Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (36 Photos)

  • http://www.facebook.com/adamRsino Adam Arceneaux


    • Dick

      I love to yell MOAR when people fall out of wheel chairs right outside the chemotherapy clinic

  • savagecabbage

    #30 Ah yes, I like my women like i like my toast, hot and consumable with butter… also i love you

    • Guse

      Ahhhh… The Chive's subtle descent into displaying actual pornography continues. They think we don't notice, but we do.

      And we thank you.

    • Macro

      She has no ass.

      • OmahaDude

        You have no taste…

        • Terwilliger

          …or class.

      • its_forge

        Not-ghetto =/= no-ass

      • BTME

        What, are you blind?

      • yabba dabba doo

        How much do you need? Roll with it

    • JoeMamma

      Perfection. Just turned my entire shitty day around, thank you. Also I love you more then savage

    • FieryMary

      I love the IT Crowd reference! 🙂

    • lesbi-lover?

      Her goosebumps gave me goosebumps

    • The Sword

      I love her to.

    • Malone

      Great GoogaMooga!

    • MonsMan

      Top of the Mons to ya!

    • twigger

      my floor jus dropped to the jaw!

  • darren


    KCCO, little man

    • Orukal

      Thanks, Darren. Ashe is my son and he's taught me how to stand tall. He's been through things that would have brought a grown man to tears. The power of these kids is amazing.

      • http://thechive.com F3n1x187


      • Jimbo

        Kcco! Best wishes.

    • eeBOOM

      Ashe, you have tons of love and support coming from Philly, the city of Brotherly Love.
      So Chive On, Brother… Chive On!

    • Kato

      Stay strong young warrior.


    #17, Side boob Perfection.

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      You kidding? That thing looks like it's about to explode! These chicks really should learn to control themselves… You could bounce a truck off those things…

      – Fan testimonial: "CHIVE admins, can you block this rude poster from commenting on the site?
      I know this is to be expected online, but Paula's snide comments have gotten excessive and out of control. – Janelle"

      • Yerp

        You're an idiot Paula. Don't be all jealous because yours sag to the floor.

    • http://onfunzone.com/ ninechive

      Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos) http://tinyurl.com/9dunr5a

      • its_forge

        Massive fungal infection

    • eeBOOM

      this is persuasive evidence for the ongoing case of SideBoob vs. UnderBoob

    • billyjack13

      I would put her whole tit in my mouth. Or try to.

  • mike

    #35, #36

    I've really enjoyed Coleen this week. Like, a lot

    • FunKiller

      You are not alone my friend, she's the epitome of a beautiful Chivette.

    • keystone183

      Love me some Cabo.


      Finally, a face to go with that amazing body!

    • Melace

      This girl is awesome and absolutely gorgeous!! KCCO young lady!!

    • Bryce


    • TrickyDick

      Not as much as she enjoyed the attention!

      • adxasd

        yeah, seems to me there are a lot of young women becoming chivettes all the sudden, not as bad as being an attention whore…

    • Bdrizzle25

      Coleen I'd like to thank you with a poem….Ahem…..
      Roses are like a red red rose
      I'd like to pinch your nose
      Violets are more of a purple
      Your pictures make me hirple
      I had to use google
      But continued to oogle
      Poems are hard
      I love lamp

      Peace Love and chicken Grease!

    • bdg

      #35 Coleen I believe I want you for my own!!!!!! You are beautiful!!!!!!!


    #30, Hot,Lean and 'Leave the boots on' all weekend long.

    • A.J.R

      The way I like it

    • MariJane03

      and also can't spell Friday… just sayin

  • Tom

    You there, #6, keep being you.

    • Someguy

      good god find her please! MOAR please

    • FieryMary

      RIP Dave on wheels 😦

      • kitty_karloso

        I don't know if this was supposed to be a mistake or not, but either way it made me laugh. Thumbs up.

