This 360° interactive video will blow your mind (Video)

Redbull is using a new image capture technology that allows you to control the camera while watching a pre-recorded video. Hit play and use the arrow keys or mouse to control the camera’s pan/tilt.

I’m assuming the helmet looks something like this.

  • Not Notbob

    I'm dizzy

  • ooffa


  • Frosterson

    Cool, but somewhat sickening as well.

  • HotChivette

    This will do wonders to the porn industry.

    • JMAKK

      Why so you could look around at the room your in? I would understand if you were having a massive orgy. Lol

      • HotChivette

        A massive orgy is what I had in mind, is there any other way? :X

    • fucked

      would be helpful during those under the nutsack scenes

  • asdasd


  • OGMrWhite

    What the hell is holding the camera??

    • Spelling Police


    • Amnesiac

      It is the helmet. When you look from above the helmet image is fake.

  • donuts

    Despite the other comments.

    • Aaron

      I thought it was incredible too, but I had to turn it off halfway through because of that "song".

      • Tankus

        Weird, the song is what kept me going because there was nothing else really keeping my attention.

    • thedude325

      Yea I thought that was awesome.

  • the don

    if you play the video from the main page.. a cool thing is found!

  • Ben

    I didnt even use the 360 option, I was just amazed by how fast they fucking go.

  • Totto

    That's not really that new. The Sauber F1 team has had a lap of the Barcelona track with 360 view since July. Red Bull just spiced it up a bit. They also have an interactive lap in Norway.

    • jim thorton

      wellll, it is pretty new

  • Ian Barber

    this video aint that hot heat baby…his helmet is all too fake…and it detracts from the heat that it could possibly be emitting otherwise

  • HeavyP

    Christ on a cracker, I got vertigo about ten seconds in because I couldn't stabilize the camera. Ugh, cool, but no thanks.

    • fucked

      do you know how to operate arrow keys

  • ColaChiver

    I wanted him to pass the guy in front of him the whole time…..

  • Cru Jones

    Is that Helltrack?

    • Jay

      One of the greatest movies of my childhood. Thank you for that.

  • StarboardEngine

    Watched the video. Then, I spun myself around a baseball bat 15 times and then walked down the nearest hill trying to look left and right. Felt about the same.

  • brian

    Spewed all over the keyboard.

  • B_rad

    For those wondering, it uses 6 gopro cameras linked up somehow. I assume it's magic.

  • Sebastiaan

    Anyone know what that second song is? Sounds rather good =)

  • jamie

    F-ing Awesome !! Vivid Entertainment has to get this technology. This will revolutionize the Porn industry

  • Ben Gratton

    It was filmed at a course in Norway. Here is some tech info about the camera they used.

  • Keioss

    Red Bull also did it with a F1 car in Norway, the camera system is made there.

    Here is the link to the lap :

  • Canucks_Rule

    next up for red bull… stem cell research.

  • lucasmorrisonfanclub

    It wasn't the camera that gave me a headache, it was that damn song.

  • greg

    so i got to 3 min 50 sec before i re read the title. i was waiting for him to do a 360 that whole time. lol fml

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