Friday Dopamine Dump (40 photos)

  • Paula_

    #32 This comment has been deleted before an administrator would.

    This fan testimonial has been deleted before an administrator would.

    • DickFister

      Fan testimonial has it Paula's vagina is so big she has to wear suspenders to keep from shitting in it.

    • Leddy420

      Now you're just getting annoying.

      • Ethix_


        • Leddy420

          There was a time when Paula had some ingenuity, some intelligence in her trollish ways. Now, she is nothing more than a skid mark on Etcrr's underwear.

    • spicey

      paula can u ask them to post something new rather than the same shit weve seen all week…and all month.

      • Paula_

        I'd get deleted.

        This fan testimonial has been deleted before an administrator would.

      • sfb101


    • Jak

      #2 has inspired me to write a sequel to RAD. Who is that so I can cast him?

      • jared

        dude, it better have bill allen in it!

  • Creeper McCreeperson

    #39 try to explain that to my boss

    • Just wondering

      #19 Do the squirrels in this pic look like a rap group to anyone else.

    • Notknowing

      Words to live by.

    • DanTheMan

      This made me laugh hella hard

  • CAS

    #33 mmmmmmm yes please

  • HOOK

    #34 Absolute 'lean' and 'gorgeous.

    • youdroppedthis



      The girls not bad either!

    • FarmBoy

      Is that Taylor Parks?

  • town

    #21 mr. miagi loves tits

    • Charliefreak

      Wax off

    • ckron247

      Who doesn't?

    • FunKiller

      Especially Christie Brinkley's tits!

    • miagi'd

      Mr. Miagi is gay folks.

  • ChiveFromWA

    #13 Yes, win. #34 Looking good. Wouldn't mind moar

    • TJ_Designs

      #13 is spot on! Loved the movie, Hated Bane's voice

  • Macro

    #32 Theeeeeeere we go.

    • 650

      Is that Candace Bailey? I have a mega tv crush on her (as I'm sure half of y'all do).

      • @McBeastie666

        boobs are too big to be Candace. Looks like Amanda Bynes to me.

        • 650

          whoa, I was way off. apparently it's Danica Thrall.

          • yuaifuh

            Bar Raefeli?

    • JTeran

      wow…just wow….

  • zoxymusic

    #32 Hawt!

  • Verbal_Kint


    5 pm make my way to the kitchen,
    work is over, so I can stop bitchin;
    Gotta have my beer, gotta have whiskey
    gonna hot the bottle till i'm feeling frisky
    It's friiiiiday, friiiiiiday.. gonna drink beer on friiiiiday. Which one should I taaaaake?

    • sheoncebelieved

      None of those….all of those beers are shitty. where's this person's taste?

      • Verbal_Kint

        I managed to make it through college on Natty Light, I think I can manage. Besides, only the first 3-4 taste like shit. The next 10-12 are great.

      • electric boogalo

        Yup, it's all the exact same tasteless shit.

      • spicey

        just fuckin drink the shit

      • GernBlansten

        It would appear that at least one person in that frat house enjoys proper beer. I see what looks like a couple Anchor Steam, Fat tire and Sierra Nevada bottles hiding in the door.

        • Beerdom

          Sierra Nevada is shitty and so is Fat Tire, try the Sunshine Wheat by New Belgium. You will never drink Fat Tire again.

          • sfb101

            I agree on the Fat Tire, but SN is a good beer. Especially with Mexican food.

            • Beerdom

              I see where you're coming from. I usually have Modelo with Mexican food but I think I'll try SN next time. Thanks for the tip.

          • GernBlansten

            I'm fan of IPAs myself. Too each their own on the Fat Tire. I will even admit to enjoying a Stella when it's wicked hot out. It's like soda for adults…..

            But if a beer sponsors NASCAR, I'm out.

      • Jak

        A frig full of beer and only 2 Stella's. What a shame.

    • Jeffery

      I hate beer snobs….

      • The_Dood

        And I hate people that think yellow carbonated water is beer. We're even.

        • Beerdom

          There is a time for good quality beer and there is a time for a shit load of cheap beer. Try drinkin' 1 stout, let alone two dozen, sitting on a boat when it's a hundred degrees. You're not cooler because prefer a certain beer. Drink what makes you happy (drunk) and let everyone enjoy theirs.

