Daily Afternoon Randomness (52 Photos)

  • http://www.facebook.com/Whitey10395 Bobby Richardson


    • Morgan Freeman

      Just going to piggy back on this guys lame comment and say…GOOD LUCK to this guy, hope she says yes! #33

      • Truth Hurts

        Ya bro, congrats.

    • SirCtheIII

      A gong, get it on!

      She's like a hub capped diamond star halo…

    • CrystalBall

      #8 why do hot chicks get tattoos like this? Bummer.

      • Draiden

        Because they accent her looks and more importantly, she likes them. Its not your body so GTFO

    • Wannabang


  • brendan

    big floppy donkey dick

    • abakala

      Blame Canada.

    • shamshe


      • brendan

        god forbid someone says donkey dick on the chive! fucking hippies

    • chive is my drug

      That's what I thought was in the foreground on #49 but I was wrong.

      • Geezer

        Fucking hippies is right bro!

    • DigitalBoyScout

      now say "pillow"

  • Ryan

    That is a happy man

    • SmokeyTheBear

      I'd stay out of that one dude…

    • Dan

      We need a "Tap it Tuesday"

    • guest

      BS, no asian man has ever made a woman make that face.

      • wdh

        if you're a woman, i can make you eat your words.. And if your a dude, have your mom and sister call me, and i'll make you eat your words too. =]

    • erikhart

      Happy man indeed!

  • Harry Balasagna

    #52 Very nice ending

    • http://twitter.com/NorCalChiver @NorCalChiver

      i love a girl with ink

    • Whoopi_G

      Give this girl her own thread, or website, or the whole internet.

      • Adam

        Hell yes. She reminds me of Shannon Sossamon (sp?) but even more beautiful. Think it's the well-kept skin, and the ink.

        • sadie

          Well kept skin?…see what it will look like in 10 years

    • Ben

      Not sure if it is love or lust….MOAR!!!

    • Abc

      Find her

    • William

      word! MOAR!

    • mat

      I agree with all these jackals

    • Dudeman

      Just imagine how hot she'd be WITHOUT the ink! No need to guild a lily.

  • Eyyhhygff


    • suck me dry

      maybe someone should suck you all the way off

    • morosz3

      #33 Hope she says yes

  • thrannix

    #11 +1 for The League

    • JazzHand

      Fear Boner

      • coop

        Murder boner.

    • MOAR

      I've been day-drinking, get ready to see my DICK!

    • Jouhker

      Eskimo brothers!

  • Yerp

    Ahhhhhh, how's about no… #39

    • BOCO_Kid

      Is this real or photoshop. Please say shop or else KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!

      • Hannah

        yea ummmmm what the fuck is that??!?!?! im having nightmares for a while now…

        • huh?

          the river can kill you in a thousand ways.

        • Keith

          I believe that is real, and it is an anaconda.

      • Rippley

        I say we take off and nuke the thing from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

      • Truth Hurts

        It's real- it is a basin in Brazil renowned for large Anacondas. This guy is a scientist.

        A foolish one, albeit.

    • Shabooms

      if it is real, the thing just ate a large dinner so he would be fine to fuck with bc the only place he is going is into a food coma

      • gmx

        You might be right but it sounds like "famous last words".

      • Truth Hurts

        It just ate a Capybara, hence he felt safe, according to the article I read.

        • SmokeyTheBear

          Psshh it's 2012! Who still reads 😉

          • ManOnFire

            butt plug.

    • G_Had

      It's real! I remember reading about this in our newspaper the other day (probably because he's Swiss, too). Here's the story behind it in English: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2230499/D
      That guy has balls of steel.

      • siuado

        and a stinky wetsuit

    • Stiffy13

      Ice Cube and JLo would kill it

      • Chaos

        Damnit stiffy, that was my joke!

    • Yup

      This is the only time I can recall ever saying to myself while browsing the chive… "Fuck no." It is a well placed follow-up to #38.

    • http://twitter.com/AllTaco @AllTaco

      I hate it when i respawn next those…

    • http://twitter.com/SoCalChiver @SoCalChiver

      Someone feed it an A-Bomb!

