especially with Link's Awakening

  • Turrebo

    He's lucky, it could have been a Nokia N-Gage.

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