I do what I want (24 Photos)

Do you do what you want? Send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com. Or don’t, whatever.

  • Matt

    #1 I am so tired of this picture, I want to punch it in the face

    • lainer

      This picture wants you to punch it in the face. Along with several other overly used photos.

      • TheDoctor

        #16. Doesn't make you a badass. Makes you a moron. You gonna stand there all day?

    • BombasticD

      MAc does what he wants…

    • nofukx

      Looks like Shane Botwin kinda. . . LOL

      • Jen

        i would post a gallery of all the same pictures and title it I Do What I Want. take that.

    • Ian

      Do whatever you want.

  • Trav1121

    #15 Dick move, bro… Dick move…

    • Facer

      Yep, this guys an asshole.

      • Taco_Depot

        I think Trav was totally going for the pun here.

      • Phil

        Im gonna pee on your face!

    • Dick head

      This is an immature highschool stunt!

  • jofv

    FLBP candidate on the Charlotte John blog today! http://www.thecharlottejohn.com

  • Needlegun13

    #8 Like a fuckin BOSS.

    • steve

      like a fuckin moron

    • Big Poppa

      Rest in piece iliterate Dave

  • 29er

    #13 taking a picture while driving 60 on a 25 mph section of a winding road…darwin's exceptions?

    • Endo

      Of course, you haven't hit the 25 mph section yet. And, those signs are always at least 10 MPH low for ANY car, 20 for a good one.

    • lemurfart

      yellow signs are suggestions, white are limits

      • Loko

        Bet you got an A on you drivers test

    • Guest

      Hilarious! The number one cause of distracted driving is the cell phone, and distracted driving kills more people a year than drunk driving and speeding combined. Why don't you send us another hilarious photo from your phone while you're driving, you fucking ass clown…

      • baddbuzz

        Only 60 mph . . . Get on it boy !

      • Loko

        what did you go to stat university get a life ass clown

      • Yup

        Maybe it is a person riding in the back seat taking a picture over the driver's shoulder?? So quick to judge you are.

      • iain

        Well, I'm going to hang up the phone and crack my last beer on the way to buy more….Safety first

    • Jon

      In a Subaru? Your FINE

    • Stevens Team


    • Gordysmum

      Its a Nissan… it can take it

  • Feeder of Trolls

    Having cleaned many restrooms over the years I can save that #15 is a douche bag.

    • Womb_Raider

      Agreed. Make him pick it up with his teeth when it's time to clean it for repairs. What a Jackass.

    • Tyler

      hahahahahah sucks to be you then.

      • OzarksChiver

        Sounds like you don't clean your bathroom, Tyler. Guess you must shit in the yard…

    • Phil

      I hope one day i shit in the urinal that you have to clean

      • Feeder of Trolls

        That really hurt my feelings.

  • 29er

    #11 I do this all the time and get pissed when I actually have to use 2 hands because the damn thing ripped.

    • heywood jablowme

      and exactly how many times did you piss on the seat before someone told you to lift it?

  • @thomygold

    #4 Working girls gotta work

    • Unfkngblvbl

      That looks like Santa Barbara, CA

      • baddbuzz

        That looks like titties . .

  • 29er

    #24 This duck is going places.

    • repoman86

      Yeah…but only to the places the other duck wants to…

    • whale hntr

      friendzone lvl 3999…….

  • N2MotoX

    #8 What's he gonna do………fart?

  • blutodawg

    #14 Go Seattle Police Department…. Stay classy downtown

    • Critical Observer

      usual behavior and they wonder why they get no respect from the citizens

      • Yup

        Don't you think that if there is a fire, the cop might be one of the first people to know about it and be able to move his car?

    • UhHuh

      Why the Hell does everyone keep trying to hype up Seattle? Stop it.

      • blutodawg

        Seattle is the shit, the cops are douches

        • UhHuh


      • Draiden

        Because Seattle is bomb. 206 mother fucker

        • UhHuh

          Bet you have never been out of that city your whole life.

  • KCO617

    #8 Darwin is quite close, I can feel it.

  • rob

    Hooker Boots

  • fucked

    #4 no you aren't.

    • Jay

      Wrong, everyone knows that hooker boots are the epitome of class and sophistication.

    • knaimoli

      I want to be there when her cheap heel breaks off getting stuck on the boardwalk…

    • Bum

      How much?

  • ChiverLance

    #2… Seriously?

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #24 I realy dont no why i thought that was funny

    • OU Drew

      You mean that "you reaLLy don't KNOW"?

      • Yurp


        • Douchebag

          Yeah, because proper grammar is such a douchey thing. It's people like you that reinforce the stereotype that Americans are stupid.

          • Yurp


    • robsterling

      It's funny because ducks can't talk.


    #4 I Would…

    • Just Me

      Me too. Moar please.

      • chiver

        Me three!! Over and over!

  • tv_paul

    #15 Uh oh, Urine a lot of trouble now.

    • Dustin

      LOL, because urine sounds like you're in, baaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha

      • Hrdwood

        I've also heard there's a lot of Dustin space because of Uranus…. baaaaaaaaaahahahahah

    • rugerhoyt

      I see what you did there

    • MylesofStyles

      You may be the Pun Master but I AM THE CLIT COMMANDER.

    • TheDude

      Never fails. Keep up the good work Paul.

    • chiver

      the repairman's gonna be pissed

  • Rozzisi

    Why do the same pictures come up over and over? I know a few people that send in lots of great pictures. Yet I see the same ones… There was one yesterday that was on here a year ago!

    • Jen

      you must be new here.

  • dollybakerton

    #19 … the hooks then come out of the ceiling and this guy breaks his neck

    • BlueLizzardGame

      That sounds like an epic win!

    • DirkDigglerLV

      I'd pay to see Uncle Rico lob a microwaved steak at his dome. Napoleon Dynamite reference.

    • Sal

      Really though … Super sketchy haha

    • Clownshoe

      My thoughts exactly…I wouldn't trust the integrity of those hooks. Wanabe funny man ends up a vegitable after landing on his head!

    • LawnGuyLand

      Come on. Can't you see his buddy is poised to catch him?

  • sneakypete

    #24 is the truth! thats one bad mother ducker!!

  • kittygato

    Goats never read the warnings – they just like to live on the edge

    • Jen

      thats one baaaaaad mother fucker.

  • misschris

    #4 Haha I do love how she started that quote with "Bitch"

  • Tim

    #1 – You want to look like a queer?

    • DirkDigglerLV

      He does hold that sausage like he's experienced!!!

  • Guest

    The first interracial kissed aired in the USA was between captain Kirk and uhura in star trek..random thought I do what I want

    • Gonasiphaherpalitis

      Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnaz? Your random thought is invalid.

      • -Snookums

        Dezi Arnaz was a Cuban. Cubans are considered Latino. Latino is an ethnicity, not a race. Your invalidation is invalid.

        • iain


    • Guest

      Yes, but can you name the episode without having to look it up??

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