This is what passes for fashion in Spain nowadays (30 Photos)

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  • wtf

    Wtf, what a disgrace to manhood

    • Dude

      He is clearly a fairy fagot!!!!!!

      • fun with drugs

        1000000000000000000000% hes a major fag

        • FLAME_AWAY

          Just to be clear, he's straight right?

      • iliketoplay

        Tom Cruise is his best customer. <– True Story.

    • Terry Bull

      Hell, those shoes are a disgrace to women. The moment I see a chick in high heels, I high tail it out of there. Seriously, if someone is willing to put up with the pain and inconvenience those shoes clearly put one through, just in an attempt to fulfill some "sexy" fashion expectations, then that girl is weak minded and deserves the type of man she'll attract. I'll take a girl in sandals over heels any day.

      • Boner

        You sir/or madam are wrong.

        This statement infuriates me.

    • Amigo

      I was literally just in Spain, i did not see one guy wearing heels,

      what i did see (other than the incredible scenery) were unbelievably hot women walking around on the beach with nothing but a bikini bottom on. I kid you not while I was there I witnessed two 10/10's topless women making out with each other, it was something you'd see in a slow motion dream sequence, it's really hard to put into words how happy I was to randomly be surprised by something like that no more than ten feet in front of me. Honestly, The beaches there are truly something you have to see to believe.

      Also hate to break it to ya, but a lot of guys wear high heels in the US too……

      • Non-beliver

        Cool story bro…Photos or it didn't happen.

        • Amigo

          Ah! I remember now. I spent the better part of the day blatantly yet creepily snapping loads of pictures of peoples tits, cus its a perfectly okay and cool thing to do but I lost my camera while shopping for a fresh pair of heels. On the bright side I did get a steal on the cutest pair and fuck me did those shoes get me pussy.

      • anon

        hey Chive how about you post some photos pertaining to what this guy speaks of…

    • Vince-Kristin Aleman

      Actually heels were originally worn by men, butchers in fact. They wore heels to keep from getting blood on their shoes. So really he's just taking it back.

      • Shane

        that had a purpose, this guys just an idiot

        • PHappy

          Maybe he stands in a lot of blood? That would explain the manpris they wear over there as well

          • trav

            ^^ haha well played sir

    • Andrew

      I mean, it's not my style but to start calling him a fag and a disgrace to manhood is really too much. If you don't like his style say something creative and not derogatory. Weak sauce.

      • blowme

        shut up fag.

        • Andrew

          Eloquent response, Internet Tough Guy. The Chive used to be about accepting people and going on about who you are. With people making comments like this it won't be long til this place turns into YouTube's comment section without the wit.

          • adunb

            fucken fag

            • Andrew

              Ok, troll. Best of luck to you.

              • anon

                trolled repeatedly lol

          • samsquantch

            just because chive puts a section like this up does not make it acceptable. if they put up a section of guys suckin dicks you would probly be down with that? naw man, gotta draw the line somewhere.

    • <_<

      Yeah, my sexuality has been threatened too and since I define 'manhood' as a very narrow set of characteristics like you, I too am against this man wearing heels because it makes me feel icky.

      • goatpunch

        I would laugh if this dude is really just trolling everyone. I hope he got drunk in a bar, and was all, "People will do whatever I say is cool. I bet you I could say it's hip for dudes to wear women's high heels, and the idiots will actually do it! mwahahah"

    • someoneanyone

      He has a purse that doesn't even match his shoes. What a disgrace to all genders!

    • Vook

      He really did walk a mile in her shoes! But we all know this is a tiny gay man's wish to be taller, and its not working lol.

    • Daniel Opazo

      I was taking a shit when i run in this post… Now my shit is half way unfinish and ruin my mood…

    • Elton John

      Holy crap, you guys seem to have real issues/be really insecure about what constitutes "manhood". Just come on out already.

      • wdh

        lol shut the fuck up.

