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  • Zuke

    Oh right, and you're full of shit #14. Full of it. Mostly the first thing that came into my mind was teenage girls, not because I love undeveloped chicks, but because they'd pretty much be the only person to ask a question like that.

    Also, whoever asked that question clearly does not live where I live. There is nobody worthwhile here. There are lots of little kids, and lots of really old people. I literally do not know if there is a single female within my age range within a 2 or 3 block radius of my house, and the only one I know of that's 4 blocks away presently goes to the college I used to go to. It makes me sick man. It has to be some sort of conspiracy to see if you can make a person go insane from a total absence of intimacy in their lives. I'm going to bed. Sleeping is pretty much all there is to do round' here anyways…

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