Boy, that escalated quickly (47 Photos)

  • Jb98


    • Jb98

      …and love the cock

      • Jb98

        No no no no that's not me ur just jelly I'm in foist

        • Jb98

          …and I still love the cock

    • DaddyD

      *Foist = first with Brooklyn or Joisey accent.

      • MylesofStyles

        *Captain Obvious = obvious with an obvious accent.

  • Hey.Now.HEY.NOW.

    Hahahaha #47 is amazing.

    • chicago_animal

      One small piece is all Ron Swanson would need.

    • tyler

      You play the game by stretching out the duct tape long enough so that you can fold 90% of it over on its self. wipe ass. stuff in toilet and flush. clogging the toilet and also getting the tape stuck to the plumbing with the remaining 10% of the exposed side. the game then turns on the one trying to make you play the game. and now stickiness and stinkiness is involved along with an overflowing toilet water situation = you win

      • techno_viking

        Personally I'd just rather walk through the house with my pants around my ankles and find the rest of the toilet paper. While making a pit stop to sit on whoever wants to play a game's pillow.

  • Damian Warszawski

    I am the POTATO MASHER!!

  • 65massey

    A friend of mine is making a belt from old watch bands, I think its a waist of time.

    • It's all true

      Puns are the lowest form of comedy, read all about it here:

      • Pax

        No that's sarcasm .. belt joke = well done

      • DaddyD

        There is no such thing as a bad pun.

      • 65massey

        Thank you for taking a 'minute' to reply. I was 'alarmed' that someone might not like puns.I didnt mean to 'tick' anyone off I never gave the pun a 'second' thought. I guess I'll have to 'watch' what I post. I dont always have 'time' to research.

        • mbns

          Yeah, we would have gotten that without putting all the pun words in quotes…

          • roger

            not me. i'm what you might call a slow learner.

            • roger

              Oh, and I really love the cock too.

    • what

      thanks grape ape very helpful

  • teslawasrobbed

    #11 Breakfast in bed.

    • Stef

      Nope, Chuck Testa

    • Alberta

      I've seen this photo wayy to much on the Chive to even care about a lion in bed with a girl anymore

    • jwelborn

      that is Melanie Griffith when she was a kid

  • tralfaz

    #6 Come play with us Danny.

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Hell No.

    • tv_paul

      Just don't move. Stay stationary.

    • Lazy Jake

      This is a great picture.

  • Niitsitapi13

    Man made of bread….is dancing with gulls..about to die( to the tune of "lady in red" )

    • Niitsitapi13

      Obviously none of you have dealt with seagulls when it comes to bread. " You've bested my giant…"

  • @LosTorre

    #20 'Merica (the south edition)

    • guest

      When the bride is holding a .50 BMG, everyone else just looks under armed.

      • JPL

        When a guy buries his muzzle in the ground it like the poser on the right, the professionalism of this group is really…inspiring?….

        • TommyD

          Not to mention the others that are pointing theirs at the head of the person next to them.

          • someAFguy

            I like the bride's maid all the way to left. She might actually blow her head off.

    • dragion

      Hahahahahahaha what an absolute bunch of cunts. Is this what it is really like in some states?

      • holyshit

        Yes. I live in South Carolina.

      • Fish

        No, I live in Brooklyn, New York. This Wedding party is an embarrassment to the NorthEast and the West Coast.

  • Chiver

    If i wasn't jamaicin why would i have this hat #28

    • anon

      big yellow joint

      • dar


    • TommyD

      Find her

  • joey

    #32. Nooooooo! Not the Bacon.

    • ps86

      i bet it smelled amazing though

    • majorfathead

      Where are these wonders?

    • boB

      "Oh the Hamanity…."

    • Levian

      Just think of it as pre cooked! Fireproof suits

  • mak

    #19 I know how to take you out, we need petroleum Jelly, viagra…..I forgot what I was going to say

    • whyme1973

      I'm sorry for what is about to happen.

      • Helena

        Lolz. Rape is so hilurrious.

        • whyme1973

          Damn! You're gonna rape her? I was just going to draw dirty pictures on her butt with a sharpie. You need help, sicko.

          • Gradaddy

            you're sick for NOT thinking rape!

    • Juan R

      we don't need viagra

  • Logan Malmberg

    Its a sad day when the Bacon Bacon truck catches on fire… KCCO!

  • SanDiegoChiver

    41 kill it, kill it with fire

    • almost


  • @LosTorre

    #19 Dear diary….

    • Giggidy


    • thevanityscore

      more like dear penthouse forum

  • Head Chef

    #19 WWJD?

    • guest

      Take a picture first.

  • keithp420

    #27 shut up and take my money…

  • Dave

    #37 He would be stupid not to.

    • guest


    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Maybe Michelle wants in…..

    • penguin slayer

      we all so would.

    • Guest

      The two blondes kissing behind Michelle win the day in this photo

    • whyme1973

      No morals is the quality I look for most in our leaders.

      • BillyTheKid

        Well Clinton didn't have much in the way of morals and he did a damn fine job running the country. Left us with a surpuls instead of a massive debt. Definitely did a better job than either of his successors

    • Tim

      Yingluck is a BIG upgrade from Michelle, he should hit it….2 time.

    • @laurentaryn

      Michelle would cut a bitch.

  • G1880

    #2 i see ewe

  • Brian


    Home girl don't play that!

  • Stephen

    #2 The New World Order.

    • The_Dood

      Nope, but these are the ones that elected it…

    • McBeastie666

      Ewe World Order

    • its_forge

      Best one-panel cartoon I ever saw was subtitled "When God gets bored" and it was two cowboys sitting in the middle of a vast herd of cows and a speech balloon coming from above saying "Okay on three, carnivores become herbivores and herbivores become carnivores… 1… 2…"

  • Eze_Kiel

    He ain't sleepin, he's just lion around.

    • Nick Parsons

      Must have been lion to get her in bed…

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #41 Had so much potential…

    • RobboJohn

      You are right. From about the time she became famous it was all downhill.

    • penguin slayer

      Still dose! as a world class crack whore!

    • Jason

      Quickly? That train wreck could be seen for miles

    • Dale

      Yeah.Now she looks like someone who might actually do me

    • bob

      i hope she dies in prison.

      no, seriously.

    • its_forge

      She's a fricking amazing actor. She can run circles around 9 out of 10 of the people in Hollywood acting-wise. But yeah, she's a really hot mess and I don't mean hot in a good way either.

    • Lazy Jake

      She is just so gross now.

  • Andy

    Am I just seeing what I want to see, but are there two girls kissing behind Michelle Obama in the last frame of No. 37? I have the strangest boner right now!

    • Anjin-San


      Sir, you have a good eye


  • wkdfrog

    #38 Seems reasonable

    • Katie


  • tv_paul

    #24 He just ran.He ran so far away.

    • OU Drew

      Nice! Flock of seagulls reference. You're wit is unmatched Paul

    • boB

      I see what you did there…

    • Levian

      He couldn't get away

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