    • Tobi K

      so gooooood! awesome fräulein!!! :O)

  • Greg

    God Speed Dave. You are an inspiration #7

    • Brian

      Dave in Wings

    • http://www.facebook.com/troy.schreurs Troy Schreurs

      Amen to that. I hope you have Taylor swift playing up there and hot angels in cellophane!

      • Football Friends

        He's not reading this. Mostly because he is dead and there is no heaven.

    • digitalpimp

      KCCO Dave, and what a lucky man to be able to say goodbye with such an amazing note. Not a dry eye in the house!

    • Bryce

      KCCO Dave. You're outlook on life should be an inspiration to everyone. God speed.

    • Digdug

      R.I.P. Dave…

    • Utchiver

      Who else thinks the chive needs to do a t shirt in Dave's honor?

      • MAC

        With proceeds to the family or charity or something. Great Idea!

        • bob_the_cook

          I submitted a concept to John and thechivery this morning. It used his "I love life" design from his twitter page. I hope they will at least consider it.

      • saveferrisonwheels

        I'd buy one in a second. I was on twitter every chance I got waiting to read his tweets and was truly amazed with each and every one. His blog should be required reading. RIP Dave!!

    • Gipper

      damn….just damn.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bobby.ciman Bobby Ciman

      This should be a new shirt for Dave.

      • Lilbluecar

        And the proceeds to him family.

        • Football Friends

          No, the proceeds should be to help people with his disease.

    • Machew

      Guy touched more lives in 4 days than most will in a lifetime. Thank you Dave for making this big blue rock just a little bit happier.

    • A.J.R

      Pray go out the family… KCCO

    • Crazy_Jake

      Going to regret this but WHO IS DAVE? #7

      • moragami

        Some person who was pretending to be severely handicapped. He wrote many inspirational things, using Dave on Wheels as his alter-ego. It was all a farce.

        • Crazy_Jake

          Thank you..

  • Hrdwood

    #12 I'm sure he's just making sure she's strapped in safely…

    • OmahaDude

      I'm sure he's making it clap

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Eww, carnies have been in there

      • Hrdwood

        in the car or in some other place?

      • Jakemo_1

        I see what you did there

      • sureman123

        you mean the carnies "are" in there…

    • MonkeyMadness

      It's probably two dudes. 😛

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        Aaaaaand photo ruined.

      • Hrdwood

        explains the sticky floor I always thought was cotton candy…

  • Kelowna Chiver

    Kcco everyone. Have a drink for Dave this weekend and stay peaceful.

    • OntarioChiver

      Well Played!! RIP DAVE

    • Gallus

      I am about to do just that!

  • dexter


    is it wrong to say i want to play a game of quarters off her tush?

    • Barry McKokkinner

      no 🙂

    • bob_the_cook

      If it IS wrong, I don't want to be right.

  • Revlis1

    #1 The Force is strong with this one…

    • Notknowing

      Look closer. That guy stole Mr.T's look…FOO

    • http://www.NueveSalon.com Abe

      That's big wave surfer, body boarder, and stand up paddler Kainoa McGee

    • Guest

      When da wave break here, don't be there, or you gonna get drilled!!!!!!

      You know da guy, Rick Cain? He gonna stomp your ASS!!!!


      • Guest

        You know the best part of pipe?

        The TITTIES, homo!!!!!!!!!!

  • B!!!

    #1 Horaayyy Beer

    • T-Rex

      What a Spooby !

  • Devon


    Suddenly, I'm very thirsty

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Got me a pair for me and the Mrs….choked a little on the bill though.

      • Max Power

        No kidding! I like to support the Chive, but $30 for two!? Pass.

    • hellno

      $30 for 2 glasses? WTF is that shit?? Thanks Chive, but no thanks

    • Jim

      Anyone know if these are American or Imperial pints? The smaller American pint is an abomination to be honest…

  • #387


    • Ben


    • Boondock

      "…I'm finished!"

      • #387

        Do you think that when he said I'm finished he meant his life was over, or do you think he meant he was done with his dinner and cocktails. I think he meant he was done with dinner!

