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  • The Village Idiot


    • No.

      Eat a bag of dicks.

    • Right?

      Yet still last at life… amazing.

      • cuntybaws

        This reply is just as bad as first, come up with something original fucktool.

    • babyfartSUX

      fuck off guthrie

    • TebowsLoveChild

      Peyton Manning makes Tim Tebow look like Tim Tebow

    • YourNameHere

      'bout fuckin' time the DMA is back!

    • thorsky

      please go kill yourself

  • Gustopher

    #17 … So who wants to play flip cup now?

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.sharp.18 Joe Sharp

    #1 Run!!!

    • Dr_StrangePants

      …TOWARDs It!


    • BDubs

      psht! Stay and watch that shit!

    • RobboJohn

      Nature coming to trim the hedges?

    • d.c.

      tornadoes usually travel in a SE direction and occur in the evening hours….cuz they dont like being woke up early….given the position of the sun, i'd say its heading away from everyone parked on the road and they are all safe

  • Derp


    I told those fucks down at the league office a thousand times that I don't roll on Shabbos! (Walter Sobchak) -The Big Lebowski.

    quote has nothing to do with picture… but nice picture… and nice quote…. No?

    • Yoga Pants 2012


  • James

    Not going to comment first

    • Yoga Pants 2012

      Bad luck James.
      Doesn't comment first
      Still fails.

      • Japans Greatest

        You suck at haikus

      • James

        Lol, I thought I had it. Fail…

  • Moknowsbest

    #17 talent their's not even a name for!!!

    • mocantspell

      you are not smart

    • Da Niel

      Yeah there is, its called "hang on tight"!!!

    • DBig

      Your attempt at the correct there/their/they're and the elusive plural versions found their way into the…(spasm)
      I'm never gonna see vagina again, am I?

      • Moknowsbest

        Does your life suck that bad. Makes you feel like a big man correcting someone spelling error. Go and terrorize some 12 year olds fucking loser!

        • Please

          Ohhh, is somebody butthurt?

    • Dr_StrangePants

      * There's

  • thebigbangdito

    bale is awesome #32

    • http://twitter.com/NorCalChiver @NorCalChiver

      yet another reason why bale is the sh!t

    • whoa


      • ChestRockwellz


    • Cartwright

      Batman is the still the greatest! You dont see any of the other "super" heroes doing this! Way to go lil guy! And you must inform me where this light is.

      • Ben

        Ron Pearlman (Hellboy) did something similar, he went through the 8hr makeup process because a kids wish was to meet Hellboy.

    • ESAD

      Thats fuckin-a awesome

    • RobboJohn

      Totally awesome for giving this kid a memory he will always treasure.

    • Dwayne

      Yes he is!! Jayden is my Nephew!!

    • Larence

      fukin tears….

  • Right?


    • Right?

      Wow, fail much?

      • Right?

        Yeah, all the time… what's it to you?

        • Right?

          because fuck you, that's why

          • Right?

            That hurts. A lot. I generally don't admit that I'm hurt on the internet, but truly I am. Can we just be friends?

            • Right?

              yeah sure… I only knock people down on the web because it's all I have. I do, in fact, know my life is sad and meaningless. Let's just hug it out. KCCO.

              • Right?

                KCCO, brother… KCCO

              • Left?

                yeah sure or yes sir?

          • right...

            Having issues i see!!!

  • thebigbangdito

    ill give you a ride if you need it


    • Med

      +11??? Quit being so generous with the thumbs up, everyone was thinking this already, this gay was just the only one to actually post it

    • DrGarnicus

      She's waiting for a train! Hey-ooh!

  • Right?

    #35 HO-bo

    • Big Poppa

      bo-ho ho-bo ho?

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #25 Behold the almighty Dodge!

    • DBig

      Sadly, I think that belonged/belongs to a powerful sheik in the Middle East. The sadly part was for me for knowing that.

