Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • TommyB

    Happy Thursday!

    • Marshall

      Another early DAR? I could get used to this!

    • Daniel Tosh

      the only time that Thursday will be happy is when things that bounce comes back

    • Karl

      TommyB! As in THE TommyB?

    • Med


    • Skermitt

      #50 I'll play.. but I wanna be team captain!

  • Spook

    #3 Pug life in the lexus

    • Pugavelli

      This is so fucking stupid. There's no way he can reach the pedals.

    • Happy Panda

      He didn't choose the pug life, the pug life chose him

    • Arghhh

      If you look closely, you can actually see that the pug isn't really driving.

      • Uh hmm

        Yeah, you prolly just look at it.

  • dave


    • Yeahhh

      Hey Dave, would you mind sucking my penis?

      • Piggy

        Eat balls Dave. Unrelated question, anyone else get randomly redirected to porn sites while browsing the Chive on their iPads? Or has all my porn surfing finally caught up to me?

  • dibdy

    #1 Hippie cat approves!

    • http://www.facebook.com/jeremy.mathes1 Jeremy Mathes

      Kid Rock not doing so well….

    • Jabs78

      Wonder what that cat did to make the man with the guitar sit and watch.

      • what

        he's playing take the money and run and that's the clapping part

    • Seattleite

      High fivin' cat guy…

  • OhioChiver

    #34 Oh yeah? Well I'm out of your zip code too, so there. πŸ˜‰

    • tee

      let's see that face before we jump to any conclusions… but beautiful ass; good for you!

      • Jawbone

        Jesus, wash your fucking underwear. "Dingy" doesn't equal sexy.

    • thebeefinjector

      i said OMG numerous of times while staring at this picture…

    • Firefighter23

      Man, a dead deer on the side is out of my league.

      • bollyver

        You are correct, my bowling league is all beer swilling guys.

        • Firefighter23

          Ha! I get it.

    • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

      I cant believe its taking people this long to notice #31 Holy

      • OhioChiver

        Quickly noticed. Wistfully lusted. Mentally met, married, children, divorced. Eventually noted that everything on the internet is "real".

    • BAW509

      #34 is Supergirl…check the post …look close. Underwear…table in the back ground.

    • bambam4

      With that kinda attitude, I would not include you in my league.

    • sandy astroglide

      This is what, the 30th time this picture has been posted on here?

    • jim

      Thats ok chicki, you're kinda a narcissistic slut anyways…who couldn't do better?

    • Lisa

      A guy once told me "I kinda figured you were out of my league". I looked at him and said "We're not playing baseball here." The grin on his face was priceless. πŸ™‚

      Girls who actually have this "better than you" attitude piss me off. We all have feelings and shit. Jeeze Louise. Just chill out and be nice about stuff. πŸ˜‰

      • OhioChiver

        ^^ wins in any league. πŸ˜‰


    #7 perfection has returned.#34 Dat ass is built for speed.God damn.

    • Damn

      #7 does indeed have a perfect ass. Reference her COTW edition for clear evidence.

      # 34 has a rather large, shall I say fat ass. NOT out of my league. Sorry.

      • Pdog

        Agreed. Don't know why everyone's commenting on her, it's not that great. #7 on the other hand, damn Supergirl.

    • Dfgj

      #7 The way you bend and those hip bones and ass… Oh, the things that I would do to you.

    • Guest

      #7 #8 dear Lord, you just keep getting better don't you. Is it wrong to keep saying more after she's given us this much?

      • The_Dood


      • jakeofhearts


      • yow

        #7 #8 So much moar. In fact, instead of dominating the Chive, maybe make your own site? Please and thank you.

        • Osgood

          I hope she lives in Austin!!

  • CanadianPiper

    #2 Ain't it the truth #14 Damn sexy curves girl

    • Deep Dish

      Hottest chivette I've seen in a while.

      • Canucks_Rule

        agreed. don't gotta be rail thin to be sexy.

