• Bob

    Douchebag, why?

    • ari

      why? this is why. . . *tase*

      • Sal

        Almost spit out my coffee lol

      • http://twitter.com/boulderfrog @boulderfrog

        He's actually a "free man on the land" (look it up) who's rejecting federal authority. He's not subject to the laws we willingly submit to. Ever wonder why every bank and legal document refers to you in ALL CAPS? That's a corporation with your name on it which the government can tax.

        He lives by "the law of the land" while we are under "maritime admiralty law". The guy who tasered him is in for a hell of a lawsuit. Especially considering it's all recorded. We should all live as free as that guy.

        • RonnyDaBear

          If I was as free as him I wouldn't need to go pick fights over it.

        • Shawn

          How is the court officer in for a hell of a lawsuit? I thought the guy lives by "the law of the land"?

          • Rick_

            Laws don't apply to him when he wants to act like an idiot, but as soon as he can get some profit out of it he will use them to his full advantage.

          • _Moose_

            Perfect rejoinder. ("I don't wish to create joinder with you." Haha, what?!)

            The "free man on the land" claim probably made it that much easier for the guard to tase him.

          • http://twitter.com/boulderfrog @boulderfrog

            A declaration of being a free man on the land would usually include a financial penalty for any type of detention or interruption on his travels by governments he doesn't subject himself to.

            • Monster

              @boulderfrog so if he had a gun and claimed to be a free man should he still be allowed in the courtroom? NO! There's rules for a reason and if he wanted to go in, then he could have easily put his camera somewhere else, like a normal person. He was trying to cause a problem and you can tell right from the beginning by the whole I don't have a name BS. You are ridiculous just as he is if you think rules shouldn't apply just cause you say you are a "free man on the land". So, if the guy from Aurora, Colorado massacre said he was a "free man on the land" it would be ok? WTF is wrong with you?

              • black27696

                There's a similar video out there with guys trying to do something similar. They're carrying what appear to be MP5s (semi auto though) and the cops show up. He's going on and on about how he's getting the cop's badge number and name, and he doesn't submit to illegal search and seizure, the cop doesn't have a warrant, etc. etc.

                The cop explains that yes, he can check the weapon in accordance with the law. He checks it, deems it to be semi auto, and puts it back on the guy. Douche was trying to incite an incident and finds out that a lot of cops just follow the rules.

              • Gordonfan24

                Huge fucking difference between a gun and a camera. No reason for the tasing, even though the dude was being a fucktard.

              • bernhern

                Seriously…read what it is before commenting. I just looked it up myself. The Freemen on the land believe that they are of two separate entities—their body and their legal 'person' hence the name thing. Just read the wikipedia article or something. Because it says that they believe in practicing common law…one such rule is NOT HARMING PEOPLE. So the Aurora massacre fits into that–making your argument moot and an argument that would've easily been avoided if you'd read before talking. A common problem amongst people.
                But with regards to this belief–while it is interesting…it's stupid (you can't just reject government in a land and establish maritime law–if you want then go find your own, unclaimed land and establish your own country) besides it has never held up in court. So I wish this guy luck. He was being beligerent and trying to enter the courtroom with unauthorized equipment. I think this should fall under 'my house my rules' and no matter how 'free' you are–you will follow the rules of my house while in it whether you ascribe to the rules or not–if you don't then you can leave.

            • PiratesFan

              He subjects himself to the government of the United States by being here.

            • mokash

              GTFO w/ this nonsense. You mean the travels on the roads created by the Gov? So, he wants to benefit from the Gov, just not subject himself to the rules set forth by the Gov. Interesting

              Dude, pick up a real book once in a while.

              • http://twitter.com/boulderfrog @boulderfrog

                Please research what a "free man on the land" is. Doesn't even require reading a book, it's online. It's not all that complex to comprehend. And yes, he can travel on any road he chooses.

                And if you watch the video, "he could have easily put his camera somewhere else, like a normal person", he specifically says he is not a "person". A "person" is the corporation created at your birth with the same name as you. This guy has disassociated himself with the fraudulent corporation created when his parents applied for a "birth certificate". Unless he harms somebody, the laws of the government don't apply to him.

                Please research this stuff. I'm not trolling, but everybody's getting mad for some reason. Consult a judge or a lawyer about this.

