I can’t wait for the American version of these awesome game consoles from China (23 Photos)

  • Never

    #18 Value pack?! I do love a bargain.

    • Never

      Plus I'm finding it harder and harder to find cheap PCP these days.

  • Confused more Bored

    Hump day is late and we keep getting asians?

    • cat hammer

      Hump day has already been posted…pay attention

  • Dan

    #18 great for when you go on trips

  • Murphler

    #11 Anyone else think this would be a badass game if it was real?

    • Bojo

      Not if its gonna be rated E for everyone

    • domin8r

      First thing I thought when I saw that.. I would SO play that!

  • jun

    #4 – I have a WiWi, I play with it all the time.

    • lat297

      mine doesn't take AA batteries though…

  • Morris

    #11 I want to play bad!

    • Anomanom

      I'd probably actually buy that.

  • kissmykarass

    #12 I heard it can withstand a tsunami.

    • lat297

      I see what you did there

  • Macro

    It's like they're not even trying.

  • Doolittle

    #18 Who would buy something named PCP? something isnt right here

    • Sean

      Excellent detective work

    • Machina

      Something is very right here.

    • lat297

      And the others are all absolutely fine?

  • Kurre83

    #11 Is going to be bestseller of the year!!!! OR the whole century!!! #18 Playing with PCP or is it in PCP???
    I wouldn,t dare! might be too realistic =D

  • morebeer

    #7 No. 1 in quality?!?!
    I'm Sold!!!!!

  • Turrebo

    #22 Made by Mircosoft. Or is it another cheap NoeGoe rip-off?

  • IDTenT

    I would be so pissed. Gee…. Thanks mom.. can't wait to invite the guys over to play "Cold n' Die 700".

  • Gibby

    Whats crazy to think about is the fact that the people making these things are actually making money!

  • BWaecker

    #18 Hey kids, tired of sitting around all day with nothing to day? Has your Mom got you down? Well now you can cheer up and be the boss with new, PCP!

  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    #4 Can't wait to invite a girl over and ask her if she wants to try my WiWi.

  • Reckless

    I want to play one, or are they just broken toaster parts

  • Ratt

    Thank god America outsources to china. Think of the crap we would …. Nevermind

  • Tim

    if I had a wiwi I might never leave the house, just stay home and play with it all the time

  • Kirf

    I have always wondered if these machines actually do something or if they are just a pile of plastic

    • colimar

      I saw a guy testing a different model of the Polystation and after play 3 minutes of some Super Mario Bros ripoff the videogame blew up

  • Job

    its mutha fukin legit!!!

  • TheCanadianGuy

    #7 Most popular game?
    Slut Wars!

  • TheCryingGame

    "Bought my momma a new car, spent the rest on………pcp."

  • Guest

    Man, I told you I have Gamecast. I can't AFFORD it!
    Malibu's most wanted anyone?!

  • mooberries

    #2 is a happy meal toy

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