      • darkSurge

        Agreed! It takes all types and while thin chicks are sexy, something about a girl with just a bit more on her, especially when applied to the right places, that really does it for me. Sexiest picture in the post, aside from #34, I want to rip those out of there with my teeth.

    • http://twitter.com/SoCalChiver @SoCalChiver

      My thoughts exactly

    • Merica

      No not at all #14 is fat

      • myself

        Hark a troll! They be very common in these parts of the Internet. They all have chiseled physiques and sex organs the resemble a telephone pole (if guys, the rare female troll has is a different story) in their minds and since they are so utterly perfect there is no woman (or man if they are into men) that is attractive enough for them to fornicate with. So they wile away their lives in their parent's house with Mountain Dew, pizza, Type 2 Diabetes, and persistent virginity.

        In all honesty she's not fat, just by looking at her anyone with a moderate amount of intelligence would see she falls right into what her weight and body fat percentages would be.

        • davo

          Merica is a virgin so he wouldn't know

          • MeSelf

            "In all honesty she's not fat" Yo sir are retarded! She is indeed fat! And those panties are screaming to be taken off until she loses 15lbs! "she falls right into what her weight and body fat percentages would be." Yeah she does and it shows OVER WEIGHT on her BMI chart! Educate yourself before you go off on a tangent trying to stick up for someone. Just being honest and honesty is the best policy! πŸ™‚ Good day.

            • Jack Burton

              She's fat alright, fat in all the right places! Thanks for the pic you're beautiful!

              • http://twitter.com/Smil3igh09 @Smil3igh09

                No problem #JackBurton Can't please them all! πŸ™‚

            • Wisti

              Actually I'm at the lower end of "healthy" on the BMI chart at 115lbs and I have more pudge than her… She's beautiful and would be the perfect companion for cuddling (and playing with if she's into girls). How many people have you looked up using the BMI chart?

            • Dirt Nasty

              Although she weight 150 pounds
              Every ounce of Billie Brown's
              Concentrated right where it counts
              In all her skirts, shirt, sweaters, slacks, and gowns
              Stacked up into some mellow mounds
              Jigglin' up and down
              -Oscar Brown Jr.

  • kenk85


    damn. you're right…

    • fucked

      prove by showing butthole all in favor

    • Cudaman

      Hope she enjoys dating a$$holes the rest of her life

  • FDNY


    I could be mistaken but I believe this is about the Moonachie fire department, they got creamed by Sandy. Very small town in trouble there. Not surprised the Chive would seek it out

    • Chiver

      we know what to do…bring it on!

      • Thoridin58

        The Kraken begins to awaken…

    • Bob

      The chive quickly calls on us but what are they doing matching our donations? Donating t shirt sales? You first chive then ask me to donate to your charities

      • taylor

        Maybe The Chive isn't self centered like you and need to make it public that they donated to a charity i am sure they donate plenty, now quit being a bitch and give them your money.

      • allison

        Yup…not everyone falls for the PR –"look at us, help our ego/t-shirt sales"

      • http://cargocollective.com/Luciemacarthur/ LucieMac89

        They are the ones creating a site awesome enough to draw in an entire community that stays loyal to the site, doesnt give a fuck about the money they make from tshirts, and will any crash charity sites the chive links to their page because they want to help out too… youre a douche for criticizing their efforts when you clearly have no intent to make one yourself

    • Mike reeves

      Can someone please let us know what to do to help officially . If they need money we send it if try need food we cook it if they need gear we provide . That's what family and brotherhood is about .mike.reeves@waynetwp.org let us know . Local 416 Indiana

    • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.davidson.7 Stephen Davidson

      Why wait for tomorrow?

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      People, if you live in an area susceptible to powerful storms, *please* don't build wooden structures!

      Does the story 'Three Little Pigs' mean nothing to you?!

      • daveh873

        You realize we don't get many catastrophic hurricanes in Jersey, right? This isn't the story of "Oh, I built my home in a flood zone and it flooded!", it's "Oh, a once-a-century storm hit and ruined hundreds and thousands of lives".

