Soooo…. you got wasted (31 Photos)

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  • Stephanie

    #21 Harry Potter??

    • Buntcake72

      Looks like he's had too much Butterbeer…

    • Josh

      Thats what i said, saw the first pic, thinking "that guys a beast!" scroll down…"HARRY?!! WTF MAN?!!" then i thought, "this is the guy that went on set of harry potter hungover, this is nothing new"

    • gregorije1

      and goblet of fire?

      • heresincethestart

        he went on the piss with the dublin minor football team who won the all ireland last week

        • Richard

          they had to give him money to get back!!!

    • WilliamNye

      Ten Points to Gryffindor

    • kbizzle


    • Word
    • Kato

      I don't blame him. Signing Harry Potter merchandise all day would make me a raging alcoholic as well.

      • goon

        At least then I'd have an excuse.

    • Big Poppa

      Harry Potter and the Goblet of cut price Vodka………….Ex-spluuuuurg-iarmus

    • Martin

      Yep that is Daniel Radcliffe he was in Dublin last week nd the Dublin minor football team won the All Ireland Final nd ran into him in town nd he went back to my mates gaff nd had a few cans with them. He is a proper Legend!!!

      • English Chive

        *and *and *and *and.
        It's intriguing that the 'a' key only seems to fail when typing 'and'. Your spelling makes me proud to be British

    • Nolan Schlereth

      And the goblet of BEER!

  • dibdy

    #7 passed out in the perfect position!!!

    • Tiber_Septim

      i might have a chance with her but i doubt it lol

    • Troy Schreurs


    • ...

      Yes "passed out" that's what happened

    • guest

      Dear diary, …jackpot!

  • Don

    #21 Didn't expect that one.

  • Chaos

    #20 Damn Rookies

  • At_ur_moms_house

    "hey bro, there's a poker game in the back. U in?"

    • rgfratelli

      watch out for the chihuahua though, he's black.

  • joe

    #2. Forget the drunk. Check the rack on the blonde! 🙂

    • dibdy

      I think a 'find her' is a necessity!!

      • corie

        jenna el masri……. i'm the girl passed out in the picture 😉 go cards!

        • @Jenna_el

          hahaha well thanks for the complements. Raise L!

  • Jamal102

    #7 Just stay in that position..

  • @MonsterThought

    #31 Seems like he received some pretty tame treatment for being passed out

  • God

    #4 Truth!!!!

    • jasgat66

      Not yet… It's waking up the next day and seeing who you drunk dialed… That is the worse ever…

  • brian

    #21. No way, ol harry? Gettin buzzed before he takes emma to poud town!

  • Zed

    #1 Nachooooooooo!!!!!!!

    • Amy

      Haha exactly what I thought!!

    • Ehh

      Is it Jack?

  • Yep

    Bunch of fuckin' losers.

    • Nick F


    • Kato

      Stop being so uptight. You have to pass some of those gas from your arse every now and then.

  • kal50

    #7 Sshhhh. If you look closely, you will see the drunk college girl in her natural habitat presenting herself to the male counterparts.

    • Male

      I'd present myself to her

  • AndreLei

    #21 – Harry Potter!

  • janeyqueen

    #22 Why is that piece of ice shaped like a penis? What's the subliminal message here?

    • awestruck

      I'd like to give you my "ice"

  • Packer Fan

    I love these posts. They bring me back to a simpler time without a wife and kids to take into consideration. And those younger looking fellows in #14 you and this younger population needs to stop modifying the classic game of beer pong. Which I proudly take credit for, me and my generation that is(and im only 30!). But I see and these younger and slighty less intelligent people adding new rules and changing the playing surface all together. Its supposed to be a 4'x8' playing surface not a 3'x12'. You dont see the NFL adding 25 yards to the offical 100 field do ya? Youre only making yourself look like a dumbass. Until you guys get it right, KCCO.

    • Joe

      Beer pong was created in the 1960's so I don't know how you can even begin to take credit for it, and the reason the table is longer is so its more of a challenge, but we understand if you can handle it.

    • @MonsterThought

      Well if you're going to play the 'this is the proper size it's supposed to be' card you might as well go all official instead because the regulation size table is 8'x2'x27.5" and is recognized by The World Series of Beer Pong (I can't believe this is an actual ruling body)
      Or you could be less of a dick about it and just carry on playing beer pong on any flat surface like they first did back in the 50s and 60s.

      • Anonymous

        Like they did back in the 50's and 60's? Shit it's still any flat surface to this day. In high school we would
        take doors off the hinges and put em on trash cans.

    • Jim

      European here. What is the point of beer pong? The aim of a drinking game is to get as many people as drunk as possible in the least amount of time. Beer pong seems to be the exact opposite of this… Is it something to do with rationing the alcohol because the US has a weirdly high drinking age and most students struggle to get served?

      I'm not having a go or anything, if you enjoy it keep doing it. I just don't understand the appeal…

      • Yeah

        Hey Jim. Don't be one of "those" Europeans. Oh, and fuck off.

    • Tim

      Why don't you numbfucks clean up after your dog after it pisses on the carpet? Keep Calm and Chive On beer pong table? That's the dumbest shit I think I've ever seen. No wonder you don't have any chicks at your party, fags. You look like fucking tools with all your KCCO shit.

    • Pandamancer

      Well, I remember when beer pong was played on a ping-pong table and you had to bounce it over the net into a cup. Yep, things are different, but I guess the results are the same 😛

  • Canucks_Rule

    #18 – haha, this pic fucking rocks!!

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • Soldasd
  • The Truth

    I think we all need to give a big Chive On to Harry Potter!!! #21
    Who would have thought?!

    • Massoom

      Hangoverus disappearo!!

  • April C

    #21 I guess he isn't sober anymore! Oh Harry…

  • jason walter
    • Chivacy Please

      Almost had a 3 some….the trick is to 1. Stay sober and act drunk. 2. Don't get the girls too drunk.

  • Whitney

    #21 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Firewhisky.

  • Soldasd
  • Needing a Trollop

    #13 Would be awesome if it had a better holder…that bottle will fall off in 2 seconds!

    • JRobes

      there's a metal ring around the bottle… i doubt its going anywhere but its still a pretty lame idea

      • Needing a Trollop

        My bad I never even noticed that!

  • Noffles

    #19 is why I follow Chive

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