        • ari

          and that is how you get tased tutorial

          • Slauterhause

            ROFL, you bet.

        • judson

          He can claim whatever he wants but he was in a Government building. As with any building you are subject to the rules(laws) applicable. P.S. I LOVE 1st year law students. They get tazed a lot it seems.

          • JSettle11


            Also, you have my name, and it has made my day.

        • PiratesFan

          I'm not completely up to date on the rules, but I don't think you can just declare yourself as a person that isn't subject to laws of these great United States.

          • http://twitter.com/boulderfrog @boulderfrog

            You absolutely can. You lose your passport and any ability to expect support when calling 911, but you pay no income taxes, drive a car without a license, take a public bus without paying, drive a car with no plates. It means you are free to do as you will without interference from the "authorities" that we "authorize" our submissiveness to. Look it up. Lots of stuff a "free man" can do.

            • Reality

              Everything you just wrote is absolutely false and has no basis in the reality outside of your own head and certainly not in any court of law in the United States.

              • MJBeezy

                thank you

              • http://twitter.com/boulderfrog @boulderfrog

                Have you consulted with a lawyer about this? You willingly pay an income tax, which is an unconstitutional tax upon the fruit of your labors. This is your declaration that you are slave to your government.

                There is no law that you shall pay an income tax. If there is one, then find it and show it here. This guy is simply declaring he is free and not a slave.

                • EvilDungBeetle

                  Does that mean that Al Capone was a "free man of the land"?

                • saltytrey

                  So the IRS is just a conspiracy?

                • Dustin
                • PiratesFan

                  Now I'm not one to go on about how much I know over the internet, but this is just getting out of hand.

                  I'm actually in law school and conveniently taking a course on federal income tax this semester (it's more exciting than it sounds).

                  Federal income tax is completely constitutional. The 16th amendment grants congress the power to lay and collect an income tax so long as it is done uniformly, which it is through our progressive tax system. Congress has granted the authority to exercise this tax to the secretary of the treasury and through him to the IRS who lay the tax via the Internal Revenue Code. This code is further clarified via Treasury Regulations. Further – section 61 of the internal revenue code defines gross income, which is the base amount each person starts with when figuring their tax liability. Gross income is defined as 'any accession to wealth which is realized and under the control of the taxpayer' – this is a purposely broadly written statute which includes, among other things, "the fruit of your labors" as you put it.

                  If you'd like, I can go further and delineate the many exclusions that the internal revenue code lays out which are deducted from your gross income to get to your taxable income.

                • I win

                  Actually, there have been multiple cases on this very subject (notably Cheek v. United States) all of which deny your claims boulderfrog. Your claims are baseless at best. Although there are nutjob lawyers out there who make the same absurd arguments you are making, the law is very clear on this point…yes, you must pay your taxes, you do not have a choice in the matter.

                  Oh, and you want a law saying you have to pay taxes? I would direct you to the 16th Amendment of the US Constitution.

                • Boulder should die

                  I am a lawyer, practicing in criminal defense. The things that boulder frog has saidmhave no basis in reality or law or any state in the union or in federal law. If you don't like it move.

            • Dustin

              sooo… on the roads paid by taxes? With flowing water through city/county utilities, pipes and reservoirs in your home?

            • usmccrc

              are u shitting me right now? When u step on someone else land u fall under their rules.. If u enter my house my rules. U go to someone else country their rules.. Because ur able to look up some lame ass excuse for a law that is a 100 years old and has been forgoten about such as u cant tie a giraffe to phone pole,,god ppl like u are the reason i watch video's like this just to see ur hipster ass get tazed

              • wonko80

                Apparently this doesn't apply to grammar rules.

        • derp

          Think before you preach half-cocked. @boulderfrog

          Being free of maritime admiralty laws means he has no right to invoke them on his behalf when said laws are beneficial to his cause – simply put if he truly believes he is free of our laws, and they don't apply to him, then he is not protected by them either.

          I bet that lawsuit will go over amazingly well in the court of "the land"…

          • http://twitter.com/boulderfrog @boulderfrog

            Most declarations of being a "free man" usually involve a statement of a very large sum of money involved for detention or interruption on his freedom to travel. Some lawyer's going to make some mad cash representing this guy.

