One day these idiots’ kids will laugh at their once “trendy” tattoos (32 Photos)

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Via Buzzfeed

  • MoeDizzle

    Numba 1. sidenote: lame tats

    • NoHope4Some

      hahaha you so funny

  • boob_cuddle

    Weren't you just the other day praising these nerd tattoos?

    • Kristen


    • thechevron

      good point. quite like the rage ones too.

    • bob

      hate me if you want, but i'm one of those people who have never seen ANY tattoo i liked. they just make you look like an idiot most of the the time, and a pathetic attention whore the rest of the time.

      • UPrick

        Yup, my military service tattoo makes me look like an idiot and/or attention whore. I guess I feel the same about people that go by bob. Two letters is a lot to master when it comes to a name. Must have been tough growing up being an idiot.

        • Gnole

          Yeah, but even you guys can agree that those Chinese writing tattoos are sick!!

        • turbo

          "my military service tattoo makes me look like an idiot and/or attention whore"…that it does. If you have to publicly display the trappings of Military Service and not allow your general deportment and upright demeanor to prove to everyone of your being a quality man, then YES, you are an "attention whore"

          • silky

            … Or you're getting it with your buddies to commemorate your tour overseas together (like one of mine). I have three tattoos so apparently I am an attention whore, even though most people don't know I have tattoos.

          • Miki

            This just goes to show the disconnect between civilians and service members. Most service members DO NOT get tattoos of their service because they want YOU to value them for it; they do it because THEY valued their service and it is something they look upon with pride. Meeting the people you meet, and learning the things you do in other cultures, not to mention the opportunities and blessing that come along with it are all part of a larger lesson in military service. What happened to the Chive spirit huh? Don't knock someone for their service, or their tattoos, and other people shouldn't knock those who have different opinions. Just live your life to your utmost happiness, but be considerate of one another!

            • turbo

              What makes you believe that I have not Served?

          • bob

            you just proved my point about needing attention. you didnt get your tat for pride, you did it for boasting/ego

            • Miki

              No, they did it for memory of something they value. Don't twist my words, just because someone is proud of their service doesn't mean they have to hide it. Let them wear it on their sleeve, it doesn't have to mean anything to you. Boasting and ego are equal to being proud, boasting and ego would mean that someone thinks they are better than the next person for it, none of which was stated.

              • Miki


            • UPrick

              What pisses me off is this website screams for the "community" and that random people get along to enjoy each others company. Then an admin for the site goes and says that anyone with a tattoo is an attention whore. You are contradicting your own "values" of Chivers and Chivettes. I'm also glad you know the reason I got my tattoo. You're a mean person Bob and you just put down a good portion of your audience on this site by being rude.

              • upRICK

                …I don't know who I am anymore…!

              • melindu

                Yes, because clearly Bob from the Chive is the only guy ever to be named Bob. So there is no way that the douche you've been arguing with could be a different Bob entirely. Great thinking

        • Jawbone

          Shut up go back to being a cook. Actually, I'm sure you were a Delta sniper. Shut the fuck up.

  • Anonymous


  • Ace

    Are people really this fucktarded now adays

    • very tired

      people are that fucktarded, but it isn't recent. it's just the new form of fucktardedness

      • goon

        YOLO! YOLO!

    • TNchiver

      can we send these fucktards to fucktard land and blow it up?!

      • silky

        Why do you want to blow up California?

  • SteveO

    #14 figures…only a douche wearing skechers would get this…

    • Phillips

      Joe Montana wears sketchers.. and hes' back in the game.

    • Endo

      WTF's wrong with Sketchers?

      • pIMP

        sketchers are gay

        • US and A

          if being comfortable is gay then I guess they are

  • BossHog

    Buzzfeed posted this exact same thing yesterday. Get your shit together.

    • bbbb

      hence the "via buzzfeed" at the bottom of the post… genius

      • BossHog

        Go fuck yourself. genius.

    • Raga

      It says at the end of the post "via buzfeed" dumbass

    • james

      it says via buzzfeed underneath the last picture, but thanks for confirming this for all the literate people…

    • FuckThisShit

      Because Chivers are not capable of browsing other websites. The Chive plays on this fact often. Unfortunately facts mixed up.

    • joe shabadoo

      chive rips all their shit from other sites, they just stick a source link at the bottom if they steal an entire thread

      • BossHog

        didnt know that. thanks for not being a dick about it. like the other dumb cunts that replied.

    • MED

      It's just the internets, calm the f down

  • mid13

    I suppose I'm not getting my tattoo anymore..