        • mark

          lets help these guys out, they need all the support they can!!! my wallet is open as soon as they post this link!

  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    #34 I'm in to your butt.

    • Cammmon

      That thing is good, I want to be friends with it

    • Gilmore, Happy

      I want to be In that butt

  • Christian

    #14 love me a chick with some meat on her bones. Nice Chive!

    • KeepinCalm

      Yes sir! Waiting patiently for a post with 50 similar ladies titled "Danger: Curves Ahead, Scroll With Caution "

    • TeamVenture

      "You have a certain thickness about you that I find very appealing" – Sterling Archer.

      • moose_nutz

        She's in the Daynga Zone!

    • Electricliner

      Me too need more

    • Collin

      She is so beautiful, eh?

    • Bro

      Im sure she loves to read that

    • baby jenny

      goddamn #14 all i can say is wow. oh also i am a straight girl and i just want to say thank you from all the curvy girls πŸ™‚

      • nicole

        I was thinkin the same thing… From one straight Chivette to another, way to rep the REAL SIZED girls!!

        • citiboy008

          Now all you need to do is submit your own pics to help represent.

    • Mickey Mouse

      pretty face too!

    • Dirt Nasty

      Ain't nobody ever been able to satisfy my jones,
      The way it's been satisfied by a woman with some meat on her bones
      -Rock Baby

  • blah


    • jim thorton

      well said!

    • me!

      now shes a spy whore lol

    • Well


    • Ethix_

      I think it's interesting that Chivers rip the admins of theChive a new one if they do a repost, yet upvote the shit out of pictures that were posted right above the comments section.

      • commander cool

        I think its interesting SHUT THE FUCK UP MAN NO ONE CARES

  • jim thorton

    Alas, as are most of the lovely ladies on here. Oh well KCCO!!

    • david

      probably in need of a bag.

  • sheoncebelieved

    #9 Go Home, you are drunk! I mean Come over…..

    • Donny

      Impossible, he can't be drunk, not if he is drink Bud Light…

      • Donny


    • CanadianChivette

      Can I borrow him first?

      • ChivetteKellie

        After me… or we could share!

    • Tell us more

      she once believed in what????

      • sheoncebelieved

        "In everything he had to say….one day she stiffened, took the other side"
        Come on now…..you really don't even deserve an answer if you don't now this….

        • Casey


        • Tell us more

          Nothing Man, right, but what's the personal connection? That's the question

          • sheoncebelieved

            That's for me to know….and you to never find out.
            (which is what I said to a cop once when cuffed in the back seat of the car…judge threw out the case)

    • theKid

      a chivette who loves PJ. now i'm a chiver who loves a chivette who loves PJ.

      • allison

        oh boy

        • allison

          i guess cant type d a v e o n w h e e l s anymore

  • TheBAMFinater

    #50 let those puppies fly.

    • M.D.

      This must be what heaven is like.

    • https://www.facebook.com/djtsmith007 Josh Smith

      Looks like Denton

    • glitched

      she is going to need both hands to play.

    • guest

      She's got some meat on those bones! Nice heavy set tits though!

    • Boomer Sooner

      Hot, and u like disc golf!? Lets smoke a blunt and get married. You are awesome

    • Qwerty

      It's called disc-golf. Obviously she doesn't play.

      • MegIntheMitten

        I didn't write the caption. I'm aware the sport is called Disc golf. I might even beat you. Check up on the rules at http://www.pdga.com/ and come to MI and we can play a friendly round.

        • disc golf

          Yes and Hell Yes!

        • SmokeyTheBear

          I will play against you anytime, but the again, disc golf is just to be outside and enjoy the day.. right??!! You're gorgeous btw..

  • Ooga booga


    • Dania

      OMG Jeff! Fuck off, for real. You know I have a restraining order.

    • DANIA

      Yes! I will!

      • DickTrickle

        What about me Dania?

    • Daniel Tosh


  • bones

    #23 always cute

    • jjjjjjjj

      Gravity must be really strong at her place.