        • Bdon

          If he's a "free man of the land" why is he asking for federal protection of freedom of speech for using the camera? Your argument is invalid, go back to your militia and live in the woods, hypocrite.

          • XHEW

            He isn't asking for federal protection. If you think that we get our rights from the federal government, then they can also take them away if they chose. Rights come from out creator. So, when he refers to a right to do something, he is referring to gods law, not mans. he constitution only states that it recognizes these rights, not that it grants them. You should not talk about things that you know nothing about.

            • Gordonfan24

              Thankfully, there isn't a god. People that believe in god(s) are sheeple, indoctrinated by other crazy stupid people. Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

              Religion has convinced people that there’s an invisible man…living in the sky, who watches everything you do every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a list of ten specific things he doesn’t want you to do. And if you do any of these things, he will send you to a special place, of burning and fire and smoke and torture and anguish for you to live forever, and suffer and burn and scream until the end of time. But he loves you. He loves you and he needs money. -George Carlin

            • http://twitter.com/boulderfrog @boulderfrog

              Finally!! About time somebody smart showed up to this hick-fest!! If I recall, the Declaration of Independence stated that all men were sovereign and not reliant on a bureaucracy for their rights. These rights come from God (however you want to interpret that), but definitely not from government.

        • Valannin

          Anytime someone says "(look it up)" while in the midst of some conspiracy-laden screed are mistaken 100% of the time.

          • http://twitter.com/boulderfrog @boulderfrog

            People who throw around the phrase "conspiracy-laden" generally haven't researched what they're talking about.

        • Peter Venkman

          How about you move out of the country. If you don't like the laws then leave. Be "free" somewhere else. That's what's wrong with these idiots. "I don't have to listen to your laws". Until you become the defendant and claim Civil Rights Violations. This idiot being tased wasn't enough.

          • http://twitter.com/boulderfrog @boulderfrog

            What gives you the impression I live in the U.S.A.?

            • Doc Arkham

              Cut him some slack. A Canadian sovereign citizen yahoo sounds pretty much the same as an American sovereign citizen yahoo.

              • http://twitter.com/boulderfrog @boulderfrog

                Nah. I'm still an endebted slave to the system like everybody else here, but at least I acknowledge it. Really kind of weirded out by all the hate and ignorance though.

                • Monster

                  And I'm sure you did and are going to vote for Obama, who wants bigger government.

                • Go Eff Yourself

                  you come here spouting off blatant lies, and bait anyone you can into a baseless argument and you're "weirded out by all the hate and ignorance"?! Are you high or just retarded?

                  • http://twitter.com/boulderfrog @boulderfrog

                    Here's a good page to read after doing a search for, wait for it, "free man on the land" America". Surprised you couldn't figure it out yourself. Maybe you're high or retarded: http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Numb
                    There are hundreds of more sites to read up on, but yeah, it's real all right.

                    • thorthechiver

                      you sir have failed at life in so many ways i hope one day you free yourself from our society so noone has to deal with you. You fight cornell articles with a forum post from a website that advocates magic mushrooms. Not to mention that the thread itself is so batshit crazy even the people on that site think the guys a fucktard and thats what your going on. If you read carefully into the laws regarding you citizenship "of the Land" Your not allowed to live in the US and you have 0 i repeat 0 rights that anyone else does. You can try and attack us in your governments court but if your by yourself thats gonna result in jack shit getting done. If what your saying is true and he truely was a "free man of the land" there was no violation in him getting tased because he would first have to acknowledge our laws, Which he refused when he renounced his citizenship. Also by doing this and causing a scene in a courthouse or public forum he could be arrested for numerous accounts by the laws of our country and then if he was a real asshole they could deport him to anywhere in the world we wanted to put him because he has no rights with us and no legitimate gov. or nation to call home. Also just a little tip for you next time don't back up all of your claims with proof from the internet. I can make the Internet say im the King of the entire western hemisphere but it doesn't make it true.

                    • Paul from the gump

                      Ah yes. The magic mushroom web site is going to clear it all up. Thanks for the entertainment.

        • Rhoethbeort

          I love people who think they can condense centuries of law and jurisprudence to a few pithy phrases. As Shakespeare wrote, "It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Read a book, idiot.

          • http://twitter.com/boulderfrog @boulderfrog

            Most lawyers offer their first hour of consultancy free. Feel free to consult one and report your results.

