• Hungarian Barbarian

    Mao! ….. MAO!

    • SnakeinMyBoot

      Wrong country bro

    • Thunderhorse

      I don't think most people will catch the "Deer Hunter" quote, too bad.

      • Dennis Menace

        that's because chivers have shitty taste in movies.

      • Fyrguy

        Great movie

  • SnakeinMyBoot

    Is that…is that a NEEDLE in the nerf bullet?

    • EightZero

      It's a thumbtack.

      • Dr_StrangePants

        Good Eye, both of you

  • http://www.facebook.com/ehbrada Lawrence Panis

    I find this pretty amusing. I think I'll add this to a drinking game of some sort. Pain AND pleasure.

  • http://twitter.com/PaulSkoney @PaulSkoney

    If that guy didn't have to chug a beer after he got shot, there was no point to any of this.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      the suction cup has a thumbtack stuck to to the front of it

  • Harmonica33

    Why God, Why?

  • Traylor

    I like aged horse semen better.

    • OneEndedStick

      I bet you do…

      • Traylor

        You'd win that bet. Because I just typed that I do.

    • Dick

      Oh. My. Gawd. So do I girl! But I like to smear it all over my face and moan "Chiiiiiiivvve Ooooooooooonnnnnn!"

      • Aaron


        • roundEYEgook


  • Ravienne_Cullen

    At the angle they keep holding the gun, it's more likely to hit the other person or go above his head!

    • Dr_StrangePants


    • Nicnac

      No matter… the killing shot was well aimed…

  • T-rex

    lol lol 1000 lols

    • roundEYEgook

      Oh lol lol

  • Daith_Lee

    I'm more surprised that no one stateside has done this yet…

  • Travis

    i couldn't help but laugh at their reactions. Pretty funny

  • Dr_StrangePants

    Man I'd hate for that thumbtack to go into my Ear and give me a Piercing

  • UtahChiver

    Everything was fine until someone whispered "Godzilla"…..

  • n2f

    I used to do the same thing at parties, only minus the tack and the loser had to take a shot. We'd go from zero to wasted in about 15 minutes.

  • ramborabbitryan

    Roommate has this gun, we made it into a great drinking game… Shoot yourself= drink, think its loaded and shoot someone else= they drink, aim at someone else and it doesn't shoot= you drink two…

  • durr

    why u guys advertise fighting? facepalm

  • http://theembiggensproject.wordpress.com/2012/10/06/pass-me-my-shark-put-extra-e-coli-on-my-burger-and-drown-that-damn-toothbrush/ Pass Me My Shark, Put Extra E Coli on my Burger, and Drown That Damn Toothbrush | The Embiggens Project

    […] 1) Let’s face it.  Humans are strange.  And some humans are stranger than others.  I couldn’t possibly bring up Russian Roulette without checking to see if our friends from the Far East have tried re-inventing it.  Sure enough, they have.  From the nation that has brought us the girlfriend lap pillow, the plunger helmet, tomato chocolate, the remote control toilet, and square watermelons, I now bring you Japanese Russian Roulette.  Japanese Russian Roulette […]

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