      • Steve

        Yep, The Rainbow Sheikh (Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan) in Abu Dhabi. His amazing collection of cars is displayed at the Emirates National Auto Museum.

  • B Dub

    #1 Truly Keeping Calm!!
    The lady up front really floats my boat too! #22

  • Moknowsbest

    #6 Burt and Ernie, the scary Wes Craven version

    • moknowsnothing

      please throw away your keyboard. it's BERT.

      • JHL1

        You should have made your name monoesnothing…. He always misspells at least one word.

  • notawittyname

    #2 I guess Free Willy could have been more awesome

    • Dr_StrangePants

      The heartwarming story of a young boy and his Apex Predator.
      A tale of Friendship, Growing up While Learning Responsibility, and Gruesome Death.

  • Chester

    Oh well…Back to making love to my realdoll.

  • ChivetteLover

    #35 MOAR NOW!!!

  • Bonnie

    #20 I see it now !

    • MikeOverHere

      This one was great.

  • squirrel

    #25 cool truck, sorry about your penis, bro

  • DBig

    Hey all you other lovers of The Chive! This isn't exactly the place nor the time, but I was hoping one of you kind folks would tell me how to contact members of Resignation. I'm guessing I'm simply missing what's right under my nose, but alas, I'm still missing it.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Patchezz

      Hey man, if your trying to contact they guys the run The Chive they got a a website you can use http://resignationmedia.com/contact-us/, they dont post up their emails cause they get way too much spam.

      • DBig

        Patchezz, thank you so much! I'm no troll, just an honest person who thought he knew his way about the internet.

        P.S. I accidentally posted my original post twice. I'm sorry.
        Again, thank you, man!

  • JLay

    #32 Sending prayers, love, good mojo, and positive thoughts for you, brave little man! You are AWESOME!

    • Pueo

      Why?! Because he has cancer? That makes someone awesome?

      • Billy Bob

        It's a show of support.

      • JLay

        What's wrong with you? There's something wrong with your heart if you're capable of making such a comment against a kid with cancer. There's no reason to be so cold.

  • Turrebo

    #12 And if he doesn't land right, she has to take care of him in sickness, for as long as they both shall live.

    • gma

      She could sell his organs too, cash in his life insurance and marry a man who isn't stupid.

  • DBig

    Hey all you other lovers of The Chive! This isn't exactly the place nor the time, but I was hoping one of you kind folks would tell me how to contact members of Resignation. I'm guessing I'm simply missing what's right under my nose, but alas, I'm still missing it.

  • MattKL

    #3 Holy hell!
    #13 Yup.

    • Hugh

      #3 Let the fellow Chiver post your generosity. Chivers, bang…just not their own drums. Hope that helped you on your jouney.

      • horn tooter

        Agree, that is probably the customer copy. Wonder what the merchant copy looks like.

      • Axelgrinder

        Looks like $33 was the actual tip. Notice the zero in 203 and the zero's in the 100. A for the effort i guess…

      • mikey

        i agree with hugh…. let the recipient post the picture. instead, this just looks like douchey

    • Underbaker

      #13 Nice to know the Mexican channels haven't changed much in 30 years, same reason I watched them as a teen.

    • https://www.facebook.com/kevin.portillo.520 Kevin Portillo

      #13 The women are hot! but I hate their stupid telenovelas!

  • DBig

    Forgive me for not knowing how to post the pictures with the…DAMMIT…post.

    #20 read my mind
    #32 restored my faith in humanity and #35 reminded me that I need to go to the gym.
    $36 reminded me there is no #36 and even going to the gym would make me no less awkward if I were ever given the opportunity to talk to her.

  • DBig

    On another note, Bert and Ernie will allow me no sleep…ever.

    • Bork

      Try encountering them whilst completely fit-shaced at Dragon*Con last weekend. I KNEW I (kinda…hazily) recognized those horrific faces!

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