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    Don't worry little guy we all pop to soon sometimes

  • Boozer

    Never saw that coming…(sacasm font used)…

  • ChivetteKellie

    Don't care, had sex.

  • suck me dry

    no spitting allowed

    • ...


  • rob

    Great now there will be thousands of bunny balloons running around the neighborhood

    • http://twitter.com/mtbrgeek @mtbrgeek

      its no often that i actually laugh out loud…. i did this time… good game sir, good game

      • Guest

        It's a rabbit losers. You don't look at a full grown dog and call it a puppy… Well unless you an 8 year old girl

        • ThatGuy

          I'm pretty sure he was referring to the babies that would result from the mating, so not full grown rabbits.

  • AssClown

    He was suppose to pop the cherry, not the balloon.

  • Parkview

    One of these days…

  • Bill Paxton

    I used to pretend balloons were boobs… never a vagina..

    • 40yearoldvirgin

      I used bags of sand

  • http://KFX700Parts.com tacos117

    In Russia, Balloon Blows you!

  • jake


  • Tim

    New meaning to needle dick

  • KCO617

    Is that what it feels like when you find your blow up deflated and beyond repair?

  • Dave

    Wtf chive. Flash only? No cute bunny vid on my iPhone? I call bullshit.

    • Mn dude

      It worked on my iPhone

  • Bath Salty Dog

    "Little bunny humps balloon until it pops" Yep. Pretty good summary.

  • http://twitter.com/Thogert @Thogert

    Yes! I just got me a KCCO black!

  • Chiver

    Yes! Got me my first ever Chive shirt! KCCO!
    My heart is still pounding…

    • Lolasaurus

      I'd pound your heart any day 😉

  • Verbal_Kint

    I'm staring a company that makes blowup dolls for rabbits. It's a niche market, but clearly there's a need that needs to be filled. If you'd like an investor's prospectus, let me know.

  • cascade_road
  • Morf

    Please give back my wasted 23 seconds..

  • jason walter

    <img src="http://storeshopnow.com/mm/imada/ns.jpg"/>Haha,, cute , Sir, what are you doing here.. it's day time <img src="http://storeshopnow.com/mm/imada/sn2.jpg"/&gt;

  • ben

    needle dick

  • glen

    He's telling all his boys how he fucked this chick so hard she exploded

  • Dapper_Dave

    A little prick is all it takes to pop one of those…

  • I Got No Bunny...

    Symbolic of every relationship I've ever chased… : (

  • The Wambat

    Yay I got my first chive shirt ever! Plus it's for my birthday!

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