    • JimmyP06

      Instead spend your time submitting to the chive, because you're gorgeous!

      • Rick_

        I don't think I've seen her posted before… did I miss it?

  • YOYO

    #19 i have been saying this for years

    • Vree

      Mustache finger tattoos make absolutely anyone look like a douche.

    • Anjin-San

      I would anyway roughly fuck her..

      just sayin'..

      • Capt Obvious

        mustache tattoos on a girls finger means she likes to "toss salad"…true story.

  • Don

    This makes me hate my generation even more if it were possible.

    • Jen

      and if you still dont hate it, watch the 50 million reruns of the VMA's last night and see what qualifies as music. fuck, i feel old.

  • rsjem1979

    "Why won't anyone hire me?"

  • @McBeastie666

    #15 – binary code for "Vote for Pedro"

    • Mike D

      I see no 1's or 0's

      • Dustin

        There is a 0 right after the x on his chest.

      • @McBeastie666

        well you got me, I've been found out…I'm not a nerd.

    • Chaz

      01000100 01110101 01101101 01100010 01100001 01110011 01110011

  • Don Purrleone

    #24 fairly certain this is photoshopped.

    • Jackson

      It looks like a stick-on tattoo to me.

    • silky

      Obviously! that mustache is blatantly fake!

    • ElSympathico

      At least half of these are photoshopped *yawn*

  • ChivetteKellie

    #17 & #18 suck

    • KCCO

      Im not saying that #18 is cool, but that's not the Nazi sign either…

      • Jesus

        I can't say I find it in good taste, and any tattoo using txt talk is automatically stupid, but you can't say there wasn't a little more creativity here than in any of the others.

    • negative nancy

      I chuckled at #17 a little.. :/

      • Chaz


  • FuckThisShit

    #12 Wow I see these on my monitor twice.

  • tv_paul

    #18 They should have knock this guy out and start tattooing his body with the numbers of concentration camp victims. Let's see how funny he thought that would've been.

    • chesterdrawers

      u mad…

    • Shoopy

      how about learning all the meanings of a swastika, instead of just thinking its a 'bad' symbol

    • Miscreant

      Ignorance ftw! Do some research and you'll find this symbol pre-dates that fascist fuckwit by a good several thousand years.


    • hate u all

      How bout you all shut the fuck up. you know what he means by it. so dont defend the fucktard!!

    • that guy

      I believe this was a guy who had gotten the swastika tattoo, then later realised his terrible, terrible mistake, and consequently added to it, to make it less horrible. Seems he's realised his past mistakes. This is what happens when you post things with no context.

  • Macro

    #4 So she wants her cornhole tongued? Is that the idea?

    • JESSE

      they all do.

  • IRawdoggedyurgf

    drugs…lots of drugs were consumed to make these decisions

    • Antonio

      Ya know, I'd love to think that but…the desire to be trendy is too hard to resist by some.

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    Morons, the lot of 'em.

  • FarknChiveon

    #27 So in 10 years, you can look at this and say to yourself, "Y U no think this through!"

  • Conrad

    #15 -> Nice, Linux Tux on the arm, but a Windows path on his chest. What a dork.

    • Joel

      Say it with me kids… Photo. Shop.

      Photo. Shop.

      Photo. Shop.


      There you go.

      • chesterdrawers

        Reactionaries, dude…

      • silky

        phonetoehop? damn!

  • U Photograph Food


  • Med

    i kinda enjoyed #26

    • Littlet

      Me too….I just got Rick Rolled……….damn again!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zuke

      I agree.

      On the other hand, I would not enjoy having it plastered on my body quite so much. I can leave and stop looking at it if I want. He can't.

      Taking something that would make a clever picture that people would chuckle at online and permanently putting it on yourself doesn't seem like a very sound idea to me.

  • MylesofStyles

    #9 Chinese characters to go with the QR code…I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts he's got a barbed-wire tattoo somewhere on his body as well.

    • thechevron

      wonder what he thinks it means.
      top one is the sign of the pig
      the middle two are Japanese and it says ROTO
      and the bottom one is voice.

      clearly a retard.

    • Jesus

      As stupid as the QR code is… the Japanese characters are worse. How many Asians do you see walking around sporting these tattoos? Hmmm, maybe there's a reason…

  • misschris

    #16 Holy shit that's an ugly tattoo

    • JESSE

      they all are

    • silky

      Almost as bad as those stupid stretched earlobes

  • Jeffro

    #26 Thats so boss.

    • davo

      No, it's shit

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