    • Mike D
  • crazyk85


    Ahhh, to be a fraternity pledge….

    • pr0n

      you spelled "gullible dumbass to-be douche bag" wrong

      • You gay bro?

        Yeah, because all the hot sorority chicks hate fraternity guys at the big schools. They prefer the ones that play WOW.

        At a big school, joining a Frat is a necessary evil to make friends. What, you ask the guy in your class to grab a drink and get to know each other?

        (cricket, cricket)

        • Mike

          Sorry, but you don't have to join a "brotherhood" of douche bags to be "popular" and get the girls. I made friends just fine at a big school by joining the rugby team, talk about guys who actually have your back. Oh, and there was never a shortage of girls at the post game parties, so no…. joining a frat is not a necessary evil to make friends

          • http://www.moogit.org Moogit

            Cripes. Joining a sports team is equivalent to joining a fraternity. It's a group of guys who like to have fun and go to a couple parties. Lots of people have a blast in a fraternity (I was one of them). You make friends really easily, you are obligated to go to exclusive parties with the sororities (who almost always have a TON of cute girls), and it helps out getting jobs and stuff later. It's a good gig. It may not be for everyone, but whatever. For the most part, the people I hear bashing Greek life are just like homophobes; jealous because they aren't part of fun. Go TKE!!!

            • SmokeyTheBear

              Joining a sports team due to talent is completely different than paying for people to hang out with you.

              • o no he didnt


            • Just Me

              At good old WSC, calling someone a TKE was the worst insult you could do to someone.


    #28,#30,#52 yes indeed this is as good as it gets.

    • SOhioChiver

      don't forget #8 and #49 & #50

      • HOOK_the_LEGEND

        Ohhhh my #8

      • nate33uc

        or #16 #19

    • Teddy Roxspin

      #28, we need MOAR!

  • Yuppp

    #29 he's learning early. Take advantage man.

    • SmokeyTheBear

      If you touch the titties now you won't go to jail!!

    • OhioChiver

      He just passed Bumping Uglies 101.

    • blake

      Thumbs up for noticing the kid

    • Bubba

      Is anyone else turned on by this?

      • ItsSanduskyBitch!

        mmmmmm hmmmmmmm

  • http://twitter.com/Davieboy817 @Davieboy817

    #39 Jesus Christ

    • http://twitter.com/Mel_Fab @Mel_Fab

      Is that giant fucking snake!?! KILL IT WITH FIRE BEFORE IT REPRODUCES!!!!

      • http://twitter.com/Davieboy817 @Davieboy817

        Yeah it sure is. Its beyond me why someone would get so close

    • KRS1

      Jesus ain't got nuthin to do with it

    • freddy boy

      Maybe he's right. The only safe place left was in the water. Or maybe he's fucking insane; that's a possibility too.

      • markkens

        Look at the rigs on the tips of the tentacles. Special effects shot for somebody.

  • Otto


    Well those are nice

    • Darren darren

      Think they might be elbows. Lol

      • Unfkngblvbl

        Those would be some real round, plump and possibly silicone-filled "elbows".

    • sfb101

      Yep, Pretty elbows.

    • ThatsMe

      No not elbows nor silicone

      • chivester

        wow, if that's you, can you be persuaded to share some more??

        • Thatsme

          Well…. If you look closely you will find my face , the toush, etc… In a DAR here and there 🙂 kcco from a shy chivette

      • bdg

        Prove it!!!!!!!!!

    • Bubba


    • DickFister

      Worst photographer EVER!

  • Mr. T


    • JessieBelle

      We just lost our wiener dog, Henry, this summer. He was 14. Good boy. ❤

      • Joe

        You should keep a better eye on him.

  • FAP

    #19 #20 #49 #50 UN… FUCKING…. BELIEVABLE

    • Michael

      Number 50 is Jessie Dreamchaser. LOTS of wonderful things to find on her!!

    • UhHuh

      Yeah I thought #20 was pretty bangin' too.

    • Toba

      You fap to fat squirrels?

      • FAP

        All day baby!

