Giant scantily clad dancing robots found, of course, only in Japan (20 Photos)

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  • Clint Bozic

    Anyone else notice that the japanese are pretty damn weird?

    • SockMoney17

      Yeah, but I bet they do a lot of jerking off to pictures of American Chivettes over there.

    • mishai

      Weird: definetly:)
      G1:So you did a 3m tall fully animated sexy female mecha suit?
      G2: yes
      G1: Thats totaly awesome…can i see?
      G2: sure
      O-O….G1 uhm WTF is wrong with you ….

  • caleb


    • ale

      mecha´s world domination is close, obviously. Proyect Gundam is on test, as we speak.

  • Cooper

    Japan always maxes out my "what the shit" o-meter.

  • Nibler


  • Bangerang

    Doesn't matter. Had sex.

  • Terminator 3000

    Beep Booo beep. I have the most mechanical boner right now.

    • Da_Boz

      Pissed at myself for reading that in a robot voice in my head…

      • Jay

        You mean reading it in Cleveland from Family Guy's R2-D2 voice.

  • Swizz Mac

    I love Japan!!!

  • JViss

    Bob, do you just Google 'creepy, weird shit' and post it on theChive for us to share your extremely disturbing nightmares every night?

  • ( . )( . )

    They are still hot…and Boobs!

  • The Andychrist

    Can't wait for the hentai with these bitches!

  • WorldwizE


  • MidwestChiver

    Seriously Japan you're creepy

  • Mr box

    Gundams are not far off.

    • The Japanese

      Only if we can have sex with them. Otherwise, they are obsolete.

  • Macro

    I'd hit it.

  • Jess Bartman

    That whole country is is a hundred year long acid trip.

  • ChiveFromWA

    Just the next weird thing from Japan..

  • Gizmo

    Fuckin Japan, man.

  • Coal clean

    So glad I'm not from Japan

  • Mark B.

    <img src=> #1 Japan AV model? so hot ,what;s her name? <img src=> ❤

    • Charlie Galvin

      The one on the right is Steve, the one on the left is Mike.

  • the_mike

    Obviously the Atom bombs we dropped had a bigger effect on the Japanese then we thought.

    • Tyler

      Mmmm, insensitive jokes for the win!

  • Texan

    What the effff is wrong with Japan?

    • the_mike

      My first guess is…a lot.

    • FunKiller

      I think the real question is, what isn't wrong with Japan?

  • buttsnstuff

    I love that one of them is a red headed caucasian chick #15

  • ImGame

    I, for one, welcome our new fembot overlords

    • @fchezenko

      death by snu-snu ?

  • loves sammiches

    That's cool and all, but do they make sammiches?

  • Darth Yogurt

    #15 Find her please

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