Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • steve

    Awwww YEaaaaahhhh…. THE DAR

    • Dwide_Schrude

      As my standard call name (dwide schrude) has been subject to many-a-impersonator, I have chosen to create an intensedebate profile. Now, just look here for all the hilarious comments.

      dwide out

      • steve

        Fuck off, cock-smoker.

    • cee dub

      This one of the best dars ever!

      • cee dub

        'is', dumbass… This IS one of the best DARs ever!

  • elliott

    #25 got me through class

    • Chiver90

      Her body is nice, but her face scares the hell outta me.

      • phydor

        she has a face? who knew

    • SPZander

      Marisa Miller can do no wrong

    • xavi00

      marisa miller??

    • Dude

      Our chivettes are awesome, but Marisa miller for the win everytime!

    • bored

      You faped it in class?

    • jay

      All I can think is, that guy's job is to take pictures of her. I type reports in a cubicle.

  • Whorebait


    Madam, you have made my day, thank you for this…

    • 0CanadianBacon0


    • justaclick

      There are no winners. Just hot chicks. #21 #39 and #49

    • Skiface

      I usually like big boobs but these, these are perfect

    • Mike Jones

      Cute face slim waist

    • Reno


    • weldsoft

      Brand Lynn???
      (Someone's bound to guess her name eventually)

  • the_mike

    #3 I see what you did there. Well played!

    • AstroMikeDexter

      This is a billboard outside St. Matthews church in Auckland, New Zealand, which makes it twice as awesome.

    • Charter896

      So I guess they don't take offense to sibling marriages, plural marriages or the abolition of Age of Consent laws! Awesome! True Love has no boundaries! Who's with me?!

      • Charteryousuck

        I guess that would be no one

      • thechevron


      • the_mike

        Whoa whoa whoa whoa just wait a second good sir.

        You forgot beastality.

    • Rebekah

      I believe that is at a church in Auckland NZ!

    • El Greco

      "All evil needs to prevail is for good men to do nothing" or to convince simple people that lust is the same as LOVE. Save this crap for the next Lady gaga concert! Can we go one day were homosexuality is not paraded around as normal. If it is soooo normal STFU and get on with your lives.

  • FunKiller

    #10 Yep, we have a winner!!

    • BTI

      You are BEAUTIFUL. That is all.

  • Judy

    This DAR made me moist!

    • A22

      flirting leads to squirting

      • Smithers25

        and spooning leads to forking

  • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

    #4 that tan line!!

    • Beev

      Missed tan line Tuesday today.

    • moose_nutz

      Dat ass!

      • Kristen

        Oh, that's a good one…fucking cunt.

    • LoyalLAChiver

      Those curves!

    • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

      and the kitchen is spotless!!! that future ex wife!!

    • Gus

      Sex appeal out the wazoo

    • Frank M

      Everything about this pic is full of win!

      Her ass nestled up against the countertop – check
      Her hand in her pants – check
      Her arm framing her boob – check
      Awesome tan line – check
      Rockin' body – check

  • SteveMcQueen1

    #12 My Hero

    • Toba

      #47 Here's mine. Bit sad didn't see a single comment about it on the first page actually.

      • Mike

        Damn, ya beat me to it. Good on ya, though!

      • Theresia

        Yeah, I was gonna say that too!! Taylor Morris… BAMF!

  • jhento

    i started breathing heavy the moment i saw #1

    • wnxkrayzie

      That there is Hans Rey, there is another pic of him bunny hopping on the same ledge.

    • dadadoucheee

      maybe it's to get off the chive and exercise..

  • Physed33

    #21 is Gawjus!! #42 one of the greatest movies ever!!

    • wantomas

      Wouldn't mind seeing her do the Truffle Shuffle!

      • Anonymous

        The three things I look for in a wife:
        Can make sandwiches
        Great sex
        Loves the goonies.

        • Ander

          4 according to Dave Chapelle
          1. Suck my dick
          2. Play with the balls
          3. Make me a sandwich
          4. Stop talking every now and then
          The combination lock to every man's happiness.

        • phydor

          except for the goonies part

    • Red

      What a rack.

      • Hanx

        They were this big in France too, but then they had a big recall.

    • Bdrizzle

      #21 bless your heart

  • Gmoney

    #21 We must have MOAR of this!

    • DrGarnicus

      Bigger photos, HQ status!

    • @lackofabetter

      Makes me wanna be a motor boatin son of a bitch!

