Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • Chiefhenry27

    #11 Sausage magnet.

    #47 Just amazing.

    • Luis

      #47 yes. To be that computer screen…

    • Rolo__Tomasi

      I realy miss Europe #11

      • That Guy

        Now there's a sausage fest I wouldn't say no to…

    • KUJhawklaw

      #11 I have ONE more sausage for her.

    • bdg

      #19 and #47 FTW!!!!!!! Love me some Supergirl!!!!!

    • zackgonick

      I think she's handled a lot of sausages in her days…

    • Andy Stout

      Chivers and Chivettes, I need your help! I'm trying to win a new kilt to participate in the Scottish Highland Games next spring/summer. If you can find it in your beautiful hearts, head over to the link below and click LIKE on the comment by ANDY STOUT and I will win if I get the most likes. THANK YOU!!!

    • DirtBag

      #11 is a butterface and you know it, sorry. But I definitely still would.

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      Exclusive images <3:*<3:*<3


    #19 #44 Ground and Pound all day long!!

    • Hrdwood

      Interesting… that's how I like my meat tenderized too….

    • techno_viking

      #44 could be the best picture to ever grace these pages. Son of a ….

      • shoggoths


        • http://www.thechivefun.com www.thechivefun.com

          Exclusive images *<3:*<3:*<3 V I S I T The Chive Fun

      • Number 33

        Thats me!! I made the chive! ❤ Thanks Techno for the compliment!

      • Number 44

        Your welcome again, Techno! ❤ Thanks for liking my other picture in Newly Single Chivettes ( # 33)

  • snacksnack

    #3 i love bacon

    • jim thorton

      umm that is a dog not a pig. It won't grow up to be bacon.

      • what

        it will grow up and eat bacon though… right off your plate when you get up for a second to get some more juice COME ON CHAUNCEY THAT WAS THE LAST PIECE!

    • JazzHand

      Not the kind from him though.

  • E Tex

    #14 Yes

    • Firefighter23

      I never wear my short shorts around the horse. They may mistake me for a girl horse and rupture my colon.

  • Dibo

    Kid on the left just farted #20

    • FunKiller

      It's like a gaggle of Skrillexes!

    • ander

      One of these does not belong

      • nogoodpunker

        One of these things is not like the others…

    • bobby

      kid on the left is not a poser.

  • TTT

    #2 Yeah, beautiful women have it so tough…

    • jfd9898

      Yes your hot..is that what you were looking for…who hurt you so bad….

      • 6655321

        Your is the possessive.

      • Bone feeder

        Awww Self Esteem meter must be at an all time low eh Sweetie.IMO I say you jump back in the game and begin the journey back to self worth.Do your best to utilize all this wonderful free advice from the Chive community…And if I might add, since you qualify as a geek the quickest way back to having Charisma and Self Esteem. would be to take part in a massive Bulkkake party….With an absolute rock solid guarantee that you'd be the 'center of attention'…Please consider,and until then, get on your knees and get on it.

      • mikey

        wicked attention whore

    • stock194

      someone is fishing….

      • http://twitter.com/lukeskynski @lukeskynski

        yeah i'm a little tired of the this "i'm a hot geek" routine, find another schtick honey

    • rsjem1979

      "The guy in class I like doesn't know I like him because I haven't said anything to him, therefore he's ignoring me."

      • peanut3603

        Maybe you should tell him, he might like you too.

        Good luck.

      • thar

        yeah. pretty much 😛

      • https://www.facebook.com/keno06 Keno Lawrence

        Women logic

      • Ishbar

        Why can't I give a double thumbs-up?!?!

    • SjS

      I'd ignore her b/c NO DUCKFACE

      • Lionel Hutz

        Cant tell if duckface or great DSL's

        • NcouthYouth

          I'm gonna go with (and hope for) the latter

    • Mike Hunt

      FUCKING NERD!!!!

    • Jeffery

      yeah, youre not a geek *yawn*…youre so hot *yawn*….yada yada yada…..there, feel better now??

      • jreddy23

        not proud to say this but it reminds me of "She's All That" Such a weird, damaged girl that no one could ever make prom queen…wait, who is that girl with no glasses…she looks amazing!

      • HOOK_the_LEGEND

        Fuckin A, well put…Must say new reality TV show ain't far off ;it's titled "Extreme Attention Whores"..

        • what

          wait you mean every reality show pretty much ever

        • Pretty Smile

          I think you mean "Every Girl on the chive who shows her tits"

    • captm

      so, you'd rather be hit on while at the gym wearing little clothing, instead of being hit on at school when you are using your brain? silly girls…..