          • The_Dood

            I drink both as well, although I don't like anything less than Yuengling. And yes, it does depend on the situation. I didn't say that I had anything against anyone drinking piss water. It just pisses me off that people call that stuff beer. It is brewed specifically to have as little taste and calories possible, while still retaining as much alcohol as possible. If water beer hadn't completely taken over the market, and I could get a decent beer at a restaurant I wouldn't really have a problem. But we have ten beers that taste the same on tap at most all restaurants, and then, if you're lucky, a few different bottles that have flavor, usually just Sam Adams and Blue Moon.

          • Green Mountain Bot

            There are high quality pilsners, you know. Why anyone would drink Bud/Miller/Coors light when you could have Pilsner Urquell, Blue Paddle, Polestar, Radeberger, Bitburger, etc?

    • Notknowing

      All those american beers are shitty. Especially the "lite" beer. Canadian beer is where it's at. Dummies.

      • GernBlansten

        Canadian beer. Making Australian beer look delicious was never so easy.

        • Bob

          Except VB, XXXX and Fosters. NOTHING can make those look delicious.

          • Markus Esq

            Fosters is bottled in Texas

  • reloop2st

    #17 dear lord!

    • Travis

      Deceptively big boobies.

  • melindu

    #38 that's exactly how I feel today! I love that show

    • Dman

      "We've been Boiler Roomed. Telamericorp is a shell of a corporation! You know what that means…I'm Vin Diesel…"

  • bolt shot

    #24 aldershot lidl?

  • Martin_McFly

    #9 Don't blame her for staring..

    • Wade


    • Infamouszoo

      Stoya… NSFW… But Stoya…

      • patov40

        Stoya. Hell. Yeah. B)

  • jimctu

    #32 makes me happy<img src=";;;width="1" height="1" border="0"><img src="; width="1" height="1"/><img src="; width="1" height="1"/>

  • sheoncebelieved

    #30 How many F*cking Times do we have to see this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tim Horton

      they haven't copied any pics from Reddit yet 😦

      • @JohnMcFadin

        I don't think you understand who either Reddit or theChive work. Actually, I'm pretty damn positive you don't. Before anyone makes these comments, why don't you all take the time to find out how these sites work?

        • Coffee Shop

          Thanks for the life lesson, Coach.

        • edslerson

          How do they work? I thought it was by magic myself

          • @McBeastie666

            they share the same internet tubes from time to time.

            • Jak

              Fuckin' internet tubes. Bringing everyone funny and awesome pics. How dare they?!

    • Moyo

      My thoughts exactly when I saw that pic!

    • TylerDurdenUMD

      They didn't even wait 6 hours to repost the seal photobomb.

    • JulesCO

      Until someone posts the link where to get those glasses apparently……

    • Firefighter23

      Till theChivery starts selling those bitchin glasses!

    • Jak

      Depends. How many times are you going to bitch about it?

    • chucklesclown

      Probably all of them.

  • Dave

    #8 S.M.H.

  • NothingToSeeHere

    #16 Because, fuck you! That's why.

    • Moyo

      Your comment made me LOL!!!

    • Underbaker

      What would you do if a 50 ft alien walked into the room and everyone else stopped moving?

      • Mac

        and with that the question is answered

  • kal50

    #17 Now smell my fingers!

    • Sickfuck

      Mind if I taste 'em too?

      • @LosTorre


  • Shannon Coverdale

    #37 Now kiss

  • Teabagger

    Would you do Paula after this many beers? #14

    • GernBlansten

      Who needs the beer?

    • Sickfuck

      It only took a 1/3 of that. She likes it in the rear.

    • Notknowing


  • I_am_golf_c0m

    #1 #39 Words to live by!

    • Dana Xu

      and always know where a bathroom is…

      somebody just watched the 'Bucket List' me thinks

    • Tyler

      I laughed way too long after seeing #1

  • DDD

    #8 zach morris approves

    • Firefighter23

      Time Out!
      Holy shit I'm getting old

  • Adam

    #17 WHO DAT BE

    • mrei0922

      Elissa Alva

    • Jerkface

      Someone out of your league, obviously

  • @Daniel_Leeds

    #32 lost time staring

  • Ricardus Rodríguez

    #11 Ok, It´s not you, I´ts me… I think we need a break…

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