Russia: the Internet’s most precious resource (43 Photos)

  • Aldofro

    Сохраняйте спокойствие и Chive On!

  • SC chivette


    This isn't strange. Snow is actually the preferred cleaning method for Turkish and other handwoven Oriental rugs.

  • Colin

    *sigh* russia confuses me

  • Rob Cherrie

    #29 What's Russian for FART?? Whew ……………I thought I was bad in my youth but this dude…. my stomach heaves just looking at the combination !! Is the vodka to improve or drown the taste??
    #43 Russia is a great big multi-race, multi-climate, multi-everything country that's been sat on and shat on by animal-cloned leaders ( #14 probably has descendants in the Kremlin! ) for generations! Looking at this cutie, you can see that there is some grab-arse DNA lurking just below the film of ugliness, drabness and filth we see in the other photos; #39 is a great example of the contrast. Lennie Bruce would have loved Russian women, they can see nothing wrong with tearing your strides off if they want you. Nothing coy or pretentious here!!
    Ned Kellinowski.

  • wow

    is this picture supposed to be a shot at russian cops bieng fat, cause you could make a whole reel of them fat fucks from the states


    and these are the fuckers that pwn us in DOTA ???

  • Yak Surfer

    #41 Ahh. One of Sarah Jessica Parkers Russian relatives.

  • Bad Joke

    #16 A wolf in sheep(skin) clothing

  • 562chiver

    #42 go home bear your drunk

  • Ace

    #13 Jason Bourne?

  • Ace

    #15 Jason Bourne?*

  • спортивное питание

    funny but with the good point picture, some of scenes are regular and common for everyone

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