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  • http://theonion.com onion reader

    this belongs on the onion!

    • chiver

      Back back to the onion… deeckhead.

      • Puffy

        Back to sucking dick through the glory hole, fag.. The Onion kicks ass

        • Carl

          Your use of "fag" hurts my feelings, you cunt.

  • fradge

    Class commentary,brilliant when the race actually starts!!

    • Jake

      I didn't even chuckle

  • Me :)

    made my night 🙂

  • B Dub

    Oh my GAWD!!! I just woke up my daughter due to laughing so hard!

    • Guest

      You have to stop watching videos late at night in her room. Just go to the living room

      • B Dub

        Ha! True….. But, I just built her a fort, so daddy needed to sleep in the fort with her so she didn't get scared. Barely slept a wink, but she loved it. I just KCCO'd until morning. 😊

  • Mikey

    I'm glad I watched until the end, I thought that was the actual event the whole time :/

  • Ben

    knew from the beginning it was just the warm-up. watched the race, it was surprisingly exciting.
    Bronze for Belgium!!

    • Yoga Pants 2012

      Did Belgium catch the Cok?

      • Ben

        nah the Cok came from behind

        • hurp

          well employing nasty tactics at the rear isn't going to get you the race you kinky sailor

    • Zach

      Fuck Belgium.

  • https://www.facebook.com/krisfarrell.metal Kris Farrell

    The commentator is known as "The Viper", he's an actor/comedian from the west of Ireland who parody's Irish tough lads/drug dealers/gangsters and generally likes to cause a bit of havok and piss people off!

    Check out his MW3 video's Hilarious!

  • http://twitter.com/XianSPL @XianSPL

    That is the funniest shit I've seen all day. Good times!

    • franny

      Oh, for bloody. I believed him! what's best, it was interesting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/luke.talbot Luke Talbot

    They should have him as alternative commentary on the red button (don't know if that means anything to people over the pond…)

  • emu90

    reminds me of roy and h.g's "the dream" at sydney 2000

    • http://www.facebook.com/dan.howlett.33 Dan Howlett

      mate! as soon as i saw that video I thought of Roy and HG too., onya

    • http://www.facebook.com/dan.howlett.33 Dan Howlett

      particularly the gymnastics http://youtu.be/RUCRd6-bHjs

  • Person from Ireland

    I was on the phone to him a while back. Sound lad.

  • mrjimmyos

    I thought this was dopefish for a moment

  • Hunter X

    a comment or two was funny, but I had to stop after 2:00 . The 'race' was better than the comedy.

  • Irish

    he's a character from an Irish mockumentary of Irish rural life called "Hardy Bucks". Very popular in Ireland.
    Just to reiterate, this character and the entire show is a piss take!!!
    Ireland is not really like this:

    • Takingbackcider

      I don't know, Seen plenty of lads hanging around town that make me think Hardy Bucks isn't fake!

      • Crazyeamon

        Lot of Shkyboys around like!!

  • IrishInNJ

    "The Viper" is a character on "The Hardy Bucks"….a hilarious YouTube based Irish comedy show…these guys live a couple of hours from where I'm from back home. Great guys.

  • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

    Someone is easily amused…..

  • Andy Ray

    musta been shmokin… hahahah this guy deserves a fuckin medal himself.

  • MichaelSchuhmacher

    The Viper, brilliant lad! Watch him and his friends in Hardy Bucks on Youtube!

  • guerilliak

    Man, what a twist. Did M. Night Shyamalan write the screenplay?

  • mcsailor

    "Turns Boring into Hilarious…" I can assure you the start of a Laser Radial Olympic event is the furthest thing away from boring you'll find. Not a great title. Amazingly funny ass video.

    Chive on non the less…

    • AlySail

      Agreed! It is anything but boring! Chive on my fellow laser sailor! 🙂

  • Takingbackcider

    Hardy Buck Viper Higgins on The Chive.Awesome.

  • Von Tone

    Thats claaaaaaaaas lad

  • eva

    This is 1000 times better than any other sailing I've seen on TV. The people who actually talk sailing for a living are dweebs. Would love to see more!!!

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