      • http://twitter.com/meaghanjameson @meaghanjameson

        I actually live in space. I have to pull on my clothes and hair to keep them down. It's a rough life.

        • Daniel Tosh

          please don't play the "I'm a nerdy girl" card

          • http://twitter.com/meaghanjameson @meaghanjameson

            I wish you were actually Daniel Tosh so that I could tell people you had a personal vendetta against me.

            • Daniel Tosh

              if it makes you feel better, I am the real Daniel Tosh

              • JESSE

                your comedy exhibits the quality of a talented high-school sophomore. Happy 37th birthday.

            • Tobes

              Over it. Go away.

        • The People's Champ

          I'm moving to space

        • bdg

          Meaghan you ROCK!!!! Keep sending pics,and we'll keep Fapping!!!!!!

    • Daniel Tosh

      first I was like 'damn this chick is hot and has big boobies"
      then I was like "big boob girl again wohoo"
      today I'm like "this chick again, omg someone needs all the attention"

      • savagecabbage

        yeah but you suck so nobody cares what you think.

        • Daniel Tosh

          I think you do care in what I think, you did take some time to comment

      • http://twitter.com/dangatlin @dangatlin

        To me it sounds like you are the one that is looking for all the attention.

    • P3king

      Meaghan – pants = DAR post. I love math.

    • ok?

      show your giant hangers or npa. seriously you're beginning to bore me.

    • Drool @ Pinky

      Was there ever a Megan and Meaghan meetup post?

      • Max

        There was not. And that is unacceptable.

        Also, you are beautiful and should post everyday. Pants or not.

  • gettinIT

    #30 Boom Shockalocka

    • gettinIT

      opps #31

      • tralfaz

        We're going to need some moar of this one, nice curves plus a great smile to boot!

      • commander cool

        also: shakalaka.

  • http://twitter.com/HoneyBuncheswtf @HoneyBuncheswtf

    #43 Its been a while. We needed a good help-a-thon! Time to see the awesomeness that is the Chive community in action once again. πŸ™‚

    • Daniel Tosh

      all the money you make on the new KCCO shirts should go to this charity

  • slap dick

    It's Friday tomorrow Bitches!

    • Yeahhh

      Time to get fucked up and naked!

  • Verbal_Kint

    #34 Does this rag smell like chloroform to you? Not anymore, you're not. Also, get over yourself.

    • Yeahhh

      Agreed. That's a nice ass, but there are many great Chivette asses on this site that are better.

      • Bubba

        Oh please! It's a great ass and a hilarious shirt. That's all.

        And by great ass, I mean great ass.

        Did I mention the ass? ASS!

    • Hrdwood

      I'm in the bush league… does that count?

  • KAJ

    #50 Yes!

    • ThunderKCCO

      fuuuuuck yeah! topless frisbee golf league ftw!

    • Colin

      What's with the ring?

      • Rej

        Well you see, when two people love each other, they may chose to do something called marriage…

    • cb4

      A chivette and a golfer! perfect combo.

  • CDNEH69

    #8 SUPER may not be strong enough of a word. Decadent, absolutely beautiful, mmm mmmmm good. Thanks for sharing

    • Yuppp

      Just go with "hot as fuck"

      • bollyver

        John, get her a plane ticket in the mail tomorrow.

    • 650

      I was kinda like "meh" after yesterday's gallery (relative to the crazy amount of good stuff we see on here every day). Until #8 showed up today, that is…

      • Damon

        I'm stunned by every picture she puts out. Damn

    • Tomas

      I almost achieved wood with this one.

  • Just.the.tip

    #17 wanna play a game?

    • Verbal_Kint

      Hide and go fuck yourself? Just kidding, but I couldn't resist the setup.

    • NorCal420

      Its called "would you rather" and yes id rather take the shirt.

    • marc

      hey….I took this pic a year ago at the Texas renaissance fest. she was pretty cool.

      • sixdeadelves


  • BigPup

    #28 Sweet GAP…

    • JITTS

      Yes that ummm GAP looks prettyyy tight

    • AmericoPolk

      very damn awesome

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