Daily Morning Awesomeness (50 Photos)

  • ehjay13

    #37 Excellent work. I hope the people you missed made up for that tip.

  • chiphurt

    #37 I imagine the owner will have you pay for those free drinks when he sees this.

  • Leigh

    #44 You can do it little buddy!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #11 – love it!!

  • sagasha

    I hope all of you youngsters realize that this is/was a woman.


    R.I.P. Anne Ramsey (1929-1988)
    Picture from the 1985 classic film, The Goonies (kinda).

  • Leigh

    #29 war's ultimate cost – its just as painful to see those left behind

    Godspeed and rest in peace!

  • Jobber

    #37 I'm guessing the Bishop (Daytona) bar would love to see and know about you giving away free booze in order to profit personally.

  • duh

    I would never find my keys again!!!!

  • deadindenver05

    #2 Happy Thanksgiving indeed!

  • Scruff McGruff


    Chumlee can ball!

  • David

    #37 Those 'free whiskeys' weren't free – you cost the bar owner money. Kind of rude, actually. You give away something that doesn't belong to you for free and then take money for it… Stealing?

  • grumpy

    #17 – she grows up to be Vera Peterson…

  • Shap

    #29 Semper Fi. Fair winds and following seas.

  • ThatGuy

    #27 Frederick MD Turkey Trot?

  • ChristophersonofGray

    I hate it when theChive (yous guys) deletes pictures from posts and then a lot of the comments are inappropriate or confusing because the numbers don't match up.

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