            • Rhoethbeort

              No need. Any competent solicitor would inform me that FOTL has no basis in law, and has, in fact, been consistently rejected as a basis of defense in both criminal and civil cases in Canada, the UK and the United States. They would then remind me that only a great fool would believe that attaching the suffix 'ship' to such words as 'citizenship' or ownership means that people and property are subject to Admiralty law only.

              • http://twitter.com/boulderfrog @boulderfrog

                Exactly. Breaking criminal laws would place a free man in the jurisdiction of Maritime Admiralty Law and subject to the same penalties as anybody else. It's not a free pass to kill people.

            • Paul from the gump

              Better Call Saul!

          • EvilDungBeetle

            Wasn't Shakespeare referring to an aborted bowel movement?

            • Rhoethbeort

              Actually, he was referring to life (Macbeth, Act 5 Scene 5)

              • SheriffPablo

                Depending on who's life you're talking about, Both could be true.

        • Buddy

          and you sir should be tased along with that douchebag

        • Orukal

          I'd like to buy that security official a beer.

        • Orukal

          And I think you need to look up "Free man on the land" yourself. It's a belief, not a legal right.

        • Peter

          Absolutely incorrect. Your theory is only a theory because no legitimate legal source/court/ or country has ever accepted that fringe ideology of our political structure. The social contract is created when you reach the age of majority and choose to remain in The or These United States, whichever you prefer. We are ALL subject to the laws of the United States even if you are a mere visitor. If a visitor can be subjected to U.S. law simply by their presence within U.S. jurisdiction or even within de facto U.S. domestic jurisdiction (see Hamdi), then this individual certainly can't claim that he hasn't accepted the contractual terms. Either way, it seems like the security guard was too gassed up and could have handled it better

        • Ben

          sounds like someone else wants to be tased

        • m_dubya

          well hell, I am just gonna declare myself a free man on the land and go on a murderous bank robbing spree and nobody can stop me or else they are in a for a heck of a lawsuit…..yeah that sounds reasonable.

          • http://twitter.com/boulderfrog @boulderfrog

            Committing a crime which harms others puts him under the jurisdiction of Maritime Admiralty Law just like anybody else. Am I the only person here who knows how to do a google search?

        • cos

          He may be a "free man of the land" but he's still a douche bag. The only reason he was doing that was to prove a point. and it's funny, he said "you're violating my rights"…. he just left out the "as a U.S. citizen." Pople like this drive me crazy, if they're so free, why do they feel they have to go around filming people and act like an asshole? It's funny how laws don't apply to them but as soon as they can get profit out of a law, they fully stand by that law.

          Are you a "free man on the land"?

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=712035477 Justin Brown

          Does being free mean you automatically have to be a d-bag?

        • Tank

          With all due respect: You're wrong. I say this without sarcasm or any especially smartass tone or inflection, so please don't infer one. But, as criminal defense & civil rights attorney I can say with confidence that your assertions here may have held water in . . . oh . . . 1801. No more. These are outdated, anachronistic notions that have long since been eroded into oblivion by over two-hundred years of common and statutory law. In an age where motherfuckers try to run in and shoot up Court houses, any and every judge in this nation (including state judges) would laugh in his face for making such an argument. Then, they would order a mental health evaluation.

          • mdez13

            These are outdated, anachronistic notions are still considered supreme law. Therefore you are wrong.

        • Zine

          So you're saying the tasered douchebag is a barking moonbat like yourself? Got it.

        • mdez13

          you are correct. and i hope for the same

      • Die fascists

        The users of this site support the police state and will therefore be trolled to death…

        • http://twitter.com/boulderfrog @boulderfrog

          Kinda sad really.

        • XHEW

          Don't challenge 'authority' here.
          Just sit down, shut up and love what they do to you.

          • http://twitter.com/boulderfrog @boulderfrog

            Yeah. Imagine doing a google search about a topic you've never researched before posting comments…

    • PiratesFan

      Watch the video with the sound on and you'll know why.

      • Whitey

        Yea 'cause they hate 'murka! They probably love obama. They prolly dont even drive a pick up…

    • Scodeling

      Because douchebags don't think other douchebags are douchebags, Bob.

