Work happens (28 Photos)

Bored? Pulling hilarious pranks on co-workers? Don’t like your job? Send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • mattythegooch

    "it's an illusion"………..#8

    • Dave

      Better get down to The Pants Store to return them ASAP

      • Brick

        I think you mean the toilet store

    • YOYO

      its the pleats

    • Ash

      They flatter the crotchal region.

  • hooray

    #4 …….right, im gonna need you to come in on saturday……

  • Mikeg01sf

    #4. Ohhhhhhh snap

    • Upgrayedd

      crackle & pop

  • Abusement_Park

    #6. Never fails, but at least my visitors don't stay long.

  • whyme1973

    #10 You sir, are hard core.

    • SmokeyTheBear


      • Mike Hunt

        Yes, his core is hard because it's ice

  • sfb101

    #19 Excellent!
    #23 I need to ponder this…

  • tralfaz

    #16 Day 3 and no one has noticed we are out of the office.

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    Geeez man, stop getting high on your own supply

    • thedude325

      …Of bigmacs

  • bones

    #10 just go man, just go

  • Machew

    #6 truest words on this post

    • Mike Hunt

      I go make visits just to fart in their office

  • TX_Chiver


    Never gets old to you, huh Mac?

  • Tillman61

    #1 This may save thousands of lives.

  • tv_paul

    #14 Okay I'm ready. Send in Paris Hilton for her gynecological exam.

    • Verbal_Kint

      Yeah, you'd need some better gear for Madonna's.

    • socalmarti

      Lindsey Lohans right after, today must be stanky starlet day!

    • Mike Hunt

      Dude you say some funny shit

    • project_2501

      I can't wait for the KCCO Hazmat suits! Sold out already?! WHAT?!?

  • crustybubblechunks

    #2 I'm not much of a morning person, but I've never woken up at 8am with positive energy

    • Mike Hunt

      If it's a work day it's never positive, it's a like negative and sucky and shit

  • FarknChiveon

    #1 At least you can't get the restaurant for falsely advertising the effects of its products.

  • wkdfrog

    #11 Laughed harder than I should have

    • herp de derp

      i thought that everyone knew that the bird is the word

      Ba-ba-ba-bird-bird-bird, bird is the word

  • Machew

    #27 Al it is spelled Engineering

    • Mike Hunt

      Yeah we suck at spelling, but this is pretty bad.

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #19 Awesome idea!!

  • tv_paul

    #10 Ice -sickle

    • Adam

      I believe you were looking for "Icecycle"

      • tv_paul

        Nope, I was going for sickle an old ( & hated) slang term for motorcycle.

  • Stick

    Your fucking flag is wrong, dipshit.
    Turn it around if you're going to take the picture from this side.

    • Stick

      Sorry, Chivers. Don't know how to hang a flag vertically?

    • McBeastie666

      so they aren't paying proper respect to the "fucking flag" then huh?

    • K06alpha

      I agree, hang the flag properly if you're going to spend that much time posing near it.

    • McBeasties a fag

      It might as well be upside down.

      @McBeastie666…believe it or not, there is something called flag ettiquette. Of course you would know this if you weren't such a hipster fucking scumbag douche. Fag.

      • Brandon

        Or maybe he is implying that calling it a "fucking flag" is disrespectful too. It was almost as ironic as calling someone a douche while acting like one yourself

      • Jahnny

        Some of you Amuricans take this shit waaay too seriously. Lighten up.

    • Mr. Milk

      I agree – hang that flag upside down!

  • XxX

    KCCO brothers. UWUA local 470-1

  • 29er

    why send in photos if you repost the same ones? I've sent in many!

    • Guest

      That's what I was just thinking as well.

  • socalmarti

    #6 One time it was my boss….ooooooppppssss!!! 🙂

  • Fred Ziffel

    Where's the beef?

    • Grant

      in his belly from the looks of it.

    • Mike Hunt

      Fuck that, I'm taking a huge chunk of man meat

  • Big Pun

    Clean up in Aisle 1.
    Olive the oil has spilled.

    • CalculatedRisk

      That was pretty slick.

      • CalculatedRisk

        Just thought I'd slip that in there.

        • Bonker Head

          funny, I told your mom the same thing!

    • Mike Hunt

      BP did it

      • CalculatedRisk

        And had to Shell out for it.

    • Livin' Legend

      That's a short slide into a world of pain.

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