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  • Gaige

    hahaha This is great! They should get crossing lights for deer too, I mean it's the safe thing to do!

  • James Raynor


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  • Pete

    oh deery me. Some people just try to pass the buck wherever they can. At least she wasn't fawning over the presenters… ok I'm done. re. tard.

  • carrie

    because deer can obviously read…..

  • Bill

    Fuckin yuppies they are put her for the local rednecks amusement!!! If she would stop. Think about it the yellow warning sign for a deer crossing is the same for a school zone a children at play sing n many other Yellow warnings signs! Do we need to spell it out for these ppl or just send their ass bac to driving school?

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  • wall tiles

    wow whatta ruh-tard!!! ahaha

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