      • Kyle

        No, becuase if a guy were to hit on her at the gym he would be creepy.

        • captm

          whoa whoa whoa but the little lady just said that…..ahh wait, I see what you're doing here

    • milpool

      Sigh… girls, glasses do not a geek make.

    • Brandon

      Well I might talk to the her at school, but I don't talk to idiots that try to look good in the gym it defeats the purpose. So over all it is a good reason people ignore her.

      • jim thorton

        I would just ignore her in class and at the gym cause I suck at talking to women. Awesome.

      • Chris


        • DrGarnicus

          You all kill me!

    • Kevin'sNotMyName

      You ignore me in class because I am getting old, I've put on a few pounds, and I'm not very attractive. What you don't know is, when I go home, I get drunk, play video games, and surf The Chive. Would you ignore me, if you thought I was rich?

      • HatBomb

        This, I very much like this.

      • dpy

        If I could Id like this twice.

    • LoyalLAChiver

      Wow… haven't seen Chiver's go on the attack like this in a while. I think you're doing something right. I've been looking for an intelligent, conversational and beautiful woman for a while – the fact that you love working out is an added bonus. She seems like the 'conservative' type – I'm sure she rolled up her shirt in this picture to give us all a glimpse and we're mad at her for it? Weird.

      That being said, you'll get the attention you deserve. Just give it to the right guy/girl. Well played and you should be treated like a princess.

      Haters need not reply. Happy holidays.

      • G_Had

        I'm sorry but I'm rather on the side of the haters here. That's just silly compliment-fishing she's doing and being pretty doesn't make it less tolerable. A intelligent and conversational woman should be able to come up with something better imho 🙂

        • The_Dood

          An intelligent*

        • J_Ace

          You do realize most girls that post pictures to Chive are "fishing" for compliments right? What makes this so different? The fact that she actually wrote it out indirectly? lol

          • Scott

            Gonna go out on a limb and say the difference is she's making out there's a sob story here: "I'm a sexy geek who works out but im ignored!", when it sounds like there's one particular guy she's annoyed at because he hasn't picked up on hints she thinks she's dropped (pro tip: men NEVER pick up on hints, unless the word sex was involved, in which case that was the only word we heard).

            Other Chivettes want the attention, for sure, but they're not afraid to say "hey look how great my ass is" instead of this "woe is me" tripe.

            • G_Had

              Could not have said it better!

      • AllTaco

        Oh, so you're the guy playing THAT angle. How's it work out in your fantasy, "I'll defend her and she'll be like, hey, 'LoyalLAChiver' wanna hang out some time?" Get lost DOOOUUUUUCCCHHHEEEE

        I'll reply if I want to, I hate your face

        • LoyalLAChiver

          Alltaco, you've got me figured out. I am that guy. I'm just trying to get laid on the chive by having no information in my profile and defending a girl who could live in any one of the 50 states. You're on to something.

          That being said I'll play any angle I see necessary. Hate you too! 🙂

    • Pokes

      Somebody somewhere is sick of her passive-aggressive shit.

    • Tom

      As a geek. I would go for the w/glasses girl any day. Based on the second picture though, I would have to conclude that she is not really a geek. She might be, but I can't say I know any girls that are geeky and that go to the gym and look like that. Either way, I wouldn't talk to her because she looks way out of my league, with or sans glasswear.

    • nathan

      SHUT THE F#CK UP! your pic would have been nice without your whining about no one recognizing how hot you are at school.

    • Medium00Rare

      I'm ready to see the Anti-meme to this. Wearing a bitchin' hat comes to mind

    • Axy

      People, come on. These photos are not even of the same girl. Just look at their faces- different noses, eyebrows, lips…. You are arguing over a FAKE ass photo from a girl with low self esteem fishing for attention.

    • J_Ace

      wow, a bunch of bitter fucks above. Take the picture for what it is. No need to leave blatantly insults, as if you were perfect and never sought attention before.

      • LOLP

        ^_ Calls people bitter fucks, says no need to leave blatant insults…

        • J_Ace

          Got me. 😥

      • LoyalLAChiver

        Amen. Not sure why We're getting blasted for telling people to have some respect. Does it make things any better when Chivettes make it obvious…

    • Max

      It's been my experience that it's the women sitting next to you in class that do the vast majority of the ignoring, not the other way around.

      Also approaching women at the gym is really difficult and kind of creepy. It's much easier to talk to someone in or about a class that they are in together.

      She doesn't even look all that "geeky" in the first photo – I'm calling bullshit!

