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  • BigPup

    #1 Well, so much for a good night sleep…

    • DarkRonnie

      Imagine it sitting at the side of your bed at night!

    • Wet_tosti


    • smokey

      It's krusty the clown at a young age.

    • spucifer

      Me too, I'm horrified of Jews.

      • Egypt

        Us too. They could kick our asses in about 30 seconds.

  • BigPup

    #4 Sorry but your résumé isn't quite impressive enough. The position has been filled *says the Bangbros interviewer*

    • forever harmed

      hard to find the 'enlarge' button upside down..

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #7 Soon, also moo

    • Dude Imbibes

      Forget angry monkey. Demon cow is scary as *&^$!

    • That guy

      Spokane, Washington WTF

  • A.E.

    #12 panda nation!

    • R j

      And they refuse to fuck?

    • WTF Mate

      Go GIANTS!!!

    • Katie


      • Banana_man

        If this was Q.I. the buzzer would have gone off.

  • MikeG01sf

    Thanks for the fucked up dreams chive

  • Sean

    #15, hopefully less than #4 does

    • Trixi

      And here I was going to say to 15, it depends on the person.

  • SolidusSnake420

    #1 Krusty the Klown age 7

    • smokey

      ding ding ding, winnah, winnah heah!

    • Go Hoosiers

      quite the deep reference sir, i enjoy your intellect…bravo

  • HumpDan


    I wanna party with this guy!

    • Drake

      Yes, Shatner is a blast to party with.

  • wall-e

    another reason constanza got fired

  • Trav1121

    #11 Poor guy. Your legacy will live on through the internet. I kinda want that pic at my funeral. 🙂

    • dood

      this pic is hilarious

  • CowboyChiver

    #17 Ya don't say??

    • NelPit

      Much easier than the Ass Piano

  • Michelle Huges

    #24 Creeps me out the most.

    • lll

      Is "suck me dry"'s little brother

    • Frank M

      #24. I don't know if I'm more weirded out by his outfit or the idea of him buying 16 packages of Chewy Chips 'Ahoy.

  • Thomy Gold

    Jehovah Witnesses are finally getting smart

  • Krusty

    #1 Herschel Krustofski

    • smokey

      a true simspons aficionado… .

  • Paula_

    #2 <img src=""&gt;
    – Fan testimonial: "Once again Paula shows up and nails a reply perfectly, much to the dismay of poor Stanley of course."

  • Beast

    #1 "You steal my foreskin, I'll steal your soul in the night while you sleep."

  • AssHaterson

    #16 People of Walmart….

    • LOL

      but seriously funny

    • Kayla

      I know this guy. He works with me at Boeing. We posted his pic on

  • hallucinatingmartyr

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  • Bangerang

    #9 his life must suck

    • B. Marley

      I know this kid. He is really pretty nice. Just a weird hobby!

      • amrith777

        I saw him on a show and it was actually quite fascinating.Considering what others have admitted to collecting and the hobbies they have,I would question making too much fun of him.

    • Guibombe

      I see what you did there!

  • Mark B.

    <img src=>#12 So many pandas, can I take one home? cute cute cute<img src=>

  • hmmmmmmmmm

    #15 The question is how often am I not thinking about touching other peoples privates

    • fourbeermilky

      This sounds like a trick question…. It's a trap!

  • CatzonVinyl

    #8 This time on Top Gear!

    • forever harmed

      can also be used in Australia..

      • Yeppers

        Love it!

    • Go Hoosiers

      Tanner Faust is a dick sore. He makes me wanna punch babies every time he opens his dick scuffed mouth

  • NaughtyNinja74

    #27 I'm scared and aroused…I'm so confused…

    • Taco_Depot

      hidden car-jack. mystery solved.

    • Don't Touch My Mum

      That would be Lindsey Hayward Aloisia.

  • drod

    #3, If it weren't for the bud, I'd say that guy is for sure from Saskatchewan. 10 point to anyone that can figure out what the hell I'm talking about.

    • forever harmed

      Roughrider fan, obviously.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Is it something to do with that electricity pylon?

    • duffman

      nothing better than a cold 'sner (vitamin P, Pil, etc…whatever you wanna call it)!

    • colby

      Haha it's rider helmut

  • drod

    #20 – I can hardly tell that the cat has had any work done at all! Also, there is definitely cat hair in that champagne.

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