• Verbal_Kint

    I'd be willing to bet he's a bit fucked up and just running on pure adrenaline…

    • NorCal420

      Concussion at least! That frame looked like a tin can.

      • Hrdwood

        that'll buff out…

    • This.

      Fucking car was made of recycled aluminum cans!

      • gregorije1

        trust me, i drove a "lada", it is not a soft car, the collision was quite strong

        • Jebus

          Yeah this guy died a little later of internal injuries

    • ericsan203

      Both survived, translate and check it out

  • Ears

    gotta be drunk

  • POOP

    I bet you he pooped himself though!!!

  • Evanjms

    Holy crap!

  • Visitohr

    Lucky bastard.. It's gonna cost him 20 bucks to fix that car though.

  • Jessefuss

    I've heard of skydivers who's chutes don't open. When they hit the ground, adrenaline kept them alive and alert (& walking) for a few seconds.

    • Problemé?

      I'm willing to bet this maybe be an actual fact.. that you heard that.

    • sjd

      Yeah sure. Your body falls 15,000 feet to the earth and with all your broken bones, crushed organs and brain splattered all over the ground you just up and wonder around for a few minutes. As a former paratrooper I'm gonna have to call bull shit. KCCO 🙂

    • andyT

      This is actually true. Very rare, but true. There are some people who have survived from this. Obviously they didn't survive a jump from 15000 feet without a parachute, but the ones I've heard of are about parachutes that have failed. So they provide someee drag but not very much at all. But what saves people in a scenario like this is the way they hit the ground. If they can hit and fall to the ground in a way that lets the force of the impact distribute throughout their bodies, it is possible for them to survive (with a shit ton of broken bones and internal damage in general) although very rare. And the people who I am thinking of have survived, and not just lived for a few seconds. They wouldn't be able to walkaround with so many broken bones, most likely leg bones and such.

    • Dan

      Bear Grylls survived falling from really high up because of parachute failure. 18 months later he climbed Mt. Everest and is a total badass.

  • Billy

    Sick driving skills, Mario.

  • Billy

    Two people in that car, BTW.

    • Brad

      If you play this in slow motion – I'm pretty certain I can see one person ejected from the car….one walked away…the other?

      • MonkeyMadness

        I thought I saw someone ejected too, I watched it several times and I'm still not sure.

        • Maanse


  • dubdub

    I think he was the passenger. There were two people in that tin can!

  • Visitohr

    Is it just me or does it look like theres someone else in the car when he's passing the camera?

  • Sterling Rod

    I'm calling BS. Seems to be a lot of people just HAPPENING to film this stuff from their dashboards. WHo the hell DOES that? "Hey Stu, why is your camera phone recording the road?" "Hey, you never know man"

    • steve

      a Lot of people are having dash cams fitting as there is a lot of people reversing in to other cars and then blaming the other driver. I know in uk 9 times out of then the person who drives in to the back of someone gets the blame.

      • Sterling Rod

        Thanks for clearing that up.

    • Sydtrolls

      They are dash cameras to show proof of what happened in accidents. Real common in Russia and other foreign countries

    • Acdc

      Really? You don't get it? You don't understand why these people have dash cams? Get off my planet.

      • Sterling Rod

        My planet first, fatso.

    • Don't Touch My Mum

      I know other people responded but in Russia, it's very common for folks to have dash cams. I don't remember where I read it but it stated that more than 75% of Russians have them in their cars and the number is still climbing. Something about safety issues.

      • JustaGuy

        Take a little trip over to LiveLeak and all will be revealed, a few crazy Russia crashes every day. I believe having the cams is also highly common to protect against insurance fraud (lots of clips of crazy people jumping in front of moving vehicle to fake an injury and collect insurance).

  • that guy

    Vladmir was quoted in the local paper saying "That is the last time I spike my morning coffee with acid ever again."

    • placenta_smoothie

      your trying too hard

  • N2MotoX

    He must have drank a Redbull! If not, at least someone with wings was with him! WOW!

  • N2MotoX

    Just watched it again….The car with the camera speeds up so he couldn't pass! How does he feel now?

    • Happy

      I dont know about him but Id feel pretty good.

  • Meh

    I agree with Sterling Rod: who drives around filming everything in the off-chance that something happens?

    • Yroc

      I do sometimes when I see an asshole driver….

    • Simon

      A lot of cars have built in cameras permanently recording for insurance/crime/accident purposes. This is just a bi-product of it.

  • BlingB

    check 00:10, definitely 2 people in the car, the one saved is the passenger

  • ohai

    R.I.P. Dave on Wheels also the driver

  • Yroc

    Darwinism didn't work on this guy…

  • meyotu

    Go to second 10 and pause, exactly second 10. Clearly two people in that car… that sux man.
    Don't be so reckless when you are driving!!

  • ccc

    Looks like the passenger was on the right and was the one who climbed out. The driver… not so lucky.

    • IMHO

      The woman looks back for a brief moment… I never want to see what she saw.

  • TheDJ

    This russian crash tests are cheaper than their cars … 😐

  • Mike

    Moral of the story? Don't drive like a dumbass and these kinds of things won't happen.

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  • Dr_StrangePants

    The camera is mounted on a bus. This bus was in the fast lane and was about to pass the the one one the right. Black car driver figures that will take too long and tries to sneak in between.
    Right before he cuts you'll notice a grey car on the shoulder…I wonder if that had anything to do with the driver turning too sharply.

    • Guest

      Everyone is missing why he swerved in front of the bus. Go back again and watch the extreme right side of the clip. Hasn't anyone noticed the car that is going the wrong way on the shoulder!!

  • joe_schmoe

    When this video was posted on Reddit a couple days ago a commenter pointed out that there are two passengers. Only one survives.

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