Acroyoga is my new favorite sport (25 Photos)

  • That one guy

    Sexy can I!

  • Whorebait

    Pretty awesome

  • PDiddily420

    I would think Khal Drogo would use a horse for his acroyoga.


    • JJJ

      Why wouldn't he use khaleesi?

  • fantastic mr fox

    #17 Nice gap!

  • dude 2


    His foot just got to second base

    • The Man

      That's 3rd…

    • jroc


    • columbo

      do i know these two twins?

  • Mike Herechuk

    #18 she has a hard on

    • twd22285

      good spot! lol

      • If you say so...

        Bad spot! lOl

  • swviper

    These photos are a whole 'caption' contest waiting to happen….

    • Obviously

      These photos are a bunch of greasy Quebecois hippies

    • Frank M

      #11. "GET OFF MY BALLS!!!"

  • that99thguy

    #18 Looks like she's REALLY enjoying that pose……

    • Snoopy Pham

      she look like got a dick

  • AllanA

    I was playing the Tetris theme song in my head while scrolling through this post

  • twd22285

    I see a few accidental pregnancy's in the future

  • Truth

    "While you're down there…."

    • HatBomb

      If this is what they do in the park in broad daylight, I can only imagine how much fun sexy time must be.

    • Ed Jones

      I think I've done this, or something like this, but without the shorts.

  • Woody

    i call it foreplay #18

    • chbeers

      yup, the guy in red has a huge boner

  • BOOMstick

    step one: find a really hot girl

    • REGULARstick

      Step 2: ???????
      Step 3: Profit.

  • Drsoos712

    I have somethin they can balance on…

  • hipster shit

    "Not yet an Olympic sport" ???

    WTF are you smoking? This isn't and never will be a sport let alone an Olympic one.

    • JJJ

      Calm down, bro. Pretty sure it was a joke…but even if not, this is as much a sport as synchronized swimming or rhythmic gymnastics.

      • HatBomb

        Or curling…

    • Olympics waste money

      I can't wait till shoving a hamster up your partners ass is an Olympic sport so people realize how stupid and gay Olympics are.

      • herp mcderp

        says the fat piece of shit on public health care eating french fries and jerking off to pictures of women doing yoga…

      • alanaka24

        That escalated quickly…

        • justin Cider

          I killed a man…

          • Epitomizer

            Just to watch him die.

    • Scott

      They said the same thing about skateboarding dipshit.

  • tv_paul

    #5 She standing on your boner Daniel-San.

    • Truth

      wax on wack off…

  • Goo

    nice spread on #17 & #22 very nice camera work

  • Bro

    #17 that gap

  • Schnizz56

    Nothing wrong with hot, flexible chicks!!

  • Oral

    #6- first thought was how I would kiss each one on their vagina.

    • RichMahogany

      Looks like some weird birthing technique…

  • GuntherSquirrel

    Those people must have some AWESOME sex.

  • AXL088

    Maybe all the above girls should be in the kitchen making a nice sandwich instead of doing that crap! = )

    • Derby

      Awwww…Poor boy.
      You don't know how to make a sandwich.

  • aVulgarSquirrel

    As I sit here, eating a doughnut, with jam smeared down my shirt which I'm too lazy to clean up, looking at these clearly much fitter and healthier people, I find myself thinking "fuck that noise"

  • danno

    #1 … Looking straight into her soul through her hole.

    • Epitomizer

      Comment of the week

  • Bones

    #8 you're doing it right

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