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  • antitango

    Hahahaha, this is fantastic!

    • http://www.facebook.com/danmcg Daniel McGrath

      laughing so hard still, I had to retype this twice.

  • antitango

    Hahaha! This is absolutely phenomenal! "G**DAMMIT, RYAN! GET THE F*** OUT OF HERE!"

  • suck me dry

    all the way off is how far i'd like you to suck me.

    • 1sicGSXR

      Just so we're clear, was it all the way off or just partly?

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=55709474 Daniel Thompson

    Ok…I've heard he was dumb, but this is ridiculous. Guess what world, this is what 'Merica is like!

    • troy

      seriously man…

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=55709474 Daniel Thompson

        I know, I know, my comment was harsh.

        My comment meant what people will think of Americans these because of Olympians like him. Amazing skills, but no brains.

        • troy

          holy shit your stupidity is unmatched… im not even gonna explain this to you it woild be a waste of time.for.us both

          • troy

            btw chive whoever thought this was funny eniugh to even foward to a friend let alone post online should be let go

            • Thyst

              What a sour cunt. Take a joke, you salty vagina you. How dare anyone laugh at your supreme nation?!? I.dont.know.how.the.space.key.works

              • mewow

                Everyone knows this isn't Lochte…right?

    • #spoofnotreallyryan

      you sir a are tool

    • http://www.facebook.com/zack.moore.7315 Zack Moore
  • troy

    its a gag reel not actually him not actually a commercial filming.. stupid fucks

    • Thyst

      WOW I think you just might be on to something here! … The fact that you felt the need to point this out implies you own fucktardation.

  • Jenny

    This cannot be real! I feel bad for him 😦

  • Not Funny

    not funny

  • joe

    #7 You left your mom at home?

  • Acasta

    …not him. can't believe i wasted 1:38 watching this shit. I had to stop it due to my brain starting to shut down.

  • Deexy

    This isn't even ryan lochte.
    Look at all the nerds getting upset when it isnt even him — lol

  • Curt Stinkler

    Funny or die is trash.

  • Jake

    That was hilarious!

  • KTemp

    Wow I think I'm the only one who found that funny so far. Ryan Lochte gives some REALLY uncomfortable interviews and that was a spot on impersonation!

  • _LG

    I know Lochte personally, and although this is just a gag reel and it's trying to take a huge dig at him, Lochte isn't an idiot: he just speaks to everyone the same way, regardless of it's a national television host or a homeless guy walking the streets. The guy's got a heart of gold and doesn't take things too seriously (part of the reason why he's so good at swimming), but sometimes I think the world likes to just knock people down when they're up. Phelps has more interview poise and know-how (but is a douche), and Lochte talks to everyone like they're all his bros (but has a great heart and is extremely kind and generous).

    • Eric

      He did this to himself when he put a grill in after winning gold. He made himself look like a douche and gave people a reason to make fun of him.

      • _LG

        I can understand that, but at the same time…he finally brought some personality to the Olympics, which is more refreshing than douchey, in my eyes. Everything he does is for a joke (i.e. the grill in his mouth after winning was just him being the silly goof ball that he is, and nothing more), and it's just unfortunate that people can't take his light-hearted antics as a nice change of pace for the normally high-stress and high-anxiety Olympic atmosphere. As a person Lochte smokes Phelps out of the water (Phelps doesn't have a humble bone in his body whereas Ryan doesn't *really* give two shits about how he is as a swimmer, so long as he's a good friend to people), so it's just a bit unfortunate in my eyes.

        • Vag

          Sounds like someone is jealous that phelps is better than her friend…

          • _LG

            Nah, because Phelps is athletically (and technically) better than pretty much everyone. Lochte is close, but he's not exactly at Phelps' level in the pool, and that's just the reality of it. I am jealous that Lochte is better than my boyfriend though: that's always a hard one to swallow when you want your partner to dominate in his event!

            I'm just upset that Lochte gets shit for being himself and for being a goof – and having that be taken as him being an idiot or a douche – and Phelps doesn't get any such negative press, despite him being an ass to most everyone and someone who loves to throw around his fame and success.

            I'm jealous that my friend is a better person than Phelps but gets shit from the world for being a genuine, good (but goofy) person.

            • Jake

              That's pretty immature and absurd of you.
              It's pretty sad how you expect the good people to be loved and the bad people to be hated. Look at Tim Tebow, the most humble athlete ever, gets hated because he IS humble. People think Tim is a bad person because it seems unrealistic to them that goodness exists. No one hates on people like Tom Brady because he's one of the best quarterbacks of all time, even though he is a huge douchebag.
              Although, none of this pertains to Lochte, why? Because Lochte is a douchecanoe so far. The second he leaves the Olympics, he is getting drunk with girls who look like hookers.
              For Roger Federer, he is the perfect athlete and tennis player. He never talks trash, speaks of his religious beliefs or anything else. He keeps his life to himself. The only reason he's there is for for game.
              Lochte looks like he loves the attention and that more means better, like he's the Kobe Bryant of swimming.

    • CanadianChivette

      I'd take it as a compliment. If he's as big of a goof as it sounds, he should be able to find the humor in this. It's not like they were putting him down..

      Some people have got to quit being so sensitive and worrying about feelings getting hurt, and just have a damn good laugh. KCCO is what it's all about!

    • ChestRockwellz

      Waaaaaaaa! My friend is a douche so im going to call Phelps (the greatest athlete in Olympic history) names because i want people to know the real Lochte! Waaaaaaaaaa! If you guys could know the Lochte i know, yous guys wouldnt be saying these things! Waaaaaaaa lochte is so much cooler than Phelps! Waaaaaaaa

  • t money

    how could you not find this absolutely hilarious? tears were literally jumping out of my eyes i was laughing so hard.

  • SNL fan

    Male amy poehler anybody?


    Fucking HILARIOUS!

  • pennywise79

    "How many medals did you win at the Olympics, Ryan?"


  • snunners

    This was awesome! The actor playing Ryan was a friend from Elementary school. Glad to know he's till funny as hall. Way to be Mr. Hunt!

  • Bruins chiver

    Ryan lochte is a douchebag

  • Pikey

    hahahah that was hilarious I had to pause the video to catch my breath, any one that talks themselves up that much and goes on to say he owns a USA grill is just asking to be ripped on.

  • Calem

    This was probably made by some asshole who has never won an athletic event in his life

  • betweenthegap

    Come on people lighten up. This is funny.

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