    • F stuf

      Why so angry wtf? Is your wee-wee getting hard looking at these pictures and getting you all upset and confused? It's okay wtf…it's gonna be okay.

      • wdh

        lol ew shut the fuck up.

    • McSmizzle

      awwww come on… all he wanted to be his whole life was a girl

      • Deepfap

        Stilettos on a man= gay. Boots on a man= manly. They have heels. Jersey shore boys will all be in heels next season. Bet.

        • anon

          Jersey shore is a whole different level of gay

    • Brendan Byron


      • Boner

        Chuck Norris is Gay

        • shoe

          you tread on blasphemous grounds fine sir

    • Chazz_B

      another post that makes me want to go live in a cave and eat nothing but raw meat

    • socalmarti

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I beleive high heels where invented by men during Louis the XIV era-ish as where wigs and make-up. Women weren't even allowed to wear or use them unless you were royalty. That beign said oh HELL NO! There's a reson why society has moved on from that!

  • flybirdsfly

    I am so over Spain already.

    • Aoi

      first bullfights and now this? wtf with that country? the only good of that place is their soccer league

      • anon

        soccer is almost as gay as the guy in the photos

    • FUCKspain

      spain SUCKS.

    • Leonel_LyL

      Nice try Coentrao. Spain>Portugal

    • Jawbone

      I'm sure Spain gives a fuck what a douchebag like you thinks, Fly.

  • pingpong

    I'm sticking to my allen edmonds

    • Broll

      Johnston and Murphy's

      • Anomanom

        Florsheim Boots

    • freethinker81

      The Strand, one of the best damn shoes there is.

  • Heisanidiot

    Don't be so hard on them, they are in dire financial straits! Anything to lift their spirit is fine by me.

    • Damon

      And if you're a dude, check your man card at the door.

      • tee

        Don't be so hard on them? I'm sure his boyfriend is being hard enough on him…

        • Tru Chiver

          *insert cartoonishly masculine and overcompensating homophobic remark here* KCCO

          • billy

            And of course a flamboyantly homo response that vilifies anyone who would dare criticize a grown man for wearing pink high heels and carrying a purse. Sweet.

    • aVulgarSquirrel

      Just so you know, I at least found this funny. Realising that this was a joke, rather than being appalled at someone not making the accepted type of joke.

  • Fatmangus

    No. Fucking. Way.

    • BType13X2

      I would rather cut my own legs off with a butter knife then wear heals or I would if I wasn't already missing my legs to begin with.

  • chris h

    not to mention, he loves to carry purses too.

    • Scott Laidler

      Thats what i was thinking too

    • Michelle

      And manages to wear heals better than most women.

    • gnocco

      so straight

    • Brendan Byron


    • jr.

      A fucking purse!
      …as long as it matches… what am I saying?!?!?!

    • Doughy

      It's a European carry all not a purse. It carries his dildo. Men do not wear heels, they'd break carrying the extra weight of our chainsaws and bazookas.

  • Anonymous

    This is truly sad…

  • derp

    gays will be gay

    • Lev

      As such, I have no issue with him prancing around in those. Whatever makes ya happy. But the moment when this becomes generally expected for men to be masculine is the moment when I jettison myself into the sun.

      • Tim

        How you gonna do that jettison move?

  • Macro

    Someone needs to remove this specimen from our planet.

    • @NickArts323

      I thought Chivers were supposed to KCCO? So what if it looks silly, he seems to like it.

    • Jin Jung

      I agree with NickArts323. He's not hurting anybody. Let him do what he wants, no matter how stupid it looks.

      • Kristen

        Why are you squinting?

        • Tom

          Why are you on a computer? Shouldn't you be in the kitchen???

        • wdh

          Kristen, I'd love to see what you look like. Unless your ugly of course. round eye.

        • Just Sayin

          Why are you racist?

  • B!!!

    It puts the lotion on!!!

