It’s almost the weekend, and I just DGAF (37 Photos)

  • crustybubblechunks

    #8 Zero. Little Jimmy gave zero fucks that day

    • well duh

      you too smart for the Chive

  • ryan


    • guest

      nope looks like that guy was first ^^^^^^^
      sorry try again tomorrow when yet again nobody will give a single fuck

  • Mitt Romney

    Suck my dick Paula

    • trl87

      I wouldn't wish Mitt Romney on my worst enemy.

    • Paula_

      Not anymore. Last time it tasted like shit.

      – Fan testimonial: "Look at all these noobs asking who Paula is! its funny and yet a bit saddening! Everyone needs to know Paula! – @JDS2041"

      • spicey

        thats bc it came straight out of your ass

        • HatBomb

          ATM, well played.

      • Bigpineappledong

        That's cause I just left your dads place.

  • Ninjac


  • JohnONeil4

    #1 Asian titanic looks really promising…

  • Bath Salty Dog

    #37 She should GAF about her teeth

    • penguin slayer


    • jussum guy

      prolly cuter than anything you got!!!

      • Bath Salty Dog

        She's very attractive. Except for the tooth coming up from her bottom lip

        • guest

          yeah if you are into trailer trash… what you dont see is the tinker bell steering wheel and betty boop license plates

    • @lackofabetter

      As soon as I saw that picture I knew a comment like that was not far away. Amateurs

    • This.

      Says the guy that gives no fucks to anyone…ever…

  • greenbomber

    tits or gtfo

  • Jak

    #37 snaggle tooth

    • greenbomber

      chainsaw chops

    • Cstat

      That toof just DGAF!

      • Rock

        I wonder how much foreskin she's caught that on.

    • Macro

      "Summer teeth".

  • Hrdwood

    #20 I'm gonna burn in hell for what I'm thinking…

    • morebeer

      If you're thinking you want to fuck a bunch of nuns don't worry about it, you're in good company

    • TheBAMFinater

      I did a tiny eye search to find moar, but it game back with 0. Sad

      • Carlos Estevez

        Google image search has worked better for me since the drag and drop update. Click through to the actual image file, open Google image search in another tab and then just drag the image from its tab over to the search tab and drop it in the search box.

        • Underbaker

          Google always has more hits then tineye, I use when I need less results to sift through, like trying to find where a picture originated.

    • Derek

      Let's be honest. You were probably already headed there.

  • Emucratic


  • JohnONeil4

    #7 Seth Rogan never fails to dissapoint

    • Shenanigans

      Really? Did you see The Green Hornet?

  • Hal

    #5 hit that right on the nose!!

    • Dan

      I'm in grad school AND I got up today! Success!

  • Brett Hall

    #37 WOW….Beautiful!

    • Macro

      Snaggletooth is distracting. She's kinda cute I guess.

    • guest

      Thanks Brett – agreed! Not sure when "perfection" became mandatory for "beauty", but clearly all the haters who want to focus on that one little thing must be perfect themselves.

      • guest

        yeah, the tooth aside… shes still a 4.

        • assman

          dude the tooth makes her even cuter I feel. Would tap..

    • Erik D

      Except for snaggletooth and zero titties….

  • Rubik5cube

    #29 just a little to the left, hey peter are you going to have those TPS reports today.

    • partysauce

      can't tell if those are red marks from the bathing suit, or scars from the surgery, but i'll keep long for as long as it takes until i figure it out

      • NotEvenSupposed

        I'm going to take a stab and say… the surgery. Those tits are nasty (commence the thumbs downs, but I like my boobies to be shaped a little more naturally).

        • LawnGuyLand

          Agreed. Sun block on the incision marks… bleah.

        • Blake

          Agreed! I am so happy the world is finally coming back to a place where even small breasted women can make it big in porn. I love you Jenna Haze!

          • Blake

            EDIT: Natural breasted*

          • Mike Oxhard

            Fuck yeah, Jenna takes it in the ass like a champ. She's tiny as hell too, like 5'.

          • back2worknow

            Remy LaCroix + Hula Hoop – Cloths = WIN!

  • habsfanx

    Jesus Christ of latter day Saints !!!!!!!!! …. I Wanna play with #20

  • Mike

    I would love to be sitting next to #29 right now instead of be at my job.

    • strategery

      cool story, bro.

  • tv_paul

    #20 These ladies need to change their habits.

    • FunKiller

      Looks like they're in the process right now.

      • tv_paul

        I heard that a lot of guys "beat the bishop" because of them.

        • FunKiller

          Nun you should be concerned with though.

          • tv_paul

            Well the guys were religious. I heard they were screaming "Jesus" and "Oh my God". And one of them mentioned something about a second coming.

            • FunKiller

              Looks like they're getting sick of that guy "hanging" around.

              • BOOM!

                And the church was Nun the wiser…

  • JohnONeil4

    #12 Secret service are the same in every country…

    • FionnR

      they're just regular old bobbies I'm afraid

    • Graeme

      I thought they were there to protect the populace from the wild monkeys…

  • tv_paul

    #29 No camo is gong to hide those puppies.

    • Macro

      They're glorious.

      • guest

        They're fake

        • guest

          Gloriously fake.

        • Karl

          if i can touch them…they are real

    • ddd

      they look hard. very unappealing. even mosquito bites on a pretty, fit girl is better.

  • JohnONeil4

    #17 haha… Fuck the police!

    • pedestrian

      Fuck that douchebag. I hope he skates in front of a large, fast-moving truck, and ends up with that board so far up his ass he can shred his own tonsils.

    • Pablo

      I can't stand skaters. They are incredibly disrespectful and don't give a damn if they hurt pedestrians or invade private property. That's why I laugh extra hard when I see on of these clowns getting hurt.

      PS: That security guard was doing his job. You can't skate there

      • Groggy

        Hey, don't lump them all together. I used to skate all the time when I was a teen, and always gave my friends shit when they were acting like assholes to the general public.

        As for this gif, yeah, fuck that guy. The security guard was just doing his job, and you can see the marks that have been left on the wall from their activity.

        Sure, some security guards, like some skaters, are assholes and deserve to be fucked with…but the simple act of doing their job doesn't put them in that category.

    • DBig

      Too bad they didn't let the video play. At the end there's a cop with a night stick.

    • Gilligan

      The law says no skating on the steps, so dude didn't break the law. Still a douche though.

  • craig

    #25 my flying car needs me, I must leave this train immediately!

    • Eternus

      This comment made me laugh my ass off. Well played Sir.

  • nuccabay

    #6 21 is kind of a random number…

    • Biggus Diccus

      They could save some money and drink some real beer and then piss into the cups instead of drinking that Keith Stone jizz.

      • 6655321

        If they do then they won't be able to announce on their facebook how many beers they "pounded".

    • Meowmix

      21 cups in the pyramid…

  • Tatertots4

    #34 damn straight

    • retloc

      its young and STUPID. stupid

  • steve

    #20 I can fap to this

    • Streetnic

      Can… and WILL…

      and did javascript:insertSmileyReply(":S");

  • Tbert

    #20 Deal me in.

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