People explained, seagull laxatives, puppy vs. air conditioner, and the most predictable fail ever (4 videos)

#1 In case you’ve forgotten it, Men in Black had one of the best explanations of people ever

#2 Giving seagulls laxatives: a very s%#&ty prank

#3 A puppy vs. an air conditioner

#4 Well, what exactly were you expecting?

  • respectable_human

    I think the kids who pulled the prank should all have to bathe in seagull shit everyday for a year. Just my opinion.

    • Karl

      Agreed. Stupid little shits.

      • MrStiggy91

        I agree with the both of you, but even so I laughed way harder than I should have.

  • misschris

    I have to admit, I was kinda hoping that 4 was going to go way worse than that

  • Dan

    That seagull one is possibly the best prank I've ever seen. The whole thing was so conflicting, on one hand these kids are total assholes and it's all really bad, and on the other hand I dropped my phone laughing when I saw the birds shit on a baby's head(awful thing, but serious shock laugh)

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