• ryan

    Guy is a dickhead and could have killed more people. Absolutely no loss there.

  • Irrelevant

    I'm digging the music.

  • @undefined

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  • Adrian

    I guess nobody noticed that the driver side got hit near the back then the passenger side was hit and bent the roof making it look like he wss the passenger. So he was the driver

  • Nevenem

    you can see beer can on the road, he was drunk

  • Baldrick843

    Holy shit.. Look at 10 seconds.. The second guy goes flying out of the window.

  • jaaaa

    Too bad… that means there's still at least one too many idiot drivers out there.

  • Canucks_Rule

    ho-ly shit.

  • uf_engnr

    Anyone else notice the driver of the vehicle with the camera speeds up significantly a few seconds before the black car swerves in – looks like the guy saw him coming and didn't want him to pass on the right

  • Pxi

    no way theres no internal injuries. Pure luck for he is no bloody pulp by now.

    I know lada is made of cast iron but driver…?

  • stan_lee413

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  • JustaGuy

    Both survived (additional photos too):

    From Google Translate: "Domestic car driver was hospitalized with broken ribs, and his passenger escaped with bruises, the press service of the traffic police in the Kaluga region."

  • Briz

    I think the guy got what he deserved for being an idiot trying to pull a stupid move like that.

  • Chris T

    That's what he gets for driving like a dickhead.

  • Ricardo Maese

    fuck there was someone else in that car

  • Maanse

    He should be really thankful that god didn't punish HIM for his reckless driving

  • John

    Insurance fraud is common over there, hence all the cameras on the cars

  • popsy

    I hope thats not milk spilled on the road…i hear its expensive in Russia

  • MohawkJon

    Humph… Having any kind of lane dividers could have helped this situation

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