    • @BuckeyeEmpire

      I'm hoping you were in need of *sarcasm font* right there…

    • okjm

      becouse even idiot is too smart for this

    • king

      Agreed. I mean, he's obviously mistaken, but using the taser was WAY out of line.

      • BMOC

        A GUN would be WAY out of line.

        • king

          FYI: tasers are less lethal weapons. They can still kill people, which is why you can only use them in situations you would use a gun in. If a gun would have been out of line, a taser is out of line.

          • MJR

            The statement "If a gun would have been out of line, a taser is out of line," is incorrect. Yes, tasers can be lethal, but their use is warranted in situations that are likely to escalate to ones which would require deadly force. So, the use of a non-lethal weapon for the purpose of preventing the situation from escalating saves the individual's… person's… man's (whatever he is') life and prevents the security officer from having to end the life of said douchebag.

            • king

              Sure, bro. This is why I love the internet: you can always get an opinion from someone who's definitely an expert on the matter.

              • I don't know

                You want to know the flaw in your logic dude? When you see the police using their firearm, they are shooting to kill and it's only justifyible to use deadly force when your life or someone else's life is in imminent danger. While on the other hand tasers can be used in the event someone is simply resisting arrest. Go on YouTube and look up taser vids and think to yourself if the cop (or whomever) didn't have a taser would he of pulled out his gun and shot them instead? Most of the time the answer to that is no.

                While tasers can be lethal (oc spray can be too for that matter) the instances when they are are dramatically less than when they only incapacitate someone. One the other hand a 40 cal. hollow point has a higher chance of being lethal than simply incapacitating someone. Get it?

                • chesterdrawers


                  • cg1014

                    Actually, he's pretty right. Tasers are a less-lethal force option. They typically fall on the same level of force as oc spray. Officer presence->verbal commands->soft hand controls->taser or oc->hard hand controls->impact weapons (batons)->deadly force. That's not to say that the officer can't skip rungs of the ladder, so to speak.

    • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.lopez.5494 Joshua Lopez

      if u have to ask why then obviously u are too

    • geoff

      If you have to ask, that makes you one.

    • sagasha

      So… douchebag does not properly identify himself to people paid to stop douchebags from bringing a gun or other weapon into a courtroom and going all Aurora on a bunch of folks who are there to handle their legitimate, nondouchebag, business. When I say "courtroom" I mean a typical 'Merican courtroom where douchebags do douchebag things like shove large, court appointed, taser wielding officers and attack other, unarmed, courtroom attendees (or slaves as douchebag boulderfrog so eloquently calls them) on a regular fuckin' basis. So fuckin' regular, in fact, that douchebag barriers and checkpoints have had to be erected in most, if not all, courts to keep the bags in check.

      If you look like a douchebag, talk like a douchebag, and act like a douchebag… prepare to get tased like a fuckin' douchebag. Douchebag.

    • kona

      Because he intentionally tried to enter without permission, was warned not to enter, and decided that the rules of the courthouse about entering without a camera didn't apply to him. Douchbag is an understatement.

    • Not-Bob

      People like this guy and "Bob" over here are spoiled idiots. Go spend your "free" days elsewhere and lets see how quickly you come running back.

    • ajco.in

      this guy need a taser taste too

  • Nigel

    Congratulations parents. This is what your "make good choices" and "everyone wins" style of parenting is producing. They're never wrong. They never have to listen to anyone, and everyone else is accountable for their life. Way to fucking go.

    • Fish

      Nigel – Nailed It! Excellently concise explanation for these idiots who think
      they can do whatever the fuck they wanna do, with no consequences. Today's Parents don't discipline and leave it to the rest of us to kick their kid's ass. So many Parenting Fails out there……..

    • Joel

      Could not agree more…. Maybe if he had a good smack on the side the head as a kid he wouldn't have needed a lesson now

  • Jeff

    Took them long enough

    • whauv

      seriously people like that make me want to move to the nearest moon colony

      • Poo poo platter

        Go then…

    • ps86

      either the bullet missed its mark or he used the wrong gun cuz the hippie faggot was still talking at the end

      • Peter venkman

        Trying to protect your personal rights hillbilly moron…

        • Moonbat-Busters

          You "freeman of the land" nuts should try protecting your personal sanity by seeking professional help.

