Daily Morning Awesomeness (40 Photos)

  • dennis


    • Greg

      Yes you are ! Way to go !!

      • BudHa

        i gotta say, i don't know how people who feel the need to declare "first" almost always manage to be first

        • bobo

          They try harder at it then you do.

    • üäö

      who is more obsessed?
      those commenting "first" or those replying?

    • dennis' pussy

      If you are going to do it, assert yourself. Quit being such a pussy. "First???" Maybe??

      Congratulations! Rich, tell him what he's won!

  • late

    I would like me some Supergirl in the morning. #39 will have to do. Hey, maybe it is her.

    • BudHa

      uh yea find her

      • grumpy

        She even has one of those "hot girl" little black choker necklace thingies that really does it for me.

        • jordan

          Her name is Felice Fawn, google her. She's anorexic and a bit of a drama queen.

          • http://twitter.com/Davieboy817 @Davieboy817

            Well thats that ruined!

          • AveryJoe

            The prettier ones tend to be a tad psychotic.

            • Eric

              as long as they are equally as hot as they are psychotic.

              • Anon

                Refer to Barney's "crazy-hot" scale

          • Tao
    • http://twitter.com/305Colombianito @305Colombianito


    • Brewdy

      Whoever she is, I'm pretty sure she doesn't ride the bus!

  • hater

    #34. SJU needs an entire 'things that bounce' gallery…

    • MonkeyMadness

      I kept expecting to see it pan down and reveal a man bulging crotch 😦 Thankfully no.

      • BudHa

        man. saw some playboy cyber vids of her. i didn't realize i could go thru puberty again at 24

      • BudHa

        man. i saw some playboy cyber videos of her. didn't realize i could go thru puberty again at 24

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Is she permanently duck-faced?

      • Guest

        She seems an awfully vacuous thing alright.

        • DrGarnicus


    • KeepinCalm

      Or an entirely naked gallery – http://goo.gl/ZsYGu (**NSFW**)

    • Lazy Jake

      I'm gonna miss seeing her on a daily basis when Attack of the Show goes off the air.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #6 Oh Olivia Wilde, why must you be so damned hot?

    • MEH

      quite possibly the most overrated female out there with quite possibly the most out of proportion body.

      • MonkeyMadness

        And you are quite possibly the most gay person ever.

        • MEH

          not gay. impeccable taste.

          • Professor Squeegee

            No you're gay, but don't worry your parents already know.

            • MEH

              no YOU're gay. olivia has the curves of a ten year old boy. and you REALLY like that.

              • Confuzzled

                Why are you looking at 10 year old boys' bodies?!

              • YouWhat?

                If you think she has the body of a 10 year old boy, you sir are being misled by your current "lady" friends.

              • luke atmydik

                She doesn't look like a little leaguer to me

              • LIKE A BOSS

                LOL yeah that's it! "Nuh uh, YOU'RE gay!" The brilliant third grade retort that shatters all others! But yeah, Olivia Wilde is pretty fuckin hot.

                • rikooprate

                  Sooooo HOTT!

          • sure

            impeccable taste…posting on a freaking website…right!!!

  • Katy

    So long…..and thanks for all the fish!

  • Patrick

    #39 did u just fart?

    • That Guy


    • CDNchiver

      I second that notion.

  • Pete
  • hootie bootie

    #22 I don't care if she's 17 years old, that girl is hot as fuuuuuuuuuck-

    • MattyDeuce

      First of all, gross, pedo-bear.

      Second, you're seriously checking her out when Rachel Bilson is in the same picture?

      • hootie bootie

        rachel who? (as in who gives a fuck) have ur actress fan boy, Id take a hot gymnast any day

        • Burlesquoni

          I'm with you guys.
          She is hot as hell.. and that bitchy attitude drive me insane..

          also, here in Italy it is not a problem if she is 17…

      • ROR

        Are you serious?? Girls don't magically become hot the second they turn 18 dimfuck, pedos are attracted to little kids and they are sick fuckers, but a 17 year old chick is still plenty capable of being hot.

    • https://www.facebook.com/danielevans2007 Daniel Aaron Evans

      Sorry I'd take Rachel Bilson over whatever her name is anyway.

    • what

      So this girl is stuck making stupid faces for the next year or two, in a sad effort to remain famous?

      • Deep Dish

        That's the way it works.

        "I didn't do it."
        -Bart Simpson

        • DrGarnicus

          Woozle wuzzle.

    • Mule

      Why would we argue over who's hotter when we can double our pleasure!?

