Your family photo totally looks normal, said nobody ever (40 Photos)

Via Awkwardfamilyphotos

Via Awkwardfamilyphotos

  • NoodlumNad

    and the award for the most awkward goes too……..#10

    • MonkeyMadness

      I know what the guy in the back is looking at.

    • c6martin2

      I agree. This was the one that disturbed me the most.

  • TheBAMFinater

    #10 WTF, this is just wrong on so many levels. My wife would have killed me if I didn't stay up near her head, let alone have the whole family in.

    • FRED

      The guys eyes were not looking at the camera either


    fell asleep with an itchy bum, woke up with smelly fingers

    • jim thorton

      worse things have happened to better people

    • DirtBag

      It's called a courtesy wipe my friend.

  • jay


  • asdasd

    awful lot of honkies in here…

    • Guest

      They are just weird

    • KeepinCalm

      LMAO. Honkie…that's good. I prefer 'Mr. Cracker' but each to their own. Seen the Maury Show lately – whole lot of brotherly love happening there. But then that's completely normal, right?

      • That Guy

        pretty sure that's a Family Guy quote…

        • That Guy Again

          It is, it's when Peter Griffin tries to get out of jury duty in a cutaway gag, he says "Awful lot of honkies here"

    • techno_viking

      I believe "redneck" is the politically correct term.

  • Ratatata


    • U suck

      lol no.

  • DisNinjaSeen

    Hahaha can not stop laughing! Awkward!!!

  • Spark

    #37 Something in your pocket there, Sport?

    • WileEOne

      I hate it when someone's taking a photo and my balls itch…

    • sithney

      dad looks like isaac asimov

    • jreddy23

      It's a young Robert DeNiro.

  • chron247

    #20 what the hell is that a tattoo of?

    • c1a1s0e6y

      I was looking through here hoping someone could tell me!!!!

  • Needing a Trollop

    I don't even know what to say…Wow

  • ChrisDG74

    #34 – Frank Zappa?
    Is that Moon Unit or Diva with him?

    • Central-Scrutinizer

      good call

    • Dave

      Could also be Dweezil

    • Sam

      Thought it was Frank Zappa aswell. Good call man.

    • Dale

      Not Zappa but does look like him. He never did that combed out fro style

  • Yep

    #28 Still would.

    • David


    • Tang

      80's tang, oh the memories.

    • Dale

      I'd hit it in a heartbeat

  • Ace

    There's nothing awkward about 17 or 25. Those should be in the awesome family photos post.

    • Notme

      #17 #25

  • Keither

    #26 Yo, dawg

    • selfer

      We just LOVE ourselves.

    • I said it

      she looks like a cunt and he looks illegal… just sayin

  • Juan R

    Nothing wrong with #28

    • Dale

      I would love to cuddle up and sleep in her hair afterward

  • Meertnnn

    #25 hahahah what's this? support your kids' hobby?

  • elric619

    #34 …. Frank Zappa?

    • Tool

      I was about to post the exact same thing!

    • Dale

      Def not Zappa but kind of favors him. He never did the brushed out fro thing


    #38 I know that look. They have 8 kids and haven't slept in 10 years…

    • yup

      actually, it looks like he had to tell her something three times….

  • nodon

    #1 – Roy G Biv. Nailed it. +1 for accuracy, -10 for creepiness.

    • Smelted Pelted

      I think they are missing The Indigo Girl

      • nodon

        Crap – i must be color blind.

    • fagmallion

      This is why I am opposed to gay marriage. Fags.

  • Med

    Has anyone found the inappropriate poser yet ?

  • Hank Hill

    #25 Like a Bawss #29 Like a Bawss #31 Like a…mawss?

  • bigcityreem

    #17 Speedos + guns = BADASS!

    • Mike

      Crockett and Tubbs?

      • Lisa

        I thought of Goose from Top Gun for the guy on the right.

    • Dan

      Behind the scenes photo from Magnum PI?

    • OhioChiver

      I thought it was a Starskey & Hutch re-run.

    • munyshot

      Disc death.

  • bigcityreem

    #19 Shotgun wedding.

  • Andy Valentine

    #25 – Pimp in training

    • sithney

      i would be proud if he were my grandpa

  • DrunkOldMan

    #19 Shit's about to get real.

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