The cynical genius of Larry David (20 Photos)

  • davidhendu

    #13 Haha thats what you get lady.

    • Dan

      You don't tell Larry David what to do, bitch

  • jeff c.

    what show is this?

    • AnonyMrsFawkes

      Curb Your Enthusiasm

    • theknowledge

      Curb Your Enthusiasm

    • nemesis

      Something to avoid.

      • bewbz

        you, my good sir, are retarded and should have steered clear of this thread if you are not a fan.

        • J.Kirk

          You, my good sir, should have been drowned at birth. The show stinks like a locker room full of sweaty pussies.

          • Endo

            In what world does that stink?

          • Norbert Zalog

            Mmmm what is that smell?!

          • Chiven

            Would you like to see all the fucks that we don't give?

            LOOK AT THEM KIRKY

    • That Guy

      Like other people said: Curb Your Enthusiasm. If you liked Seineld, you can almost think of this as its very-worthy sequel, as Larry David was one of the co-creators and the inspiration for George Costanza. Hell, the entirety of season 7 was about doing a Seinfeld reunion, and they filmed almost an entire episode worth of footage.
      And watching this showing will give you a new appreciation for the phrase "You fucking asshole!".

  • passwordistaco

    #6 is just stupid.

    • passwordistaco

      sorry forgot to mention 2 thru 20, hit the nail on the head with #1 though

      • el profe

        Did it hurt when you had your sense of humor removed?

  • AnonyMrsFawkes

    #4 True story.

  • Vyle_Kidovich

    #3 it's like he's writing my autobiography

    • Davey

      if he was writing it, it would be called a biography.

      • Vyle_Kidovich

        Sorry, I ran out of fucks to give already. It's Monday.

    • mojo77

      It will be titled "Forever Alone"

  • LuvsHorror

    #16 #17 #18 Oh, awesome! Michael J Fox is still cute and funny.

    • Tara

      Laughed a little too long at that probably. hahahahaha

      • Dr_StrangePants

        The Fox is giving you full permission to laugh by doing this cameo

  • blue_bronco


    • george


  • Littlet

    He is soo funnY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trav1121

    #11 and #13 are just gold, Jerry. GOLD!

  • loki_dog

    #20 LD in a nutshell… fuckin love it

    • Fishy

      James Johnson is that you?

  • nemesis

    Show isn't funny. Captioned photos aren't funny.

    • Dude

      Well, that's just like, your opinion man.

      • Sethiroth

        everyone must abide

    • @pax4pax

      You are right. Off-hand comments that would just be stupidity if not promoted as funny.

    • nuccabay

      well youre just plain wrong…

    • OhSomeEvil

      @nemesis there are no stupid opinions, only stupid people who make them.
      & you are a prick #11


      Agreed. Too dry and boring. Even worse than parks and recreation. You are all sheep forcing yourselves to enjoy crap like this. Ron Swanson is overrated. I mean it; now let your hate flow unto me.

    • theoriginalsethial

      wait dont you see hes treading new ground by being a cynical jew that has never been done and will never be over played ever… wait hold on im getting new info wait a sec… o apparently that has been over done it is nothing new and he is the exact opposite of funny. Good call sir good call

      • theoriginalsethial

        So i fell the need to reply to myself. when i said that's nothing new I hope you, meaning me, realizes that yeah it is nothing new because he has been in show business for along time even having a hand in Seinfield. So no shit this isn't new he has done it for years. Do some research myself before you post when you're drunk.

        • theoriginalsethial

          O my big talk from a drunk, and by the way it's feel not fell you dumb ass. Hey I know you're my rational side and all but learn to spell. Also I yeah I know he has been in show business for a long time, that doesn't mean Curb Your Enthusiasm was a good show I gave it a chance and you know that being me. However, that show sucked ass it was all this world sucks but I'm a dick so my behavior is justified. Please this guy may be in show business, but that doesn't mean he is a genius. Hell McDonald's has been in business for years doesn't mean the food is first class. So don't judge me until you judge yourself which is me… FUCK!

          • theoriginalsethial

            Wow you showed us by comparing a show to a restaurant. You must be a scholar. Look you are more than welcome to your own opinion, or I should say our opinion, but dude the truth is you are not mad at the show. You are upset cause we're out of booze. Learn to cope with difficulties in life before you troll. Despite all our disagreements I love you man.

            • theoriginalsethial

              I love you too man. I dont think the show is good but maybe I shouldn't attack those that like it. I mean we're right everyone is entitled to their own opinion…. On the other hand I have been arguing with myself. I may need to quit drinking.

  • natoployo

    larry? you pissed on jesus!? how dare you!

    • Texan

      F this Schmuck. Piss on Mohammed, call it a miracle, and see what happens…

      • allah

        Mohammed the Pig Fucker Barbarian Pedophile? Is that the guy?

  • M J FOX

    iii haatee pprarkinsonss jokkkkkkkkess

    • Helen keller


    • Inshoregasm

      I see what you did, you hit extra keys to insinuate you, yourself, have Parkinson's. In order to make doubly sure that this comedic gold wasn't lost to the archives without so much as a thumbs up you cleverly commented under the name M J Fox . I can't wait for your next comment to see if lightening strikes twice! Chive on man, for the sake of humanity please keep 'em comin'

  • totallyrandomobservations

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    Larry freakin David

  • dirty

    #1, I want to hate him but sometimes he's just right.

    • patov40

      Then what's with #13? Looks like sunglasses to me. B)

      • Chiefhenry27

        Did you even read the caption? Sunglasses INSIDE! Does #13 look inside to you?

        • patov40

          Sonova ….. man I knew that sounded like an overly douchy comment even for Larry David. Guess me no read so good today. :S

  • mike

    you certainly have no sense of humor.

  • Dan

    Larry David is a great writer and Seinfeld was easily one of the funniest shows ever, but the whole thing was just a bunch of Jewish stereotypes, George gave a whole new meaning to being a "whinny Jew".

    • RayRay

      George Costanza was not jewish on Show…

      • Dan

        I know, that's how bad he was.

    • nuccabay

      george celebrates festivus, cmon now…

      • DUH

        How'd they miss that…

  • kitty_karloso

    #1 is so true.

  • Daniel Wilder

    Larry David is a comedy Legend, Love Him

  • Bella

    #7 story of my life…#12 yeah why(socialize? oh please)? Finally someone in the same line of thinking ….

  • nuccabay

    best post ever!!!!

  • Genius

    Larry David is great…and Curb Your Enthusiasm is brilliant comedy–unfortunately, most of these quotes don't even come close to capturing the genius of the writing or Larry's unique delivery. (btw- the guy is estimated to be worth anywhere from $500-800 million as result of co-creating Seinfeld)

  • crazydog

    that show is the opposite of funny

  • kdaniellesu10

    Amazing. Check out comedians in cars getting coffee with him and Jerry Seinfeld.

  • Erin

    Probably my favorite post ever!

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