• Pat

    "Let the record show that you just battered me." what a raging pussy

  • jhon

    ah hahahahahahahaha ok ok not funny ………..nope it was hahahaha

  • Jdfhjdbdgbfg

    It is same as adobe ultra CS3. If you give me a link of demo or trail version with vitural backgrounds. What are the items when we purchased this software. Main thing need of chroma keying, set vitural background like news,quiz,etc..

  • bob

    People seem to confuse rights with privileges. He may have had the right to enter the court room. He did not enjoy the privilege of recording court proceedings. Once properly identified, he had the right to be heard. He did not enjoy the privilege of being an obnoxious asshole, in a court house. I see this all the time on TV police shows. Someones car gets towed, and the scream about there right to freedom of movement. I would bet dollars to donuts, the American constitution does not say that every american has the right to drive a car.

  • Lazy Boy

    That guy was insufferable!

  • Jimbo

    I love when these idiots who believe in the straw man conspiracy get fucked with

  • Ham

    He's trying to be a Sovereign citizen. He's just an ass and when he got tased he sounded like a b

  • J.R.M

    With a little knowledge a camera and a self righteous attitude you too could piss off a law enforcement officer into tazing you , I mean if you have no chance of getting laid ever why not just be a total douche. For this we thank you.

  • dadadadlala

    That most be robert downley jr. there cant be any doubt in that

  • Milky

    I think the guard grabbed the wrong gun.

  • Brandon

    People that don't think that this is wrong, are the reason that the U.S.A. is falling into the the toilet faster than anyone can imagine. What he (camera man) was doing is 100% legal. You do NOT have to have a last name, nor I.D. It's a way for your government to control you. You're a number, simple as that.

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