Bad parenting or missing chromosomes (37 Photos)

  • mmm

    #1 I'd hit it

    • Alex Haschen

      With a bat

    • KC & Chill On

      With a tank maybe.

    • whoa

      #25 falls into the missing chromosome category.

      • John

        Absolutely right, not cool

  • KCO617

    #16 it's the drugs talking.

    • Michael

      "What is drugs.."

    • morebeer

      erykah badu???

      • Whoopi_G


    • Steve

      Listened to George Clinton…..Waiting for the Mothership

    • Anon

      I don't get it, she looks awesome! I would totally hang out with her

  • Kigali
    • Please

      Stop. You comment like a douche.

      • Marty

        Please ban this douche

  • bigheadedhelmet

    #13 yeah, still would

    • Kristin Peabody

      I have the strangest horn-shaped boner right now…

    • hoosierdadvitar

      bestiality? or doesn't matter, had sex?

    • DDD

      LOVE Dreads!!

      Can we get a hot dreadhead girls post?

      • gnocco


  • Anthony Danger Zavala

    Mother of god, These are the creepy crawlers of people!

    • hoosierdadvitar

      cccrrreeeeee–eeeeeppy crawlers! fuck yea!

    • Uhhhh

      So is your profile pic.

  • r1rider

    #6 haters gonna hate

    • @krisskross1605

      'Shoppers gonna 'shop.

    • jreddy23

      It's pretty apparent that this guy needs to retire since he has obviously worked his ass off his whole life.

      • Shannon Coverdale

        Every day is upper body day

        • jreddy23

          "No Shirt, No Ass, No Problem!"

    • FunKiller

      So he's a little top heavy!

    • mee

      Looks like Hippo from Mike Tyson Punchout

    • JAG

      HANK HILL!

  • DickFister

    Suddenly, I feel very good about myself

    • Tina

      It can't be unseen

  • Peter

    Too many horrible images forever engraved in my mind…

  • boston68

    #28 Insane Clown Possum

    • @SuperNilly

      she is pretty hot though

    • chibear

      notice the old mans skinned face in the corner…

    • T-tommy

      … You misspelled opossum

    • Coulrophobe

      wonder why someone stole this post- can you change the name of the poster if you don't have an email attached? Shame on you, boston 68.

      • Coulrophobe

        Unless you did legitimately post this first, as I just saw the other below. If so, many apologies. Great minds in that case.

  • I Need a Detox

    #10 Just say no to crack.


      Ass Waffle! Waffle ass!

  • Markoda

    #13 Here you can observe a Madonna in its natural habitat.

  • noname

    My eyes! My eyes!

  • Brett Hall

    #28 there might be some cute in there

    • Hrdwood

      You're talking about the opossum, right?

    • brucelee

      Some cute, a whole lotta crazy.

      • El locoshark


  • paul

    16 is erykah badu?!

    • Marcus Hall


  • Matt

    #28 could be hot.

  • rAs


    • Tiber_Septim

      that is cool. I made the Chive.

    • Dexter

      Seriously, what …what sex is this …thing ? Sweet mother of god, why such nightmare is possible ?

  • rAs

    #18 Should be Nickelback's next album cover.

    • The Woim

      I can hear the sigh of disappointment from the Nickelback douche members when they go out to see that this is the only fan looking for backstage VIP passes.

      • Shockteck

        I would rather have sex with that woman than listen to Nickelback. Not kidding. I would do it out of principle.

    • Kristen

      Are you suggesting Nickelback make another album? Sweet Jesus.

  • BigPup

    #36 Bring me Solo…

    • Mighty

      you made me laugh with your comment!

  • Jazz

    Thanks CHIVE! I'll be having nightmares tonight!

  • B_Error

    #18 Just your average Nickelback fan. What's wrong here?

  • Coulraphobe

    #28 Insane Clown 'Possum

  • Dominic Matteo

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore…

  • Damien

    Not a single one of these could be parents…not one…except for #5 that shits hilarious.

    • whoa

      it's a bro-ney….these fuckers are sick…they are my little pony fans

      • phi

        funny you recognize it
        I thought here at the chive we know that a few ppl of a group are weird doesn't mean all of em are.

  • tv_paul

    #28 Nice Jugg-alos.

  • Verbal_Kint

    #13 I might…. Nah, I would.

    • David W. Taylor

      Glad I'm not the only one, lol.

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