  • micky

    I would rather slam my dick in a car door

    • thebeefinjector

      lmao your comment made me bust out laughing. I agree with you though…

    • Idiot

      No I'd much rather wear high heels than slam my dick in a car door
      You obviously don't use your dick enough to not care about it that much

      • Bill Boner


      • F stuf

        exactly. chivers wouldn't know about that though.

    • Simon

      I'd rather slam your dick in a car door too.

      • adam

        he would probably kiss it for you afterwards

  • @CerealFede


  • Steve Grenier

    This seems like it would be better suited for TheBerry.

    • Kristen

      So do you.

    • Mmm...berry

      Only if it's posted under wtf. As a chivette, this is just plain disturbing. I like my man to act and dress like one, not wonder if he's about to come out of the closet.

      • Steve Grenier

        I don't think anyone questions his closet status.

  • Shannon Coverdale

    Douchebaggery at it's best, f'in designers

  • Deep Dish

    Yeah, fuck that guy! He's different from me! He likes dressing differently than our society dictates!!!

    I would never want to wear high heels, but if that makes him feel good, more power to him.

    • truth

      This is nothing more than some guy that gets off wearing women's high-heels and b'c he is some fashion mogul, that is supposed to make it a trend? A bit too much like the Emperor's New Clothes, but to each their own. Atleast he is not pulling a Hoover and running around in full drag.

    • Him

      Go hug a tree

    • Bill

      Dude! Be gay if you want…be a fucking tree huger if you want but STOP FUCKING trying to make the rest of us feel bad because we don't buy into your fucking beliefs! Be different! I don't give a fuck. I do give a fuck if you get in my way with your fucking ways! So…

      • ProductOf85

        I agree with Bill. Do what makes you happy, but gay guys take it to far. Instead of just being gay and enjoying a peaceful life, they want to set stupid fashion trends that are stupid for women as well. Though high heels are sexy on women, they are also extremely harmful to the feet. And I've never seen a reason why they want to walk around holding a wallet instead of carrying a purse. Only reason women carried purses to begin with was to carry unmentionables when they were on their cycle. Gays also can't help but to "be proud." Dude, I'm proud of having a Confederate heritage, but you don't see a confederate flag flying in front of my home. No one really cares that you are proud, and you are generating more hate for the gay community for aggravating people even further with stupid public outburst. I have a couple of gay friends (and yes they are a couple) and they do not act this way. Hell, you wouldn't know they were gay if they weren't together. And they are disgusted with how the gay community say they are proud because majority of them look like fools on TV and dress in stupid fashions. They also don't consider themselves "fairies." =)

        • Juiol

          Fact no1. Gays are the biggest trend setters. Not only for female fashion, but male too. Many of the trends in fashion (and I don't mean high fashion, I mean regular-guy-in-the-street-dressing-as-someone-from-this-decade) were used first by gay men. Fact no2. Any broad statement about "gay guys" is as idiotic as making one about straight people. Which you shouldn't make, since you even know a couple that is not all around the "Pride" BS.

          • MylesofStyles

            When was the last time you heard of a "Straight Pride Parade"?

            • juiol

              Is there a point, there? Did I sound supportive of the "Pride Parades" by calling it BS?

          • Broad

            Isn't your fact no1 a broad, general statement in itself. The same type of statement you just said not to make?

            • juiol

              It may be poorly phrased, but the idea isn't. Calling it "metropolitan gay communities" would be better.

          • Ugghhh

            Fact no.1 Your "facts" are not facts, they are observations.
            Fact no. 2 The only time that I will ever wear heels is when I dance around my bedroom with my dick and balls pulled back between my legs all in an effort to make my wife laugh.

            • Duhdoi

              I'm pretty sure you just rendered yourself not a man in the eyes of most of the people on this site.

            • juiol

              If the biggest trend setter is the gay community, how is "Gays are the biggest trend setters" not a fact? Stick to Ugghhh. As to your "fact 2", nobody asked you to wear high heels and nobody cares if do or not.