      • Indeed

        Seemed like more of a tea party libertarian. If he had been a hippie then his "being" would be called "flower"

    • Bustanut

      Here's the poor victim, hopefully he'll get ass-raped by other "free men on the land"

      • unreal_vector


        "He faces three counts of battery against a peace officer and one count of criminal contempt."

  • Danny

    That was funny but a little much.

    • okjm

      little much
      you ment on time, right?

      • ...

        And you "ment" meant right ?

        • Mernt

          Oh hello spelling police! Look out! We got a badass here.

          • Makeurownjoke

            Super original comment bro!

    • Fan of Tasers

      Tasers have a run time of 5 seconds unless the person that discharged the taser shuts the taser off. This guy did not get the full 5 second ride on the electric jesus. Completely justified and not nearly enough if you ask me.

      • Awwwwyeah!

        Hell ya man I wanted To hear that bitch squeal like a pig I just wish all Internet trolls got the same if not more *coughpaulacough* this was a beautiful display of when you should shut up and shut the camera off

  • Chiver


    • NorCal420

      LOL? i had co-workers laughing with me!

  • ari

    he really needed that, d-bag

    • Not Notbob

      D-bag plus. He is a complete Douche Nozzle.

      • LOL

        Thumbs up for the use of Douche Nozzle….thought I was the only guy to use it….Touche Sir.

    • Matador

      That was the most satisfying groan of pain I've ever heard.

    • BType13X2

      another situation that could have better been solved with a shut the fuck up rock in a sock but I guess a taser worked somewhat.

  • wolfbastion

    video just ruined my morning. Thanks Chive. Idiots like this are in no way funny. Should have just shot him.

  • Jethro


  • thetwistether

    This is the sadomasochistic softcore porn Im looking for.

    • Lev

      It was difficult, but I was able to fap to this. The tasing, man, that did it for me.

  • ari

    if i were the guard, i'd tasered him on the mouth

    • Seriously?

      Me too, except my taser would also be an asp.

    • Dan

      "IN THE FACE!"

    • Philly

      No way… right in the dink… that way he cant pro create!

      • matt

        professional creating?

    • Jack Burton

      If he did taze him in the mouth, he would've hit krypto's cock at the same time. Two dbags at the same time!

  • Donnation

    That makes my day!!!

  • dagleja3

    He sounds like Jack Black.

    • JPlunk

      More like Robert Downey Jr.

      • art

        I thought RDJ too

        • jt77

          justin long…definitely justin long

  • anguish

    Douchebag is right.

    • JackBurton

      No he's not. He's making chit up left and right. The right to move? Are you fucking kidding me? C'mon numb nuts, this guy was a dooooosh.

      • Guest

        He's not saying that 'The douchebag is right.' He's agreeing that the guy with the camera is indeed, a douchebag.

      • Tbagginya

        Wrong. I'm done with you police loving fascists…

  • Sprinkles

    He deserved it.

  • Juan R

    Way to go P.Barnes! Love to see DB's get Tazed

    • chip"themeat"hayes

      He should change his name to C. Bronson. I'm glad there are guys out there that will enforce security without hesitation. Should be more like him!

  • Mike

    Well that escalated quickly…

    • kryvian

      That was too slow for my liking

    • guest

      jumped up a notch didn't it?

    • thorthechiver

      if only brick was there to stab him in the heart with a trident

  • Phil

    Don't look into the light. ZAP!

  • Chiv3On

    The cameraman went there looking to ruffle feathers and cause a scene and he got what he was asking for, but the secret service wannabe's totally handled that in an unprofessional and overly aggressive manner. That escalated way too quickly for a guy with a camera who posed no physical threat.

    • Rolis

      he got what he deserved, he was warned, and entering restricted area where even cell phones are not allowed, i see no excessive force here, he did try to go through into a secure area after being told he cant, in the eye of the courts he might actually be prosecuted, other than that, be smart dont be a smart ass, is my advice to the tazered dude

      • bobby

        yupsounds about right

      • somebody

        Douchebag or not there must be more steps before asking someone to move back and tasering him. Don't get me wrong, I hate this kind of guys and he deserved a good punch. And a kick in the groin.
        But not from a police officer; that is excessive use of force before even trying to arrest him.

        I agree with chiv3on that it escalated too quickly and don't understand why he's voted down.

