Love him or hate him, Obama does make some funky faces (37 Photos)

Via Buzzfeed

Via Buzzfeed

  • April C.

    derpity derp derp

  • MrPeddycord

    If I could change one thing about Obama, it's #21 Why can't he be a Cub's fan 😦

  • GXS

    #34 legalize weed? Already ahead of you.

  • lebelge

    #7 #8 I got this shit

  • David Gorski

    you didnt post the face (that he always wears) where he looks like benito mussolini

  • Deb Schroeder-kivisto

    love love love this president, he is so real. Thank God he won

  • Chiv3On

    We had a nice run, Chive. I'm done with this place now. This was one place people go to escape the BS of politics in their day. The end of my time at the Chive has been coming. It started with the pushing of shitty, unoriginal hipster-esqe t-shirts. Then, artificially creating demand for a simple green t-shirt with "Keep Calm Chive On" screen printed on the front that there is no reason to not mass produce on an ongoing basis. Then, the downward spiral of the Chive gained a little more speed when you (John and the rest of the mid life crisis crew) started to act like the creepers of Girls Gone Wild by flying some Chivettes out to Vegas to be your dates for the weekend. After John posted a gallery of slutty pics of Erin (who was one of the classy ladies you brought to Vegas) in the worlds worst possible attempt to get her a job, the Chive was almost at rock bottom. Then, you entered the world of politics. I'd like to say its me, not you, but that would be a lie. Its you, Chive. You need to do some soul searching and remember who you used to be.


  • PussyWhistle

    He only won because he is black.

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