              • goatpunch

                The reason is that it is not possible for you to prove gays are the biggest trend setters, hence not a fact. It's your opinion. Look up words. English is fun

                • juiol

                  It's not my opinion, it's a statement released by a bunch of fashion trend seekers. English is more than words, it takes understanding them.

                • DrunkSkunk

                  It's really not an opinion. The fact is, the majority of the most financially successful and influential top 25 male designers as listed by WWD are gay. If you don't know who all of the following are, then you don't know enough about fashion to comment:

                  Alexander McQueen
                  Marc Jacobs
                  Calvin Klein
                  Yves Saint Laurent
                  Gianni Versace
                  Tom Ford
                  John Galliano
                  Michael Kors
                  Cristobal Balenciaga
                  Alexander Wang
                  Christian Dior
                  Perry Ellis
                  Max Azria
                  Tommy Hilfiger
                  Roberto Cavalli
                  John Varvatos
                  Junya Watanabe
                  Yohji Yamamoto
                  Emanuel Ungaro

                  • Shazam

                    Alexander McQueen


          • juiol

            Aww look at all those thumb downs. It's like if I'm not calling the guy "gay" as an insult, I'm not cool. 😦
            Oh well, I've got some good racist jokes to throw at the asians, next time. I'll be popular again!

        • Really?

          Yeah, your totally right man, no one has ever flown a confederate flag being proud of it. You totally can't google it right now and find tons of hicks who are 'being proud' and incorporating it into their flashion…

      • Duhdoi

        You do realize that theChive posted this and not him right? Are you angry at theChive for doing this because I'm pretty sure the man in the photo's didn't call up the theChive and go "Yo! Put up these photos of me wearin' high heels, I need to force my fashion on others"

      • Josh

        lol because this guy gets in your way right.

    • marioincandenza

      Agree. Good for him for pushing the envelope and trying something different. And apparently it hit a nerve based on most of the responses on here. I had no idea so many men kept their masculinity in their shoes.

      That said, on its merits, I don't know about this look 😐

      • Whiskey

        "I had no idea so many men kept their masculinity in their shoes."

        • socalmarti

          I beleive Freud would be more concerned about the size of the shoes.

    • barak

      fuck you faggot

    • derper derrr

      Lady Gaga meat dress? Stupid.
      Bjork swan dress? Stupid.
      Man in high heels? Creative?!

      Conclusion: I am stupid

  • Simon

    I'd do her.

  • Head Chef

    Apart from looking shit I do not want bunions!

  • James Ramos

    Moar of the babe in #22
    P.s. Wtf?

    • Jin Jung

      Yes, I agree!

    • manami

      she's a famous fashion blogger in Spain 😉

    • John Jacob

      i hope you're talking about the one on the right…

  • HTownDude

    That's an ugly woman.

  • Bro

    da fack?

  • nowayjose

    seriously chive?

  • Erock

    #23 My wife owns these shoes…what the hell is wrong with this guy?

    • anon

      he was probably touched by an uncle or two

    • TheWizz

      he also has a purse in almost every picture…

    • Dex

      He stole your wife's shoes?

  • ladderzombie

    I live in a world full of idiots. Now I know one more.

  • Dick Innabocks

    Why do you apply this to "Spain". It's just 1 gay guy from Spain and a couple of his friends, not a trend for the entire country. We don't even know if the public likes it. I don't see the rest wearing this abomination.

    • juiol

      It's like posting a picture of Liberace and saying "this is what's goin on in the US"

      • vandinz

        He's only like that fucker on America's next top model. Disgrace though either way but I get your point.

    • Steve Stevens

      I'm pretty sure it's mostly because he's from Spain. Now I'll sit back and let you over analyze my reply.

      • anon

        L 2 troll more skillfully

  • ryan mason

    this guy is totally straight…..said nobody ever

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