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Soooo…. you got wasted (30 Photos)

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  • cameron

    #11 "lol's" should not be rewarded on the chive

  • Harris66

    #1. Im proud to say i am friends with that guy…

    • Nick Haven

      Haha I love this kid. I'm proud too.

  • oed179

    I'm guessing The guy in the front of 27 is the one gonna be cleaning it up….by himself after his buds pass out..

  • Brian Wanueka

    #25 #29 FAKE AS SHIT…..

    • Sean

      #25 isnt fake, Im the one on the end in the black shirt hung over as fuck it seemed like a great idea to lay on the grass instead of sitting in a car. No one said we were the brightest…

  • Canucks_Rule

    #6 = BAUS.

    For all the BC'ers that visit this site daily, fired up a new twitter strictly for all the West Coast Canadian chivers & chivettes!!

    Give it a follow. Gonna be re-posting the best pix from the daily threads on this site with my own twist. –>

  • seidel182

    moar of #29 the girls that is

  • MattKL

    #7 Dick move!

  • Nanook

    #20 Nachos at Denny's? You must be wasted.

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  • Dizzy

    #4. Ermahgerd I lurve this song!

  • Leigh

    #7 Love it!
    #20 This Dennys looks familiar! =P
    #27 The guy in the front needs slightly more of the McKayla "not impressed" look lol

  • GatOne

    #14 Got "Iced" and took it like a champ… Miss that game.

  • Kato

    #14 You can do it man! You can climb into heaven! One inch, at a time.

  • Steve

    #21 Find her!

  • Jfree

    i feel like #12 is just a continuation of the "Mac is Forever Alone" post from this past week..

  • mhind674

    I know 3/4 of these gentlemen, and I can tell you that they are this deranged/ridiculous when they are 100% sober.

  • Chester

    STOP THE FUCKING AUTOCOMMCERCIALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rebbie

    #27 nice body! ! ❤

  • bcn94

    Never fails…kooks alwsays wear underwear under boardshorts.

  • Daniel

    #15 is that an above ground pool? Very classy! Not redneck at all…

  • Click for quote

    Wow these are funny as crap.

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