    • MGP

      Spareroom in Hollywood

  • barry mis


    that's… well… kinda badass

    • Revlis1

      If this goes down somewhere in Pakistan, they are going to be really confused. "who is this Chive?"

    • Unfkngblvbl

      That looks like a giant awesome military aircraft slingshot…….please tell me it is a giant awesome military aircraft slingshot.

    • Mac

      So The Chive is sponsoring drones now?

    • yours

      Awesome… Death from above… I'm sure those women and kids deserved to die

      • username

        misinformation is more likely to do that then a camera…

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    #4 Fat chance.

    BTW read the back: "Learn Chinese, Pork!". U got trolled by a fortune cockie!!1!

    – Fan testimonial: "How can you not like this shit? It's gold -trl87"

    • FunKiller

      You can't make this shit up…..oh wait, yes you can……

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        Be sure to read page 2 this time, there's one hell of a brilliant comment/image combo there.

        – Fan testimonial: "Jesus, if I could like this a million times I would! – Kim"

        • FunKiller

          I'm on my way!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Did you say "cockie?"

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        Somehow I knew that would get your attention…

        – Fan testimonial: "Seriously…I can try, but I just can't hate you, Paula… – a-nom"

  • Tillman61

    #6 Tinkerbell rocks.

    • http://onfunzone.com/ ninechive

      awesome and cute mood ,,i like to kiss her

      • Lloyd Christmas

        The first time I set eyes on her, she gave me that old fashioned romantic feeling, where i'd do anything to boner her.

        • Kato

          Not very classy Lloyd. You have to wine and dine her first before you bone her. Certain rules apply you know.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    #30 My pants just went crazy!

  • Bob

    #30 cheers to the weekend chivers

  • Chiefhenry27

    #30. Sweet Jebus…That's not just a happy Friday, that's a happy everyday!

    • http://onfunzone.com/ ninechive

      hahaha its very funny for everyday lolllllllll
      Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos) http://tinyurl.com/9dunr5a

      • its_forge

        die in a chemical fire

  • FunKiller

    #1 Now that is water…..but it will FUCK YOU UP!!!

    • JdJ

      we have a saying in hawaii (where the pic is taken): never turn your back on the ocean. or else shit like this will eat you alive.

      • Football Friends

        This is photoshopped, you fucking idiot.

    • rugerhoyt

      "Lady if you mess with that, you're gonna have a bad time"

  • BrotherOnWheels

    #7 didn't hit me until I saw this. Same year I was born. KCCO-OnWheels buddy.

    • MonkeyMadness

      I didn't realize he was that old. What a somber picture.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dominic.matteo.1 Dominic Matteo

    #26 guy in bottom corner looks like horatio caine, I just imagine him going … Yeah… As she jumps out of the plane

    • Mark

      Was this at Skydive Chicago? Cause I'm pretty sure I jumped with that guy

    • TheDude

      And putting on his shades all cheesy-like.

    • Kato

      Looks like we have… *takes of shades* … a nip slip. YEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

    • zezinho

      i think this is the girl in a gif lolol check it out lol http://images.4chan.org/gif/src/1349668038281.gif

      • Jen

        jeezus, look at those curtains flapping in the wind!

      • Damien Loki

        That was no where near as hot as I'd thought it'd be…


      • Marko

        Defiantly not the same chick.

    • the credible hulk


  • boob_cuddle

    #7 thanks Dave for teaching me how to appreciate the ones around me. R. I. P.

    • http://onfunzone.com/ ninechive

      it's a master piece

    • Pr0n

      Dave was one bad ass dude. Too bad he had to go, his insight could change the world.

    • hafnium10

      will miss his courage but love to think of him running, playing and without any more pain .. KCCO Dave! Play hard!

    • alwaysthatguy

      I only knew about Dave for about a day, but I cried for him this morning

    • http://www.facebook.com/craig.bergman.14 Craig Bergman

      thanks Dave for puttin shit in perspective. your spirit will outshine any star ever wished upon.

      • Football Friends

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA There is no Dave you fucking idiots, it was a troll account the whole time

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