    • Unfkngblvbl


  • Guest

    #32 how i felt right after i saw #49 FROZEN

    • meat suit

      pardon my dirty thoughts but…isn't that a vibrator?

      • upandatthem

        assuming my wife hasn't been lying to me all these years, it's a hair-straightener

      • guest

        I thought it was a vibe too!!

    • BMOC

      #49 FIND!!!!

  • dedubs

    #9 damn hippies

    • Firefighter23

      Damn that guy hugs so hard!

  • slimm

    #19 would you like to move to Finland with me?

    • HotCanadianChivette


      • chivester

        ahhh I think it's spelled "Canadian" 🙂

    • nastynate

      Awww Naw Nawt Finwind

    • yuuup86

      She belongs here with all the other sexy, creative chivettes

  • Burlinator

    #30 Hi there!

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Oh, excuse me while I blast my nips.

    • Jeff_DC


  • http://twitter.com/DJintheMHC @DJintheMHC

    DAR is late? That's ok.

    • SadPanda

      It's never ok, damn you Johnnnnn!!!!

    • NickBom

      Don't you have a mountain climb somewhere dude?

  • J_Ace

    #16 my god…

    • dedubs

      Whats the deal with mail order brides anyway? does the bride get the money? does some middle man get a cut? is she required to marry whoever pays? please inform.

      • pr0n

        It's a deal to get citizenship and or a visa to the US for the bride. usually to some super rich fat guy who'll buy them whatever they want.

    • Whoopi_G

      I wonder how many 0's it takes to get her.

    • http://www.facebook.com/brent.williams.10297 Brent Williams

      Where can I place my order?

    • Jpd77

      You may order her but what will show up?

    • Teddy Roxspin

      Dibs, yo!

    • Mhmm

      I'll take two please

    • SlateStone

      I agree bro!! I don't think I could dream of enough money to order this one… wow

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      *The rest of the package (aka extended family) not shown.

    • chicago_animal

      They are real cause the website says so? You have to beleave everything you read on the Internet.

      • What_Tha

        Although, there is a lot to be said for dictionaries.

  • Jim Halpert

    #21 yet another reason to be a dog lover

  • hi mom

    #49 & #50 make up for late DAR

    • Teddy Roxspin

      Moar, like asap.

      • Nick

        Jessica Kristen aka Jessie Dreamchaser.

        Google her… NSFW 😀

    • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.kelaidis Jesse Kelaidis

      #50 almost brought me to the library at my school at a dead run

    • fact checker

      giggity, this is the girl who posted a shit tonne of pictures to the interwebs a while a go. beautiful and a ton of … work

      not sure if the link will work but NSFW for some of it. http://imgur.com/a/zbmjj

  • kenk85

    #25 must work in a hospital too…

    • jjjjjjjj

      if you need to give yourself an IV to recover you probably need to just quit drinking

    • huh?

      or, you could just drink gatorade, water, juice, etc etc etc………….

    • Ana

      Go for the gusto, toss a catheter up there while you're at it.

      • kenk85

        too far Ana too far. and why are people disliking this?! are people that squeamish about a simple iv???

        • :-/

          No, I just found your comment to be very…..boring.

          • kenk85

            guess i should have said something like "ive got some fluid for ya" or "i can stick something bigger in ya" huh? oh well.. maybe next time..

            • :-/

              Or just don't put a comment.

    • Shackleford

      Doesn't matter if she works in a hospital or not. If she's gotta rehydrate with an IV, she's got a fucking problem. =P

      • JakeHolman

        I knew some Army medics who would do this after a night of hard drinking. It's effective, but I would not want to do that. Just tough it out like a man 🙂

      • Jimmy jack

        Obviously this website isn't for you. Try http://www.negativenancy/buzzkilllington.douch.com

  • sithney

    #15 PERFECT

    • tidder
    • Trav1121

      Cosplay Deadpool is fucking hilarious! Look up his 'vs Gangnam Style' on Youtube.

  • hootie

    #49 I'd characterize those titties as perfect (although I'd have to conduct a nipple check to certify.)

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