Your eyebrows look….good (34 Photos)

  • Cross496

    I won't have a boner for a week

    • Man Deener

      I had no problem rubbing one out. Unfortunately, I dropped a load on my keyboard, and now my motherboard is fried!!!! FML!!!

    • David Riky


    • hoosierdadvitar

      well apparently #21 gives something a boner…check out that sweet hickey on her neck….im with you, penis officially out of order

      • Uh..

        I think some of these are dudes..

    • chesterdrawers

      #26 how would you pass that up??? You guys just don't know the good stuff when you see it…

      • Jack Wagon

        Ya defiantly no boners, how long has #9 been dead?

        • KW6969

          oh, i actually liked her…

      • cleojones

        just threw up just a little bit.. thanks 🙂

      • Si1entStatic

        That is a good question… how did I pass that up?? I had it squarely in front of my truck grill all the way up until impact… let me check the truck……………….. HOLY CRAP there is a face imprint on my bumper….. and yet it survived

    • StevieB

      So many things to kill, so little fire.

    • Vent187

      #7 I bet that's Paula..

    • Rodion Butyrski

      Man no kidding. Honestly got a little scared with #11 when I scrolled down.

    • munyshot

      I can't help but think that most of these people are dead by now.

  • javirt

    First. 😉

    • James Hall

      Awe your first second, well done you. take a bow.

    • hoosierdadvitar


    • Azz84

      Erm…. sorry to burst your bubble you are not first javirt, you appear second after Cross496, so your not first. EPIC FAIL!

  • Metallnot

    #20 o.O<img src="; width="1" height="1" />

    • Sophia

      What the pluck?

    • loves sammiches

      No. No. They grew that way naturally.

    • Applefish

      The Odd Life of Timothy Green?

  • Nibloid

    This has shocked me.

    • Emily Celeste Gosling

      These people have bigger problems than their eyebrows

  • Kigali
    • Please

      I will give you a dollar if you go fuck yourself…

  • suck me dry

    those eyebrows can suck me all the way off

    • urdumb

      You sir………..are not funny

      • Art

        i don't blame him. He clearly has some kind of disorder.

        • Barack Obama

          My teleprompter tells me that he actually is in fact very funny…..

      • the common man

        he's funny as fuck so fuck u

        • MiNty fresh

          Common man shouldn't you be golfing?

    • Hot person

      can I suck you off?


      someone please pay a hooker to suck his dick completely off, and i mean removal from his body! That way this will all end!!!!

    • Scaggnettii

      makes me laugh everytime. you guys are a bunch a girls

    • hoosierdadvitar

      SMD! fuck it bro! ima fan, haters gonna hate

    • ItsTrue

      Paula will suck you off.

      • Gonasiphaherpalitis

        You mean Mac.

    • Yuup!

      Babe ruth, wayne gretzky, michael jordan, muhammad ali and now SMD.. Your witnessing greatness people.

  • meturkeysta

    It would be easy to get drunk and wake up beside a few of these.

    • Anonymous

      Better that than a chick who shaves a cranium that isn't shaped right.

      • Carter

        No, no, no…I'm sorry dude, but even in my worst month I wouldn't.

    • Jack

      How do you sleep at night?

      • Max

        Dude #30 wouldn't be bad actually..fix those brows and she's pretty hot.

    • Lea Magnito

      Yeah I think you're on your own with that one…

    • Cecil

      If by drunk you mean beaten unconscious with a hammer, and then having ones eyes poked out, then yeah drunk would apply.

  • Brandon Gehrke

    I don't know how drunk I would have to be to want to…..ya know…

    • Si1entStatic

      a good start would be the entire world's Tequila supply.

    • Cecil

      I see myself lying dead of alcohol poisoning, while a couple of these gems use my newly stiffened dong to experience actual live sex for the first/last time.

  • Lizzard

    Those got progressively worse as I went down the page. Absolutely horrible!!!

  • G_Had

    That was like acid to my eyes

    • Timmer

      Except worse!

