The Photoshop trolls are a merciless bunch (12 Photos)

Via Photoshoptroll

  • Joe Martinez Jr.


  • GernBlansten

    Because profile pictures are SO important.

  • Mr. E

    Troooooolololooo. Trolololo lo lololo lololoool trolololo lo lololoooo

  • ansel adams

    Couldn't just take a new photo?

  • Thechive

    omg I couldn't stop laughing

    • stingray2309

      if you think that is funny you have to read the book emails from an asshole he has a website too just look up emails from an asshole trust me its even better then this

  • Tim Horton

    wow this is so old

    • Rick

      If I don't know it, it's new to meeee 🙂

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Trolls be trolling

  • Cesar Technetic Espinosa

    holy crap this shit had me cracking up hardcore

  • Creeper McCreeperson

    HAHAHAHAHHHA I was cracking up at this post Nice One!!!!!!

  • Mike

    That's awesome.

  • twd22285

    "Ok come on! What the fuck is this supposed to be?" LOL

  • Rick Van de Schepop

    Love the trolling, taking a new picture was probably too hard :/

  • nick

    chivers will crash in t-minus 3 minutes

    • Photoshop Troll

      That happened last time, I'm a bit more prepared this time. Maybe 10 minutes.

  • Awesome

    First time viewing this; fckn EPIC trollin' I'm in tears…

  • Stevenb

    i love these kinda posts, so hilarious

  • Suck me dry

    Suck me dry as a desert

    • Jack Wagon

      Take your meds, dude.

  • Rosa

    Is this that David Thorne guy with the ducks and spiders legs trolls? It sure sounds like his work…

    • nick

      Doesn't it!
      what is that site again?

      • TJ_Designs

    • Photoshop Troll

      Nope, I'm a different guy. I'm definitely a fan of his though.

  • David Allen

    Meh engrish not sew gerd.

    • David's conscience

      Cause not only do they look the same, they all sound the same? Good one David Mc-not-racist-at-all. You must be holding up something pretty jawsome in that pic but it couldn't fit in the frame with your adorable family. Speaking of family, is that your brother next to you? He's quite handsome. And you even got your little girl practicing for mardi gras. That's just precious.

  • Trish Sidelko

    I am now crying from laughing so hard. This has definitely made my day!

  • NIXem

    ready for , bring on the hunnys!

  • China man :)

    #11 "Like YOUR eyes when you are looking into a picture" I lost it with this one lmao

    • simtafa

      Yeah, this one made me laugh out loud.

  • Tramp F. Artesian

    Dear Anton,

    Any man that gets a photographer to take a picture for a profile pic, then attempts to have it professionally photoshopped is a dildo. Find your fucking nuts.

  • aVulgarSquirrel

    #2 If I'd ever had that moustache, I wouldn't ever let anyone else see the picture. Not even to photoshop out the abomination. I'd delete the pictures, or burn the pictures, or put the hard copies inside the computer with the digital copies and burn that.

  • Bravo


  • Travis Alexander

    oh man, I couldn't stop laughing at this

    • Donkey_Bong

      Funniest shit I've seen on Chive in a long time! Busted out laughing a couple times here at work, pretty sure my boss knows I'm fucking around now and not working. Who cares, this is awesome!

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