• Herniatedscrotz

    nobody wins with a hungover headbutt…

    • Samantha

      I feel like an elbow and headbutt expert after watching this.

  • Nwb


  • nope


    • catmoustache

      Coulda sworn that was a young Bill Paxton.

  • ThunderKCCO

    nothing lends authenticity to a self defense instructor quite like a mullet.

    • ToadisGOD

      And american flag warm up pants — FORGET ABOUT IT

      • Pfizzle


        The pants should be a warning sign enough to stay the fuck away from this guy.

      • ThunderKCCO

        The shirt with the excellent "Head Butt" design should also be an indicator of his excellence. This guy is truly a god among men.

  • TeeCC

    This guy is like a retarded 1986 version of John Madden, but he loves MMA instead of football…truly a revolutionary.

    • Jack Wagon

      He may not be very good looking, but at least he's pretty dumb.

  • rob

    Even the 80's had Douchebags

    • wyatt

      I'd hangout with him. Seems like a righteous dude.

    • Okram

      This is 90s buddy…

  • Marshal

    Any range?! He's like a headbutt sniper!

  • Swizzle dick

    At least I know how to defend myself from a dangerous melon on slippery ground

  • Skanky the Skullhead

    Paul Vunak is one bad motha…… shut your mouth!

    • stian

      but I'm talking about paul….

  • hlzblz

    good luck with your concussions buddy!

  • Josh

    That wasn't MMA, that was a poor excuse for everything he did

  • FSU_Chiver

    My brain and IQ just got headbutted.

  • ttyl hef

    Mac from It's Always Sunny has some of those moves that mullet was using in the middle of his demo!

  • JBR


  • tyler

    Have you seen his girlfriend Starla? She was in Napoleon Dynamite. Also don't make fun of his fighting style or his entire dojo of Rex-kwon-do students will come after you

  • Carl

    Or you could stop being such a douche and perhaps avoid a few of those fights.

    • Turd F.

      Hey, if someone grabs your girlfriend's titty at a Denny's in Jacksonville, you don't just walk away like a pussy. You slam your Moons Over My Hammy, and send him home in a whambulance!

  • Josh

    That's a fighting style?? I'm pro MMA and that is not a fighting style, no fighting style uses head buts, it's the easiest way to knock yourself out

    • Donny

      Mullet overpowers your claim to being an MMA pro.

    • lax24

      well you can thank mark coleman for getting it banned from the ufc. headbutts actually pretty damn devastating since you cant defend it from guard. would expect a pro mma guy to know that

      • ChiTownChiver

        haha, That's because he's not a pro mma fighter. Probably a fucking tool who watches UFC on Spike and then trains at his local Karate Dojo with a single blackbelt.

        • Skanky the Skullhead

          Google Paul Vunak and see who is the "fucking tool" then. KCCO!

    • RJay Cressey

      Headbutting an opponent is A..applicable from any range. A Google search will yield 100+ results.

    • Skanky the Skullhead

      Actually Josh, It is a hybrid form of Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts. Paul Vunak developed this form of street fighting self defense know today as PFS back in 1983 and is still instructing today. Paul Vunak trained under Dan Inosanto (the only teacher certified to teach Jett Kune Do by Bruce Lee himself) This lethal style (most of which is illegal in today's form of MMA) has been taught to numerous law enforcement agencies, federal law enforcement and Military Spec. Ops. I will agree the footage is somewhat cheesy, but I would rather tangle with a "Pro MMA" guy than Paul Vunak. Knowledge is power. KCCO!

    • Cybberia

      Everyone's a pro on the Internet. Except when you information is so wrong, nobody believes you.

    • John

      Yeahhhh… this guy trained Navy Seals… so maybe you should do some research before opening your mouth. Also, I've studied 8 different disciplines of martial arts. A lot of styles use head buts.

  • Josh

    Ok let's see you guys headbutt a heavy bag and see how long you last. Also for one to be "devastating" you would see it coming from a mile away. Mullet power?? Please

    • Josh is lying

      you sir are a fucking douche, and you should stop talking now as nobody is believing any of your claims….

    • JKDfighter

      You know what's funny. Heavy bags can't get knocked out. I'm an instructor underneath him directly and have actually used headbutts in altercations, very devastating. Why don't you go be a wannabe douche somewhere else. Or find a ride to my place and see if it doesnt work 🙂 And skanky the skull head good job!

    • MohawkJon

      … I got nothing…
      …except you can head butt hungover!

  • Guest

    You can do it until your 80!

  • Verbal_Kint

    I'd never want to meet this guy in a dark alley… if i was a melon…

  • jesse

    mullet power

  • janus


  • O VonSchnitzengruben

    I have to find that shirt. That is fucking amazing.

  • Fiendish Reverend Fu

    This cat is Paul Vunak. He's a crazy-ass headbutting fool. Look up some more of his 80s videos and you'll see him doing demos where his partner is wearing a motorcycle helmet and he's just repeatedly slamming his head into the helmet like it's nothing.

  • Zrock76

    I believe that this man is the inspiration for Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite.

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