    • Tom

      Texas must be world 4 of Super Mario Bros 3

    • Geoff


  • hater

    #42. Truffle shuffle! Do it!!

    • Scotian

      After this movie every fat kid everywhere had to do the truffle shuffle

  • FunKiller

    #18 Yea, I'm pretty sure if Jordan gave me something I'd hold onto it forever……I never thought I'd be jealous of Mac, WTF??

    • Matt

      actually made him smile, what the fuck

      • FunKiller

        Are you telling me if Jordan gave you something, or even just walked up to you, you could hold back from smiling???

    • Drewbie

      Mac needs new clothes, hes wearing the same shit both days.

      • J_Ace

        he's wearing the same shit, because the pictures were taken on the same day.

    • fun with drugs

      mac uses a mac computer so he's really a macfag

    • http://www.facebook.com/kwstunts kwstunts

      Jordan could give me anything and I'd hold onto it forever… especially herpes.

    • Lucky ducker

      Mac gets more butt than a toilet seat.

  • LIJay

    #39 Oh hell yeah. Sexy as hell.

    • DrGarnicus

      You said it!

    • Alex J

      Fap Fap Fap ohhhhh

    • Grum

      The shadow on her chest looks rather phallic.

      • Bubba

        if that's your focus, that's what you'll see

      • Yeah

        If that looks phallic you may want to get your junk checked.

    • theWizz

      she kinda looks like kate middleton…

  • LoneOsprey

    #29 is Ariane Saint-Amour .. google for NSFW.

    • FunKiller

      Eeehhhh, kinda looks like a dude with huge tits……no thanks.

    • Kyle429

      I'd paper bag the crap out of her.

      • sid


    • Anon

      Green Bay Packers. Google. SFW

    • Dale

      Shit she's hot. Too bad I coudn't find her on porn search

    • reason

      she usually looks much better thanthis

  • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

    #42 shuffle the sh*t out of that truffle

  • yam

    #40 is the look I get when I've left my house and can't remember if I cleared history.

    • Your Guide

      rookie mistake, use incognito mode 😉

    • Sion Davies

      hahahah awesome!!!!

  • the_mike

    #49 I can has moar?

    • bollyver

      I'm still hoping for a Chivette tube top.

      • the_mike

        Suddenly, so am I…

    • Yo Mammy

      I think this chick needs to get her eyes checked… She's 2 inches away from her phone!

    • realio

      hot chick but god damn those chick panties are ugly as hell, my god did a 3rd grade boy design those

    • Look closer

      two words: belly rash…

  • Laura

    If I have to see #14 in one more post…

    • BigManJones

      Agreed. Today's theme: The DAR's late, better start reposting…

    • Buster Cherry

      Enough already with this guy, we fucking get it, he had a clever idea now let it go!!!

      • The Truth

        But he used 2 cameras…?

    • Unfkngblvbl

      They do it all the time. I think it's to fuck with us. They pick one picture and randomly repost it all week…maybe two weeks.

    • john

      I think I've seen this one 77 times.

    • BWhite

      If I ever see this guy I am going to punch him right in his suck hole!
      And it will be your fault Chive….

      • tralfaz

        Bad Chive, Bad!!!!

    • manilovefilmsdylan

      Oh sure, just act like the same thing hasn't happened with #13 as well. 🙂 It's an awesome pic…that I've seen 40 times now.

    • DaddyD

      Not as bad as yesterday's "Preikestolen cliff" post. That entire post was a re-do.

    • Shawn

      This dude can't drop 5 bucks at a barber shop for cryin out loud?

      • MrStiggy91

        5 bucks? Tell me what barber you go to, I can't find a place under $12!

  • Kyle429

    #49 DAMN! Need I say MOARR?

  • Retired Navy

    1st if not IDGAS

    • Matt

      not even close

      • Michael

        That's what she said.

  • Jake

    Do the truffle shuffle! Do it!

  • Josh

    #49 Good Finish….Gap. Hand Bra. Under-boob….love DAR

  • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

    #37 K, just the tip

    • Matt

      just for a minute. just to see how it feels.

      • Bruce Wayne

        Dannnger Zone!

        • Oliver Holzfilt

          80 year old vagina? What is it?

    • Loupie

      What did Johnny Carson say to the big vagina cave?

      Is there an echo in here?

  • @BuckeyeEmpire

    #42 a Truffle Shuffle shirt should have been made for that contest

    • steve

      i would have voted for that one

      • 6655321

        Google it, you'll find a few.

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