        • Plurp

          So then the security guy should have kicked him in the balls first and then tazed him? Considering that the douche kept talking and didn't cry after being tazed, I would that he got off very easy. If not for the tazer, he would have faced being thrown to the ground by both guys and any other cops in the area, a knee to the neck and back and then the handcuffs. The guy deserved the tazer and the guard did nothing wrong.

        • Mik

          Do you realize that it's this way of thinking that encourages these people to do these things?

          And please explain to me your reasoning behind you wanting to punch the dude, and kicking him in the groin, but yet the police can't tase a dude to control him?

          Shout, show, shove, shoot, shoot. And if you don't know what that is, then that's probably why you're such a wuss.

          • king

            Are you actually saying that the ROE used by soldiers downrange should be adopted by bailiffs in American courtrooms? In any case, they would've been just as wrong if they intended to use those ROE. The guy stopped after "shove", so there was no need to escalate to "shoot". The fact that it was just a taser doesn't matter since tasers are classified as "less lethal" weapons; if the guy had a heart condition or something, he could've died. One of the great things about America is that even when you''re wrong (even when you're douchebag about it, like this guy) it's still illegal to assault you.

    • Mik

      It is not in any way, shape or form "overly aggressive". He was told cameras weren't allowed and he couldn't go through with it. He still persisted to go in. He showed the taser gun, but he still didn't back off. The security gave enough warnings, and he got what he was asking for. If i was the security i would've tased him longer.

      • BMOC

        agreed. should people have to be told more than once? no.

    • Drewfus

      http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=692_1345777131 the guy was warned from the start. heres the rest of that video.

      • BatMan

        Thanks for link

      • Plurp

        Holy crap, This idiot was wearing those ugly shoes with the creepy toes in them (seen in last seconds of first vid at link). That alone deserves a tazing.

    • .Krookz


    • RonnyDaBear

      The security guards used a uncomfortable but non-lethal means to end the problem. If you were in that position would you prefer to wait until someone attempts to strike, stab, or shoot you before responding aggressively? They acted appropriately and that guy won't even have a scratch a week or two from now. He should say thanks for not beating my stupid ass.

      • Chiv3On

        I have no problem with the guy getting tased at all. He deserved it. I just think that guy was too quick to pull his taser and fire. Since he is not in a sheriffs uniform, I'm pretty sure he's a bailiff under the direction of the county clerk and not a sheriffs deputy. This guy didn't ask him to move back or give any instruction/warning prior to being tased.

        • Tim

          He did tell him to step back at 3:14 and since he did not move, he was tasseled.

          • Tim

            *tasered, damn auto correct

            • judson

              I liked tasseled better 🙂

          • Sven

            He would look fabulous in tassels though!

      • assman

        so this guy was jason bourne? he had a camera in one or both hands and was actively keeping it trained on the guy. And you are suggesting that with one hand he was going to be able to "strike, stab, or shoot" in such a short time that an aggressive response would be impossible. This trigger happy F-stick wannabe cop was fumbling with the trigger when he drew the tazer. He just wanted to use it, probably the second or third time he's even drawn it (including practicing). It's call discretion and this security guy did not exercise it. It is blind mindless adherence to rules and lack of independent reasoning (what your statement suggests) that allows for so many excessive force incidents across the country. Use your brain RonnyDaBear, it's what your parents gave it to you for.

        • RonnyDaBear

          No, he was taking the safety off and he was giving the man some incentive to back off. For someone against aggression you are quick to launch into an aggressive tirade against an anonymous posting.

        • judson

          Why do you slam the security guard for doing his job, while (implied) stick slacker is an ass? Right, use your brain. Don't go into a court house where guards have tasers and be a DICK.

        • velting

          as if these two big security guards couldn't have handled this camera wheedling pussy without a taser.
          theres a reason why this guy is a security guard and not a legitimate cop.

          • Pirate312

            I think they were bailiffs, who are typically LEO's. They issued a lawful order (step back), he proceeded and actively disobeyed, he's the one who escalated the situation. If anything, the taser prevented him from being hurt further through a physical altercation.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jason.younk.7 Jason Younk

      He had no business in a professional setting intentionally trying to disrupt just because he read a miltia self help book. I hope he hets charged and tries to sue and get denied and has to pay court costs. There is absolutely no justifiable reason for the stunt that little prick pulled. Should post his actual name

    • ken

      Around 2:44 of the original video (http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=692_1345777131) he says "It's not like I haven't been tazed before." At that point, I'm curious at knowing what other dbag moves this guys tried that result in a previous tazing?