    • blah blah

      that would be more relaxing than looking this pieces of darwin's shit

  • DQ3


  • wornout

    I must admit it was very difficult to fap to this post, but #26 really did it for me.

    • LOL

      I laughed at your comment…….but ah why did you have to repost that horrible horrible picture….. 😛

      • waitaminute

        Its not horrible! Check out those DSL's!!!!!

        • waitaminute

          I guess DSN works too….. look at the size of those nostrils!

          • Cecil

            I am getting odds looks for laughing so damned hard at my desk. Dick Sized Nostrils is just another word for options.

  • J.S. Wright

    I'll take, "Things That Would Make SEAL Team Six Sterile" for $1000, Mr. Trebek.


    Thank God my sister wasnt on here

  • Taylor Younce

    I couldn't even make it past the first ten without getting legitimately creeped out

    • oldmanbingle

      Seriously. I would be concerned for my safety around several of those.

  • Andy Valentine

    #6 – My 80s nostalgia senses are tingling. WHAT do I know her from, or does she look just like someone from an 80s (maybe 90s) TV series?

    • Fatguychubbynuts

      That's Raven Symone. She polayed Olivia on the Cosby show ya knob.. And Raven in the lesser acclaimed series, "That's so Raven".

      • oops


        • RicH

          It is a combination of portrayed and played. I think it will be added to the dictionary next year. I mean they added f-bomb this year, so I think there's a chance.

    • Theresia

      Raven Symoné Cosby Show/That's So Raven

    • Bubba West

      its raven, cosby show

    • The Woim

      She also has a huge set of cans. So there's that…

    • Zonezgirl

      Raven from Thats So Raven LOL or the little girl from The Cosby Show. But they all freaked me out.

    • maribella

      She also appeared in a couple of episodes of "Fresh Prince of Bel-AIr." And that's also how I know those are her real eyebrows.

  • Dave

    #11 Rollin Ballz

    • 1C451

      7. 6. 2. millimeter. Full. Metal. Jacket…

    • Burger

      Kirk Unit! V'Ger must find the creator!!!!

  • peteVSpete

    Sweet Christ on crutches, how many years did it take to accrue these bits of nightmare?!

  • MrGruse

    #27 can't find words…

    • dicktree

      Just like the guy in the pic.. if words means vagina

      • MrGruse

        good play! dick free!

    • Icanspell

      Momma always said there was somebody for everyone…

    • Pit_Boss

      I can find the words, but it is more like a prayer "Please dont procreate, please dont procreate, please dont procreate…"

    • GernBlansten

      Is that Paul McCartney's broke-ass little brother?

    • Devlin745

      double mustache

  • Jamie


    • Oli

      I do like your attempt but a good old KCCO would have been fine.

      • Emzilla

        Yeah the A makes me feel like I have to try to pronounce it. I keep getting something between Murloc and rooster.

    • gnocco

      cacao I believe is what you're looking for here. and no, chocolate is not needed.

  • SRT

    What the hell did i just look at???

  • evan

    Too good. #4 is especially…..good

    • Si1entStatic

      If she was talking to me I wouldn't know if she was mad, sad, surprised, shocked, or confused with that current brow design…….

  • Slade Garrison

    I work as a graveyard shift security guard for a building, and I can normally count on theChive to get me through the tedious boredom at this hour. And now I'll be expecting horrible demons to sneak up behind me the rest of the night. Thanks for making my job suck now Chive.

    • Joe

      I'm working an overnight shift on security right now as well. Every dark corner I see now freaks me out and I think #16 is going to appear out of a black cloud -_-
      KCCO brother!

  • Nathaniel Van Maldonado

    I all most throw up the cereal that I just ate

  • Turrebo

    #31 Motion capturing model of the year.

    • MonkeyMadness

      She's not bad looking but eyebrows are the least of her problems.

    • MajorTom

      I've always wanted to have a very powerful magnet when I see people like this.

      • Devlin745

        ^ This

      • buzzkill

        surgical steel is normally anti-magnetic. find poor people with piercings to try your magnet on

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