• Kumarijohn

    Hard working people!

  • poopman

    i made it about 15 seconds before i had to turn it off.

    • doodooboy


  • thechevron

    wtf ?
    This is the kind of crap that mothers get removed from Facebook for posting.

  • GoGreenMSU

    I'm pretty sure that's Krakow, beautiful city!

    • pixfresh

      You got it. I was there last week and saw these two. The girl wasn't in a stroller though, seemed to be about 2 or 3 years old. The mum walks back and forth selling CD's

      • cheeese

        who in the world would this shit on a cd? cute for 10 seconds tops. not 10 fucking tracks

        • pixfresh

          As far as i could tell the CD was just the dads soprano voice. Not with the little girl. It didn't appeal to me, but it was strangely captivating in person

  • p1ll

    sorry Alec that was a bad post

  • kuest37

    that girls feet can almost touch the ground im sure she can walk! shes like 4 years old. shes almost as tall as the stroller

    • Alex

      Very observant of you. Did you happen to notice how small that stroller is? Take another look. My daughter is only two and she's as tall as that stroller.


      • Get Mad!!


  • Alex

    People hating on a little girl singing? Seriously what's happening to the world….

  • Sara

    Whatever guys, I thought it was very cute 🙂

  • Jen

    regardless of the back story, i thought it was adorable.

  • http://twitter.com/305Colombianito @305Colombianito

    Damn it Chive, that was the cutes thing ever. Now I have to go mudding or go hunting and eat bacon after seeing this. I need to feel like a man again.

    • resist_boredom


  • Hypper

    It makes me smile.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    I accidentally sharted while watching this video, I really thought it was just gonna be a fart….oh well

  • WileEOne

    It's never a bad thing when a child sings. Thanks for posting… reminds me what the season should really be about.

  • adklfasjd

    Is the kid amazing? Probably not. Is the kid amazing for her age? HELLZYEAH. Jeez guys, give her 20 years…

  • Jugg

    People with kids will probaby find it funny. People without will probably not. Move along.

  • skyler

    cute video. nothing wrong with something light hearted. made me smile.

  • cheeese

    alec you must suck dick at singing

  • sixdeadelves

    i thought it was cute as hell

  • Fuqu

    I wish i was deaf..

  • Amr

    Krakow on TheChive…yea baby 😀
    seen this one live, and it was HILARIOUS 😀

    Chive on from Poland…

  • Rubberbandman

    Had 2 b hard 2 concentrate on singing with the girl doing that in the background, lol

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