That escalated quickly (38 Photos)

  • imjake09

    #2 #7 #23 And i was just about to go to sleep. Gonna go check out the Girls category and try to wash my mind out.

    • TheDoctor

      #2 Just an ordinary catfish.

    • Dr. Acula

      I have the weirdest boner right now

    • HOOK

      I was tuggin' it to #33 and #34

    • Skermitt

      Screw these damn commercials playing on the side/bottom of the page. With all their shouting through my speakers about washing machines. Tryin to get my in trouble at work or what?!

  • bb.

    #16 #23 #32 EWWWW!!!!!!!

  • Bonnie

    #24 Troll level : Mongoose

    • TheDoctor

      These guys usual defang the snakes for this kind of performance.

      • Wisti

        Ohhhh I thought I was never going to be able to stop watching that…Now it's less cool 😥

  • antcruz



    • Lazy

      I'm scare-roused.

      • DC34

        Fear boner

        • Ethix_


          • guy1

            I've got the scaredest bone right now

    • Jonnboy


    • Ouboet

      Still would.

    • Iso


    • Iso

      Found: Victoria Wildhaber (painted by Pashur Body Art)

    • Catatafish

      shes not very attractive

      • Please


      • Chris

        I'm sure we would all rather look at her than you.

    • Wait who?

      Chive: we need a chivette body paint gallery.

    • oopieceacandy

      Doens't matter had sex

    • Tomas

      I would definitely lick her 'eyes'

  • Tiber_Septim

    Feed #8 to #9 please

    • ynot

      What if she only has 74 friends.

    • Beev

      Just give her a pet #2

    • Shutup Stan

      #8 to you…retard.

  • Corey

    #26 ummmmmmm NO! I would happily starve before I ate that…..

    • poop


    • ando

      Delicious spiders, nom nom nom

    • V4Vendetta14

      I think I would try anything once. The legs would creep me out though…

    • solrac zemog

      spoken like a real pussy

  • sledneck600

    #33 Grandpa?!?!?

    • HOOK

      Can I have his number?

  • Melkhiordarkblade

    #35 the only acceptable duck face.

    • Underbaker

      So he is just hanging with his peeps in the hood.

  • sammy

    #35 chick magnet?

    • 6655321


  • T J

    #4 WTF am I looking at?

    • chicago


    • Mr_fn_T

      I'm hoping that isn't urine….but I'm thinking that it is

    • bigcityreem

      She survived the Zombie Apocalypse.

      • Hara


    • Kristen

      The vaginal discharge from #34

      • Lexie


        • wdh

          because Kristen looks worse than that

      • thatguy

        I see what you did there….and I don't like it.

  • geo

    #36 dayum! and ah yes i do have the Shamrock KCCO!!!! #37

    • @NorCalChiver

      it's called the Irish KCCO

    • EyeSpy

      The shirt is a fake

  • ericson

    #33 Granma just read Fifty Shades of Grey and decided to stop living a lie…

  • Shawny


  • savagecabbage

    #7 awesome tits #36 needs to eat a sandwich, she looks ill

  • Herpa derpa

    #31 what is this anime?

    • steve

      duno but i want to know aswell.

      • ...

        To Aru Majutsu no Railgun…No idea what that translates to.

        • abc

          It's actually episode 2 of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, which translates to A Certain Scientific Railgun.

    • Raise Your Hand

      And this is why Asians are smarter than us… students over there fear their teachers and for good reason.

    • guest

      According to tvtropes, she survived because it was funny.

  • Jason

    #3 should I and the butter now

  • Pedro

    #1 about to buy that kid's shotgun

    • black27696

      You would be better to buy a full stock option if you're going for home defense. Easier to butt stroke someone if needed, better control of the firearm, easier to manage recoil…

      If you DO get what he's holding, for god's sake never try shooting it like that. Hold it at your waist, with your right hand held against your side. Let your torso soak up the recoil.

    • Obama

      Don't worry 'bout it, Pedro…my buddy Eric Holder is shippin' 'em south of the border for free.

  • JOHN

    #20 kid is a badass

    • insted

      Even he knows better than to vote Obama.

    • Underbaker

      Children have a natural instinct on when to be afraid.

    • sheoncebelieved

      Kid knows that man already put him in $100,000 in debt

    • Cord

      i guess you could say he was spooked

  • @RubyRooRemix

    #8 I don't want to live on this planet anymore….

    • Frank M

      Good, we don't want you here.

      • @RubyRooRemix

        So you think that sort of behavior is ok? Posting on facebook to see if people give you enough attention, and if you don't then you get an abortion???? You sir, are a moron!

    • Si1entStatic

      Things like this make me think that the movie Idiocracy isn't just a comedy but a window to whats ahead for society… the signs are all coming together…

  • andy

    #36 confuses my penis

    • doug dino

      Not Mine.

      • chicago

        mine reacted just fine. would go all day and night, then repeat.

        • John

          Infinity repeat

          • Powder

            Amazing moar!

    • cord

      nice goatee

  • rebbie

    #38 Hey ,what up?

    • thorthechiver

      hey you guys mind if i hitch a ride for a few miles

  • @RubyRooRemix

    #38 Somebody must have brought bacon…

  • jax

    So… many….. reposts… AAARGH!

    Hell some of those were old 5 years ago.. wtf guys!

    • Dale

      At least they left off the guy giving himself a haircut with the camera.That's in pretty much every set.

  • Morogo

    LOL #38 killed me!

    • JamesMoravia

      It's just like that episode of simpsons where they go to africa.

    • loves sammiches

      says the ghost of Morogo…

  • Canadius

    Hands down, best jacket ever

    • abakala

      It's probably a hand-me-down.

    • rgh

      It's the ensemble this fall that says you're always willing to spare a hand.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      He should sell those. He'd make noney hand over fist.

    • loves sammiches

      Let's give a hand to Pierre for modeling this. Thank you, Pierre.

    • VanCity13

      Fits like a glove.

    • Justin

      I'd spin around in a circle and bitch slap multiple people at once

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