      • Scott

        Silly girl, doesnt she know that within 5 seconds of meeting every guy she has ever met, he has already determined what she looks like under her clothes and whether he would fuck her? Most likely she's just a miserable cunt.

    • Gaah.

      I wasn't ignoring you in class, I just didn't want you to notice my awkward boner. And I would probably ignore you at the gym too, because I don't go to the gym, and I would still have an awkward boner. As far as free time, i'm a little cramped because i'm revisiting Revelations before i make the plunge into Assassin's Creed 3, so I can more thoroughly enjoy the experience. You can come by my house and watch if you want. And yes, I always sit here with a couch pillow on my lap. It's my thing.

    • Gaaah.

      I wasn't ignoring you in class, I just didn't want you to notice my awkward boner. And I would probably ignore you at the gym too, because I don't go to the gym, and I would still have an awkward boner. As far as free time, i'm a little cramped because i'm revisiting Revelations before i make the plunge into Assassin's Creed 3, so I can more thoroughly enjoy the experience. You can come by my house and watch if you want. And yes, I always sit here with a couch pillow on my lap. It's my thing.

      • MissVega84

        so tell me, aside from wearing glasses…how are you a nerd? I just spent $20 on a giant D20 and had a mini heart attack because I found out there will be an Onimusha HD Collection. I am madam, a lame ass nerd.
        I don't go to the gym…but I do try to do sit ups and push ups when I am between maps on Battlefield 3 lol

        • MattyDeuce

          ^This. I (almost) feel bad for her because she wants to act like the victim because some guy doesn't pay enough attention to her, but I don't feel bad because she doesn't get the attention, but because she feels like she is owed it. She is clearly beautiful, but the disconnect of wanting to identify as a nerd (nerds NEVER have to defend who they are, they exude and embrace it) yet show off that gym body leads me to believe she is confused.

          We as men want a woman who embrace who they are without being pretentious and having a woe-is-me attitude about striking out. Believe me, we swing and miss more times than she does but we keep on swinging for the fences. I would put money on it that she has more men hitting on her when she goes out than she knows what to do with, but we are supposed to sympathize with her because there is 1 person who won't ask her out? Sorry, not happening, we've all been there.

          Oh, and MV, I would totally own your face if you were on the PSN 😉

        • negative nancy

          Congratulations on being the bigger nerd?.. Is that what you were looking for?

    • zackgonick

      $20 says there are a few guys who have given her attention, but they are in a place I like to call Friendzoneville.

    • Alex M

      I've never seen more anti-chive comments than I have in this thread. You are going against everything the chive stands for and being douchebags.

      • Duck!

        It's anti-chive to call out obvious bullshit? News to me

        • J_Ace

          Couldn't you have skipped over to the next picture, without having to criticize her? I mean c'mon, calling her a "cunt" (not you, but from other chivers) isn't going a bit far? Yes, it does seem anti-chive to me. Must be new to you.

    • me...bn

      I just wanted to add another comment to this thread!

      • socket2me

        haha..Well I wouldnt ignore you but if you caught me staring at your smoking bod you would call me a perv..women logic for the win !!!

    • PoooBaaah

      Yes, I'd still ignore you. Obviously fishing for compliments. You wear an outfit like that to the gym looking for attention (clearly), then get upset wen men ogle you through the mirrors. LOOK AT ME…. how dare you look at me, I'm just trying to work out…

    • franklin le turtle

      This…this escalated quickly

    • GeeGonkey!

      Oppan Gangnam style!!!

      • MissVega84

        MattyDeuce Add me on PSN 😀 we can rape face together haha


        • MattyDeuce

          Adding you shortly, love. See you soon!

    • zig

      Yes I would ignore you. Geeks don't have time to put on make up and do their hair…we were playing an awesome video game till the last minute. We are lucky we made it to class at all.

  • jreddy23

    #9 I hate seeing pictures of people racking themselves…makes me cringe.

    • charlie sheen

      That fit in perfectly after all that crap about passive aggressive nerd girl.

    • getaclue

      it's a bike, sherlock.

      • jreddy23

        Really? Had no idea…thanks for pointing it out.

  • Dwide_Schrude

    #8 mmmm gieb

    • Hunter

      If she isnt chivette of the week I may go back to barstool

      • gringo

        We need some moar of her! I've seen her a couple of times ont he site!!!!!

    • Kato

      She's been posted on two different DARs before. Based on this photo and her previous ones, she is fit as fuck. Your dick will skyrocket to Uranus.

    • MJBeezy

      Damn pretty girl!

