On facebook, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose (21 Photos)

  • Heisanidiot

    #7 posts here sometimes…

    • Greyhead

      Normally types First

    • Josh [ ]

      screw you man

      • Llort


      • OmahaDude

        U finna lurn how 2 spell yet foo? lmfao. douche.

  • Chopsuey


    • Dwide_Schrude

      #1 that's why they call me a wizard in bed

  • chief

    Facebook- that's that Sh*t i don't like!!

  • http://informedguy.com/2012/09/24/on-facebook-sometimes-you-win-and-sometimes-you-lose-21-photos/ On facebook, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose (21 Photos) | Infomormed guy | Only what matters!

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  • HLIF

    Being a Swede makes reading that even sweeter.

    • MylesofStyles


  • Rachel

    #7 LOL YES!

    • steveholt007

      I literally did a spit take with my water! angry pirate…damn!

  • Heisanidiot

    #20 Forever alone…

    • chiver_forever

      No. Clever. And I'm going to borrow the idea this year.

    • amrith777

      Naked on a pair of roller skates–PULL TOY!

  • Turd Ferguson

    I demand a recount

  • http://twitter.com/nickinwarcal @nickinwarcal

    #21 mother of god

    • fgbsgb

      That moment when you realize you are less intelligent than 7/8 of the rest of the chive community

      • Jos

        8 out of 7 people have problems with fractions. Glad I'm not one of them!

    • rico

      that one got me laughing

    • AssHaterson

      This one wins.

    • BFM Peng.


    • Duuuuuuude

      I allmost didn't read this one (it was small on my monitor)…..but I am glad I did. There were a few I did not get though. I will have to look them up.

    • im thinkin...

      i believe this facebook belongs to sheldon cooper of big bang…has to be

    • Dissonant


    • Jackie Chan

      My faith in humanity restored by a Facebook thread? mind=blown

    • Someguy

      Just phenomenal, there are some clever people out there.
      The only one I didn't get was the Linnaeus joke. Never heard of em.
      I think the first Newton one would have been funnier if it said "I'm gravitating more towards Newton"

      • HulioMarie

        The best.

      • Some asshole

        Nerd side note: Linnaeus was a Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist, who laid the foundations for the modern scheme of binomial nomenclature. He is known as the father of modern taxonomy, and is also considered one of the fathers of modern ecology.

        Thanks Wikipedia…he invented the two-part naming system for classifying different species, e.g. Homo sapiens, etc.

    • http://twitter.com/SwarleySheen @SwarleySheen

      All of these ideas are genius!

      • Twa

        And mostly unoriginal.

    • Silverstone

      Some of those are amazingly clever!

  • non, a

    lol @ #11

    • Urethra Franklin

      I needed this laugh today

    • http://www.facebook.com/robert.burling.58 Robert Burling

      The geographic features of the picture and the shape of the electrical tower(those vary from place to place) looks an awful lot like Paris Texas. The dress of the girls in the picture is also consistent with the culture of that region(Texoma), so the question asked in that comment may not have been as dumb as you think.

      • dippityderp

        Thank you Robert.. I was going to wonder about that all day…Or maybe for 3 seconds..

  • Bhodi

    No one in #21 is getting laid this Halloween.

    • a-nom

      Really don't know what girls you hang around, but all the girls I know dig intelligence and wit…

      • wantomas

        Pretty ones?

        • Bud

          It's pretty true. Brains are only sexy when they are old enough to make money. Before that… Useless in the Vag department.

      • skyfireCO

        I can testify to that – definitely would have won me over

        • groundwaterEED

          maybe i can be an amp you can be a resistor?… that'll definitely be a electrifying connection with a lot of positives occurring and maybe hopefully some negatives to sparks things up. 😉 too corny?

      • amrith777

        Yep!Smexy is WIN! (smart and sexy,like Scully ❤

    • Pr0n

      Said the sign holder in the construction area.

    • greg

      I have to go google a large majority of these names now… procrastinating shouldn't be this hard

    • mike

      That depends on who they went as.. Foucault sure knew how to swing

      • Woop

        Yeah Planck is always a constant at these parties. He's fairly discrete with his energy level.

        • Civil

          And Avogadro just sits and gives out his number.

          • Nargon

            only Ohm will resist

            • Daniel

              I'd go as Mendel just to a-"peas" everyone.

              • MeH

                Im gonna go as batman. YAY!

      • trex

        Here you go ruining a science conversation with your damn humanitites


      If one of them goes as Alfred Kinsy, they might receive sexual behavior from the opposite gender.

  • Trav1121

    #20 Haha Too true!

  • pnutz

    #21 hilarious

  • Aaron

    #20 made me lol

  • crustybubblechunks

    #19 Made me aww

    • indominableman

      made me think "…and the money. Definitely the money."

  • Tankus

    #21 was amazing!

  • ...Mondays

    Been sitting here at work quietly. Then I scrolled to #7…too funny 🙂

  • RoguePyrate



    I am sorry… I am a grammar nazi… lol

    • im_140.6

      by grammar you mean spelling?

      • RoguePyrate


        • Plain ol' Nazi

          And by touche' you mean touchè.

  • tv_paul

    #11 Maybe they meant Paris,Texas.

    • bryanole27

      By the looks of the girls, I think you mean Paris, Alabama.

      • Plain ol' Nazi

        By the looks of the infrastructure, I think you mean Paris, Russia.

        • TxSt

          Worst jorts EVER!

      • http://www.facebook.com/robert.burling.58 Robert Burling

        Eh, they dress like that in the Texoma region as well. So it could be either.

  • Buck

    I'd rather see a "Bests Comments on the Chive" Post. Replace "Cat Saturday" with that Mac!!!

    • goon

      So many thumbs up.

    • amrith777

      HEY!YOU SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH!!! j/k the fb posts are hilarious!

    • Dan

      Yea the cat thing is overplayed. Be a Man get a DOG

  • Josh

    #7 the 2nd best part is it says "her timeline"

    • I fail a lot

      meant #8….fail

  • Ahmed

    I am reading this in the library and I look like a crazy person trying not to bust out laughing.

  • Iceberg

    Had me rolling to funny.


    • Lexie

      where exactly is funny located?

    • Fuzzy

      That made me laugh more than it should have. You have to wonder – what the hell kind of answer were they expecting to get with a question like that? How many ways are there to eat soup?

      @Lexie – this is where funny is located according to google maps:
      Funny, Overbergstraße, Dülmen, Deutschland, Europa

  • oondi

    #18 I have wanted to say this soooooo many times. Alas, people finally caught on after a few months.

  • RIAA

    Come on chive, don't get lazy looking for new content. This post does not count. I already go to Failbook and Lamebook every day.

    • Shawn

      This isn't even new. TheChive has been doing galleries like this for a long time.

    • Woop

      And you are so leet. The rest of us have lives and dont have time to surf all known websites.

    • sandy astroglide

      This is literally 40% of failbook's content from last week. The other 60% was better. You can't even steal the good shit?! You're like a criminal that robs a sperm bank!

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