    • Tyler

      Oh stop it. Lol.

    • Sion

      No but everyone including me and you knew he wouldnt of stopped, he would of kept going with his stupid and idiotic remarks!

  • Justin

    Needed more "Don't tase me, bro!"

  • Greg

    These guys lasted longer than I would have. This guy would have had a size 12 boot up his A$$.

  • Mr. Mackle

    Im not a person ? I wasnt born in Washington DC so Im not a US Citizen ? Someone should have just kicked him to sleep right then.

    • Mr. Mackle

      News article about incident. http://www.kxly.com/news/north-idaho-news/Man-tas

      • justabill

        Wow, not subject to any regulations? What a jackass. This is what happens when you don't spank your kids.

        • http://twitter.com/boulderfrog @boulderfrog

          He's actually a "free man on the land" (look it up) who's rejecting federal authority. He's not subject to the laws we willingly submit to. Ever wonder why every bank and legal document refers to you in ALL CAPS? That's a corporation with your name on it which the government can tax.

          He lives by "the law of the land" while we are under "maritime admiralty law". The guy who tasered him is in for a hell of a lawsuit. Especially considering it's all recorded. We should all live as free as that guy.

          • JackBurton

            Shut up douchbag. You sound as retarded as that guy. We're you the loser who was taserd? You certainly sound like him.

            • Lyle

              He probably is the douchbag from the video, just throwing that out there…

          • Joel

            Just because you repeat it over and over doesn't make it true.

          • Justin

            So he is therefore not protected by the federal laws either so they could
            Have shot him and faced no repercussions. Laws go both ways buddy. U don't have to follow them but they don't have to protect you either.

          • Wood

            That is the most cockamamie thing I have ever read. You seriously believe that legal documents have names in all caps because that means that you're a corporation??? Are you serious?? I'm a lawyer, son, and the reason we put your name in caps is so that it stands out on the page and so that there is absolutely no confusion as to who is involved in the contract. Keep living it up in Boulder, smoking your grass and discussing how you have a way to game "the system" and the rest of us will continue to carry you and your fellow conspirators through your pointless lives.

            • Wood

              And actually, kid, I did look up your precious "free man on the land." The result is quite hilarious. http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Freeman_on_the_land

              • Baker

                This is one of the worst articles I've ever seen written. The author calls him both Peterson and Patterson…still hilarious though.

          • McBoogerballs

            So wouldn't he be accepting federal authority when attempts to file a lawsuit? You don't get to pick and choose which laws you want to follow. He may think he is a "free man on the land" but what army is defending him? What police force? What court is going to hear his case? His so called sovereignty is internationally recognized by absolutely nobody. He was asking for trouble and he found it.

          • yourmom

            Double post…wrong and stupid…twice

          • Really?

            The tased douchebag in the video and you, boulderfrog, both need to seek professional help. Seriously.

      • Dan

        Awesome! His mother making biased comments though facebook is even more entertaining!

        • BatMan

          Is Tina Busby in the comments his mother? on the news story page? lol

          • Dan

            Yup! She admits it somewhere on that page.

    • PiratesFan

      "I'm from Idaho, but I'm not under the federal jurisdiction."
      "I don't wish to create joinder with you."

      Everybody's a lawyer these days.

      • Mr. Mackle

        Quote from Article….Peterson said he is a free man, and his unique political beliefs mean that he's not subject to most laws.

        "I have never consented to being held liable under any statue or anything for that matter," he explained adding that he's exempt from statues and regulations, unless he has hurt or wronged someone else.

  • CLTChiver

    What a prick!

    • G-Boro Chiver Lyle

      Nice to know that NC has some Chivers here…

      G-Boro Chiver

    • Sherlock

      People like this should be shot with real guns, also I would have zapped him again when he started talking

  • DjGizmo

    Super douche! I was getting pissed off just listening to his annoying voice.

    • Michelle

      Me too!!!! Lol

  • yep

    I hope he died.

    • Alex

      I second.

  • Jonathan

    The dude with the earpiece should have chopped him in the neck 10 seconds in.

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