    • anon

      was progressively getting more nude over the past couple weeks… now this? what happened?

  • candymountainmofo

    Totally made my day!

  • Hrdwood

    #4 Someone told me that movie was pretty shitty….

    • Potty humor

      Yeah the whole trilogy is a piece of shit

    • Skermitt

      I see what you did there…

    • Sftwood

      The acting in it stinks

    • Dan C

      Stale jokes for old news-bored

  • JohnD

    #2 :Whistle: Awesome!

    • Medium00Rare

      If she's got dudes ignoring her in glasses, she must smell funny or something. Either that, or she's interested in guys who are not interested in girls.

    • the guy

      Shes's amazing! This chick is a perfect example of how a babe can the quite chick next to you. She seems quite and shy then gets in her element and just shocks and awes you. Wish she went to my gym.

      • Gradaddy

        your grammar isn't QUITE up to par, so be QUIET

        • Ishbar


          • Tim

            awesome. well done

    • Ilovenerdygirls

      This girl is beautiful. Please tell me she lives in texas and make her COTW!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    #5 Okay, hottie! Take it off! …No, really. The hat. You should take it off.

    • sfb101

      Jamaica me crazy girl…

    • BridgetEGraham

      I do what I want. 😉

    • Massoom

      Bridget Graham. She's a youtuber

      • socket2me

        and Canadian ! Take that, rest of the world

  • LCR915

    #2, Hell, she's even cuter with the geek look

    • slmlmn

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • tiborpickens

      aaaand she knows it aaaaand wants us to stroke her broken ego, poor thing , if only she KNEW how hot she is…..what? wait…..

  • Kroger_Security

    #31 she is just lovely

    • Dexter

      She used a lot of toilet paper in between those two shots…

      • CowboyChiver

        Nice catch

  • Dave

    #44 Wow! Wins the internets for today… Goodness gracious.

    • George Zip

      DAYUM! That is one GORGEOUS butt!

      • Dr_StrangePants

        DAT ASS was too much for one mirror to handle.

    • FNG

      I agree 100% that ass looks rock hard.

    • Costanza

      Yes. That may be the single nicest heiny I have ever seen. God bless America. Amen.

    • Garden Gnome

      It is pretty nice.

    • maboze1x

      #44 The mirror cracked because of my boner.

    • Number 44

      Well hey! Thanks for all the compliments guys. 🙂 It's really sweet of you. ❤ #44

  • Cammmmon

    #11 Now that's a sausage party I actually want to go to

    • Yuppp

      Hell yeah. Throw a bag over her head and it will be heaven.

  • Americaaaaaa

    Sad but true

    • WashingtonChiver425

      boyscout rule of D's….

      • HereWeGo


  • r1rider

    #47 OH DEAR GOD!!! MOAR!!!

  • lovebeingachivette

    for christs sake, glasses do not make you a geek. can we stop with the whole "omg Im a geek/nerd/dork" crap.

    • tk421

      I kind of picture her submitting that pic about 4 months ago and has looked thru thousands of photos hoping to see hers. And, finally, there it is.. YAY!!!!!!
      Then she reads the comments.

      • TommyD

        Best explanation of the Faux Nerd Phase:

    • nogoodpunker

      Yeah!….so please post college or high school transcripts with your "nerd" photos or comments from now on… This includes you "lovebeingachivette". Otherwise, your just jealous….

  • Davis

    #45 I wish it were socially acceptable for me to wear a diaper to the bars…and concerts

    • Froman

      what, so you can shit yourself?

    • Vic

      Yes I agree, it would make life so much simpler

    • Methos

      It is. They're called Depends.

  • Murph

    #2 starting it off hot and fast BUT WAIT dangerous curves ahead with #47 looking as fine as ever. MOAR from both, please!

    • Frile

      best 2 pic

  • Greasy Fingers

    #1 When two paper bags just won't do.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      $ 9.99 for a Walking Pillow?
      With a GREAT set of Legs?
      AAAANNNNDDD I Save Money by not paying for the Mouth?

      • Another guy

        It's even written that it's "BEYOND VALUE!"

  • Tillman61

    #44 #2 My favorites – thank you both!

    • Number 44

      Your welcome! ❤ #44

  • Ross

    #47 Supergirl, freakin amazing as always. You're one sexy little tease. How does it feel to drive nearly every man that sees you absolutely crazy?

    • uplim

      Wow, that was a little much, no?

  • Wilis

    #2 if i had a class with you i would be like #28

    • http://www.facebook.com/april.ramirez.1650332 April Ramirez


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