Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • DeDe

    Saw it fly directly over my office on Sunset Blvd…while I was eating a cheese danish on the sidewalk. `Cause that's how I roll on Fridays. Happy Friday, Chive!

  • HolyChiveBatman

    # 9…oh those eyes…____MOAR PLEASE!

  • Versari

    #13 Kid finally looking in the right direction.

  • MLR

    #4 Yes!

    #9 Please!

    -Deadman Patch Beard

  • alex

    Captain Gold Jackon

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.harris.3760430 Joshua Harris

    Fluffbucket Bones Bart.. Really?

  • Rob

    #9 find her amd decloth her that is all

  • Mat

    Dead man George Barnacle

  • Naruul

    #28 Rapscallion Creeper of the Coast

  • jerky

    #28 Fluffbucket Patch Mcstinky

  • https://www.facebook.com/keith.dietrich.7 Keith_D

    #28- I be Scallywag George Sparrow

  • William T Farnsworth


  • dakari84

    arg #28 my name be Bowman Cackle Beard

  • Caleb

    Squidlips gold Byrd.

  • Angie

    #28 Captin Storm Morgan, fucking awesome name if i do say so

  • moeshere foxdale

    #28 Miss O Chumbucket Whats up with that…shessssssssss #3 That's Really sweet…Just saying..

  • tha next zane

    captain head ned head… doesnt really roll off the tongue like a pirate name should

  • papyjunky

    Captain Jack Hornswaggle

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