Russia: the Internet’s most precious resource (43 Photos)

  • oqsig99

    #12 Kung fu bite. #31 is awesome and I would like to play army with #43!

    • BWaecker

      I would like to play army with her too, but then court marshal her because she disobeyed a direct order when we were being flanked from the left when I clearly told her to COVER THE LEFT.

    • Fred Flintstone

      #12 In soviet russia, weights lift you.

  • blah blah

    Holy crap #14 Graboids are real.

    • May

      The rare Russian Black Vagina…

    • FONZIE

      Fucking nightmare!

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Seriously, what the fuck is this thing?
      A Fish?

      • This Guy 13

        Frill shark i do believe.

        • Anonymous

          I'm going to refer to it as my newest ultimate fear.

    • Guest

      Actually, that was someone's pet gerbil from Chernobyl.

      • wow

        fuckin zombie snake

  • randall

    #39 nice set of hooters ya got there!

    • Donny

      Ya, I bet he works out.

    • allison

      Some Chiver is gonna show his class and scream "MOAR' or "Find her!"

      • DOuble D

        MOAR!!!!!! Find that bitch

    • chivecitybitch

      the owls, their beautiful

    • ZiaChiver

      Aren't those the "genetic lottery" girls?

    • Notme

      I agree with your statement about the girl on the right. Nice Itty Bitties!!!

  • illuminati


    find her.

    • allison


      • jake

        And bring her and her 2 girls too America!

    • mirou

      hahahaha, where the hell will they find her???!!!

      • fff

        in russia

        • Mike


      • sithney

        i found her! she's in russia.

    • M.Nels

      Saw her, or someone just like her in Kosovo. A lot of em look like that there….until they hit 40. Lol

      • Ivan

        "until they hit 40." Or, as I believe is more common, until they hit 25…

    • Bob Fungus

      This picture has been floating around the Interwebs for a long time.

  • Nick Parsons

    #14 wtf is that?

    • awesome-o

      Its a rare prehistoric shark. I can't remember the name and I'm too lazy to google it.

      • Google

        Filled Shark

        • Wikipedia

          Frilled Shark

          • Bing

            some kind of fish snake? I don't know

            • Great Dane

              May I suggest: When someone called "Wikipedia" gives you the name of the animal, then you go to and read about "Frilled Shark".

              • @Thogert

                I think you missed the joke. His name is Bing, as in the search engine.

    • testudo321

      Young Putins only pet….

  • Tillman61

    #14 Chernobyl cat?

    • Cooch

      no, chernobyl is in ukraine, not russia

      • Hawklet98

        As far as I'm concerned if it ain't in 'Merica it's in Russia.

      • Tillman61

        You are correct. And when the Chernobyl accident happened it was part of the Soviet Union.

  • Tillman61

    #29 Tomorrow morning is going to be grim…

    • Fryy

      Still totally worth it dude

    • Flux

      You, sir, don't seem to be drinking with Russians all that often. I can honestly not remember one of my Russian friends ever having a hangover.

      • Tillman61

        Actually, I was referring to the mixture of the booze and whatever he is consuming in large quantities and it's affect on the digestive system in a Taco Bell sort of way.

    • mutant26

      I wonder how many pounds of caviar that is? Looks like about a hundred grand worth. Most expensive shit….EVAR!

      • Dale

        And you can tell that he is an aristocrat

    • Jay

      Vodka +kaviar = Good times. I'd rather have the black one tho.

  • kris

    WHAT THE FUCK IS #14????

    • Chris

      Its a shark, they live in super deep parts of the ocean, and are only ever seen when they die and wash ashore. A Japanese trawler caught one a while back, and they put it in an aquarium, but it needs the crushing pressure of the depth to survive, and it died in the aquarium.
      There are some vids on the interwebs of it.

      • Drew

        frilled shark, as mentioned above

  • gameoverjc

    #38 If you look closely, you will notice a pole in front of the cop.

    • joe shabadoo

      was that an attempt at humor??

  • ChiveryIsntDead

    #20 Corns in the oven!
    Baking some bunions…

    • Slappy

      Caramelized bunions? OK I just grossed myself out.

  • bobo


    • sdafasdf

      thumbed up you

  • Needing a Trollop

    #6 Dig your own grave?

  • Tyler

    #6 Tactical shovel level 50

  • Smithers25

    I think I've figured out teh internets. Japan for weird porn and Russia for weird

  • LuvsHorror

    #14. What the Christ is that?!

    • Tony_zavala84

      We're gonna need a bigger fire!

  • guest

    #14 nope…

  • notawittyname

    #32 cat burglar level: russian

  • Dman

    'the fuck is that thing? #14

    • Claywon

      Frilled Shark

  • oobaka

    #14 KILL IT WITH FIRE !!!!!!
    #35 Me Gusta?

  • alex

    #38 SHHH they can't see me! #39 HOLY MOTHER OF TITS!

  • joeybastardo

    #14 is a frill shark

  • Latvia is not Russia

    #17 is Latvia, that is the office of the mayor of Riga… He is an asshole.

  • Smitty

    You are aware that 'dave on wheels' was a hoax. The whole thing.

    • DaveOnWheels

      What? Who would be stupid enough to fall for that?!

    • DaveOnWheels

      You are aware that you can reply directly to a comment. Just hit the 'Reply' button.

  • 3hp

    #4 I sell you very nice tit for 50 rubles or we trade for vodka.

  • 7thproject

    Got stuck at #9 when Arianny showed up on the right.

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