    • SmokeyTheBear

      17 in TX

      • PoooBaaah

        14 in Kentucky (I assume)

        • sean

          lol thats pretty funny. you just made me laugh like a retard while im at work though >.>

    • LCR915

      The legal age is 17 or under pretty much everywhere but California and a few other states

      • sean

        well shit… what if I want to have sex with someone who is over 17? Im really not attracted to those that are 17 or under… ;P

    • Brett Hall

      17 is legal in my state!

    • Clowd

      I don't think she is 17 yet. I think she is 15.

      • zackgonick

        Google is your friend. She turns 17 in a week.

    • Kato

      Man imagine sticking it to her. Sooooo tight!

  • MattyDeuce

    #24 OMG I knew all those years of playing Tetris as a kid would help me down the line…now, to apply to this construction company…

    • drexel dudeski


  • Medieval

    #4 Water guitar is better than Air guitar

  • RealZoo

    #15…The perfect spot…uh…I mean spotter.

    • Kato

      All natural TRT right there.

  • http://twitter.com/seanwoyna @seanwoyna

    #34 Sara, since you Chive, hows about a "Hello." That would make my month for sure.

    • Hello


      • Reality



    #22 I don't how a bitchy attitude became such a phenomena. Woman you just won an Olympic medal! bet she was expecting help with that light pole up her ass.

    • Gah

      She's an Olympic level athlete, you don't get that far accepting second place, or third, or whatever she got. I don't blame her for being disappointed not getting gold.

  • Rae

    #13 Sheer elegance, no tutu required.

    • Alex

      Aline Riscado, she also likes doing this http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_maf51shzF31r1n0

      • Child Please

        Holy fuck is an understatement. Thank you, Sir Alex.

      • Guest

        Yes. Thank you. Now where's the rest of the gallery?

    • Boomer Sooner

      An outie belly button? Well she is ruined; pass.

      • LIKE A BOSS

        As opposed to the much hotter women you fuck, I'm sure, since everyone on the internet is a badass. You're so full of shit you could fertilize the Sahara.

        • Boomer Sooner

          Consider yourself thoroughly trolled "like a boss"

  • Manny

    #20 no matter what it will never be used for that!

    • John Frm Ft Wrth TX

      "Where'd you put the weed bro?"

      Its IN the table!

    • Pedro

      still, the nerd inside wants

    • JTW

      It is ridiculous simply because, if you always put it back in a known place it would never be needed, and if you don't, then it does no good.

  • Noah

    #33 Good luck seeing over them boobies!

    • Sean

      Even better if she drove wearing them

    • blanket

      We really should stop making products to help lazy people become more lazy

  • Nick

    #17 Uh… The toonie isn't on the rim of the glass, it's right underneath the lip to try and trick you. If you want to make something seem real, atleast try photoshop.

    • MEH

      wtf is a toonie??

      • Eric

        A Canadian Two Dollar coin.

        • Jimbo

          Damn Canadians and your “Canadian bacon". Please, you're not fooling anyone, we all know its just fried ham.

        • 'Merican

          LOL – $2 dollar coin. That is silly.

          • Canuck

            I agree, it's the stupidest thing. We used to have $2 bills but for whatever reason they switched to toonies. I'd much rather carry around lots of compact bills in a wallet instead of a f*cking pocketful of change.

            • sean

              So america wants to get away from using coins, and Canada is making new ones. huh.

    • AirwolfWilly

      Missed Opportunity: "but it forked!"

  • gclark

    #2 I think he was buying something else with that tip.

    #20 Pssh, we all know we're all to lazy to put the remote in a sliding compartment, and the remote will fall victim that is the abyss (also known as between the cushions).

  • scoopit

    #12 that's the classy way the Chinese take care of their daughters.

  • hootie bootie

    #30 Totally overrated

    • Jaqen


    • AirwolfWilly

      That wetsuit makes her ass look delicious though!

    • Child Please

      And when you say overrated, you really mean she's wearing too many clothes.

    • Claude

      yeah. Im sure you'd say no.

  • anonymouse

    #34 Sara couldn't possibly be any sexier, I've got goosebumpss

  • Mr. T

    #14 beautiful

  • Rob

    #34 It took me a solid 2 minutes to scroll down.

  • Abusement_Park

    #24. Tetris level……. building.

    • CrimsonRockStar

      Building Level: TETRIS

  • Herby Sagues

    #40: you are doing it wrong! That should be the Death Star at the top!

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